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Do animals really have a sixth sense?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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cat ancient egypt wisdom animal psychic sixth sense
By Jon Bodsworth via Wikimedia Commons

Some people believe that animals can predict death or have forewarning of tragedies. Some cultures also believe that animals can be used as oracles and as a way of prophesising the future.

Do you believe that animals have a sixth sense?

#Sixth Sense
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Top Answers
Yes I do.
It has been proven in one nursing home, and a cat would go sit with the person about to die.
I know when someone is close to death, the body will send out certain smells...that things are not as they should be.

It happened to my dear Mother, and within hours she passed away.

You can also at times see death in some people's faces, even when they are walking around.

Not sure about 'prophesying as such the future, but they know when disaster will happen at times to the land, and leave hours before.
There's been a whole book written about that cat in the nursing home - I borrowed it from a library but can't think of the title right now -written by one of the doctors who observed it all, I think.
by amanda
That's the book (see pic I posted) :)
by jonaja
I definitely believe they do ! Specially dogs. They have such a great hearing and vibration sensing power, that they can even sense upcoming earthquake.They either flee or start panicking. From what I have read , cats and dogs have UV vision. So they can see things we can't see. They might be able to see the 'chi' , life force energy ( halo around us). Using that vision of energy flow around human body, they might be able to predict things.
Well, that is my understanding. I could be wrong.
by BK
Dogs and cats can't see ultra violet. Some birds and insects can. Dogs and cats do have better night vision than humans though. They also have better hearing and a better sense of smell than humans. I haven't seen any evidence that Chi actually exists, but if it does maybe animals can see or sense it.


Jennifer, you could be right . But I follow discovery news and this is what I have read 'Douglas, a professor of biology at City University London specializing in the visual system, and co-author Glen Jeffery, a professor of neuroscience at University College London, determined that cats, dogs, rodents, hedgehogs, bats, ferrets and okapis all detect substantial levels of UV.'


And this article is from Feb,2014

As far as energy is concerned, also called Prana in India, I do believe it exists. There is a whole science behind chakras and the meditation to work on those things. It will be a whole new article if I start writing about that I guess :)

Source : Books and personal experience.
by BK
I stand corrected. Cool! That's a very interesting article.

Yes, I have heard of Prana. I used to take yoga classes. However, I don't believe it is a physical thing, except in the sense that the word also means "breath". I've never seen any actual science that supports the existence of it or chakras, though I'd be very interested to read about it if there really is any (real science, in peer reviewed journals). Meditation definitely does have demonstrable effects, but that doesn't prove the existence of Chi or Prana. As I understand it it has to do with brainwaves.
It is like air and smell, which are not physical, but they do exist and can be felt. I will try to write an article explaining the science behind it, when I can. But thanks for reading through Jennifer.
by BK
Air is physical though, and you can prove its existence very easily with repeatable experiements. We know what kind of molecules it's made of (nitrogen, oxygen etc.) and what it does. Smell is also a physical process and you can prove that it is a real thing scientifically. If you are able to prove the existence of Chi you try out for James Randi's One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. He has offered a million dollars to anybody who can scientifically prove the existence anything supernatural. The prize has been up for grabs for a few years now but nobody has claimed it.

Of course whether you can prove its existence or not you are free to believe in it and incorporate it into your practice. Lots of people seem to find it a helpful concept and there's nothing wrong with that. Thanks for raising such interesting points for discussion.
I don't think there's anything supernatural going on, but animals do sometimes perceive things that we can't because their senses (the usual five) are better than ours. They can hear things we can't hear and smell things we can't smell. Some mammals can detect illness in humans from their scent.
I don't believe they have a sixth sense but I do think they know things we don't. Their senses are more acute than ours and they also pay more attention to the signals their senses pick up. We tend to over-think, analyse and mistrust our senses so often miss out on all sorts of information.
Your quote at the top of this 'heading' should be acknowledged by its' source. You're quoting directly from the script of a movie; so there's a protocol to follow, which has obviously escaped you. So wrong!
by donjo
I haven't quoted anything donjo, so I have no idea what you are talking about. Be careful what accusation you throw around, what you have just written could be interpreted as libellous and I would be entitled to sue you for compensation should I be so inclined.
What movie do you think Verity is quoting Donjo? Don't throw around accusations unless you can back them up. Are you referring to the movie "The Sixth Sense"? If so, the term "sixth sense" predates the title by many years, and in any case, it is perfectly fine to quote movie titles.
It's from script of film, 'Strictly Ballroom' when Scott goes to Fran's house, & her Grandmother says those words. Watch it.
And don't appreciate your threats. Not a good idea. Particularly when YOU in the wrong!
by donjo
To Jennifer, you too, are wrong (yet again!). It was from a film SCRIPT, not a movie TITLE, as you said. Get your facts straight before weighing in where you're not wanted.
by donjo
I do believe that animals have a sixth sense, or at least a survival instinct that far surpasses our own. I've heard countless stories about pet owners who discovered they had cancer because their pets were acting strangely around them.
by Vee
I am not superstitious so I don't believe so no
This isn't within the boundaries of superstition. Animals simply have a more heightened sense of awareness than we do. People are often amazed to find a cup of tea awaiting them . . . because the dogs "told" me they were coming. It is just a matter of knowing how to read them. One of my dogs worried at me until I answered a non ringing phone . . . to find a friend from a few hundred miles away on the other end! To this day it still amazes me.
by Rice
Yes I think so.
Yes, I certainly believe some animals, and my experience is with dogs, do have a sixth sense of things.

My dog -who I had ot put down this week -was very sensitive to storms approaching.

He would get nervous and start to shake a day before a storm -I always knew when it was going to be bad weather due to his behaviour.

Apparently it is to do with the isometric barometer or some such -when it goes down, they can sense it. I have never had a dog sense that before.

I also believe dogs are being trained to detect cancer so with their smell so many hundreds of times better than ours, there are many things (apart from drugs and at airports) that dogs could be trained to do.
by Finy
So sorry to hear about your dog Finy.
Fascinating to read about them being able to small out cancer! And forewarning of a storm would be very handy.
Good picture of Bast, Egyptian goddess, & my favourite one, 'cos I like cats! Have a beautiful papyrus of her, bought in Cairo!

Having had pets' all my long life, yes they do! My cat sure lets me know if there's ANYTHING prowling the yard!

Just look at the behaviour of animals' before the 2004 Tsunami. Or before Earthquakes!
Animals' can 'sense' the vibes coming from the ground! Snakes, can too!
For snakes feeling vibrations replaces hearing, since they are totally deaf to airborn sounds, so that's not really a sixth sense. They do have a sensory organ we don't though, the Jacobson's organ, which they use to "taste" the air, which is why they flick out their tongues all the time. Pythons and pit vipers also have heat pits in their faces that allow them to sense heat so they can strike accurately at prey in total darkness. It's so interesting how different animals's senses can be from our own.
Yeah, right.
by donjo
You don't believe me? By all means look it up.
And what makes you think I don't believe you, Jennifer, in what I wrote in my reply?
Your interpretation is off course. How unusual for you. You go on the defensive very rapidly over a correct reply? Geesh!

by donjo
I am not sure but I do believe they do sense a persons demeanour / threat etc.
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