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Did you like school, and do you remember your subjects?

by Finy (follow)
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Did you like going to school?

Do you remember your subjects?

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Top Answers
No, I did not like school once I got to high school.

I was not good at studying and just did not study until the night before.

I do remember my subjects which were Maths 1 and 2, Chemistry, German, English, French and one is missing! Those were the subject I did for the then "leaving" exam which is now HSC I guess.

I dont know why I did maths as was not good at it as am not very logical!
by Finy
At my high school the missing one would be either Geography or Art.
by Rice
I absolutely LOVED school and even when I was only 4 I snuck out and followed my older sister to school. It was a very small school and they contacted my mother and said I could stay till lunchtime!!!! Primary school 6 months later was just a dream for me. I was lucky really as I was very good with spelling, english, maths, art, nature study etc., and in fact most things apart from PE and Sport!!! High school was much the same ,though we had history added which I also found fascinating, Somehow I incorporated art and graphic design(in pre-computer days of course and all done by hand!) into all of my subjects. I neveer needed to study, and always dd well, while my sister had to really work hard to do well. I do know how lucky I was to have this talent at school. In fact the worst thing I recall about Hugh School was that I was badly bullied due to finding it all so very easy. I would spend many lunchtimes in the library to escape the nastier kids!! All in all though, school was pretty much a breeze for me,though as in primary school I was a total failure at anything physical (apart from badminton!) To this day, I still love usong the English Language and doing artwork.I went on to become a sign writer and display artist.
P.S. Unfortunately this morning my fingers are not behaving at all, and I see now that I have made several typos. As my arthritis worsens, I get VERY frustrated when this happens to me!! But I can still manage to smile as I consider all the super things which my school years prepared me for!
by Jules
I went to a private girls college, and for the most part, I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the work I did, and I studied hard, always trying to put in my best work. I did four languages. Two were compulsory, but I had a bit of a flair for languages. I learnt French, Italian, Indonesian and Portugese. They still have most of these languages, as there are language awards and prizes you can earn. We had the option of going to italy, and staying with an italian family to further develop our language skills ( I didn't). Now, instead of Portugese, they teach Mandarin as there is a growing need for it, as a lot of fields require international travel, especially business. For my HSC, I did English (compulsory), English Literature, Psychology, Human Development, Biology and Chemistry. I really enjoyed science so I went on to study science at university.
ah, thank you Lluxi, my missing subject was biology!
by Finy
Yes, it was an interesting subject. Its good to know that you enjoyed the sciences too, Finy
by Lluxi
I enjoyed high school. I studied the usual math and English-language, history, social studies, human and social biology, geography, religious education. I did A level sociology, literature and history. I did not follow through with the arts and rather went into the field of information technology.
I didn't mind it to be honest.
Yes I remember ALL my subjects, some I really liked a lot.
I did ok at school to be honest, but didn't go all the way....due to my mother taking very ill.
Picked up the rest of my education later.
I absolutely LOVED Primary school. I remember all my teachers and some of the amazing things we learnt.

High school however was a totally different story. Teenage girls can be absolutely terrible and I found myself with very few really "good" friends. I moved school a few times and I think that was really the problem.
I liked learning, but I didn't like school, and yes I remember all the subjects I took and the teachers who taught them.
No, I was not fussy about school, although, I did like the History and English subjects. The rest of it though was the pits to say the least.
school attendance is a necessity to become educated preparing for a future ahead with aimed success/es
No, I didn't like school, but made the best of it, my parents made sure I did my homework, and if there were any problems of any kind my mum would be at the school like a shot, but school is so different now, I tell my son to try to enjoy his years at school
I hated school. It was a necessary evil to then go on to Uni and have lots of fun. I enjoyed business studies, maths and geography
by AJ
I loved school. I high school I was particularly good at geography (would spend hours drawing freehand maps and inking them), biology, English and sport. I loathed science and enjoyed my secretarial studies. My children must have inhereted my love for school as they were the same.
Basically, yes.

Did all the usual compulsory subjects'.
Did a Commercial Junior, & Academic Senior.

In the 'new' Grade VIII, did various Sciences', & French.
I loved Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, & Ancient History. I still 'hobby' study them.

My all-time fave's were English, & Geography. Again, these are still 'hobby studied'.

The one subject I hated was Botany, but enjoyed Zoology.
Yes and yes! Loved school, loved learning, loved all my subjects except maths.I remember all my teachers and liked 98% of them. The Phys Ed teachers would be in danger of a black eye if I ever met one of them on the street. I never stressed over exams and my parents never made an appearance at any school I attended.
by Rice
I hated it. I remember what subjects I studied, though I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of what I learned, which is okay because much of it wasn't very useful.
I enjoyed primary school, but I didn't like boarding school much, except for going out on the open weekends with my friends & their parents as my family could only come & see me once a term. I always tried to study for the exams, but nothing seemed to sink into my head! I don't think the teachers spend enough time with me. I left after year 10. I think most of my teachers would have passed on by now. I have been to every school reunion since leaving, every 10 years, & about 1/2 dozen other girls also left after year 10.
by Miro
I am responding from Canada where education was different - actually, education is different in every country. I loved, and still love, school. Not only do I have 14 years before university, I have a degree in engineering with a minor in business and 3 diplomas (massage, robotics and construction). The last time I graduated was in 2012 at age 58. I always did well - except in PE, history and geography, although I study a lot of history now - or should I say Herstory. My last year of high school I had 3 maths (including computers - in the 70s!), French, Latin and Physics.
I enjoyed most of Primary School and did reasonably well and had lots of friends.
I suffered culture shock when I started High School. I did not like It at all. I was having problems at home so I think I was depressed. No one from my all girls Primary school was there and I found the boys to be rude and annoying. I was bullied for a time by a group of girls who backed off when I agreed to fight the ringleader. I was voted student councillor, which shocked me because I didn't think anyone noticed me. I was able to help some students in that role.
I took Maths 1 and 2, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English and History. There was only one other girl taking the same subjects so we were always in classes with predominantly boys. I dreamt of becoming a doctor. It didn't happen as I left home before I matriculated.
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