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Did you learn a foreign language at school -which one?

by Finy (follow)
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Did you learn a foreign language at school?

Which one, and are you still able to speak it now?

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Top Answers
I spoke fluent German and when I went to school I took german as well as french and Latin.

I still remember some French and a bit of Latin, though no idea why Latin was even taught.

My german which was the first language I heard as a baby, is getting rusty as there is no one left to speak it with!
by Finy
Hi Finy.....
If your schooling was here, Latin was taught as it's the basis of the English language.
And to keep up your German, ever thought to join your local 'German Club'? Cheers!
by donjo
Shame you aren't here Finy, you could talk to my daughter in son in law as much as you'd like.
by Rice
I learnt French for 4 years....has helped with reading menus and the like, well. Can't speak it fluently though..would like to, very sexy (although that doesn't really matter anymore ha ha)
by Fran
Back in the early 70's in Victoria,French was the second language which we learned at school/I never saw the point of it,and would have preferred to learn Indonesian which was starting to come into the curriculum as I was finishing my high school years! I did adore my French teacher though! She actually WAS French so we learned properly.Unfortunately after the second half of the 3rd year with her,she developed a tumor behind her eye which took her life within a few short weeks.I never forgot this beautiful and gentle woman,and I am certain none of her other students did either.
Arabic when I was in primary, French when i was in secondary. I am fluent in French, never picked up on the Arabic.
We did German and Indonesian and French in the first year of high school. I then did 4 more years of French. Hardly remember a word of it now.

I learned Italian in high school and went to Croatian night school for four years. I speak the latter well enough for people to ask when I arrived in Australia. My response, I was born here, seems to shock some.
by Vee
I did 6 years of German in school and I year of French. I also did one year of Spanish in Uni. I did 14 years of Irish in school.
Unless you keep using a language unfortunately you tend to lose it.
by AJ
Had a choice of german and indonesian and chose indonesian. Loved the cultural aspects but was hopeless at remembering the vocab which is a bit of shame given indonesian is probably one of the easier languages to learn..
I learned German when I was at high school. Apparently I was quite good at it, but I never went further.
Now, over 20 years on, I can still count in German and I can ask where the toilet is!
I studied Indonesian at school. My first choice was French, but got thrown into the Indo class instead.
Yes Italian for 3 years... After 30 years managed
Get around Italy with it
Italian and French. The Italian has managed to stick around a lot longer in my head than the French.
Languages great fun. Was born in Denmark, learnt English,German,French, Latin at school. Married a German, emigrated to Australia so those languages practised, lost French but took year 12 exam in Spanish. Now enjoy speaking English, practising German and Spanish on language exchange websites but losing my Danish !!!!
I learnt Indonesian in prep (it was a tiny school where I shared the same room as grade 1-4), then in high school I did italian and japanese. As an adult, I can't speak any of them fluently, but I only remember what I was taught in prep! I think the younger we are taught a language, the more likelihood thatvit will stay.
Yes I learned Spanish at school. I was glad for this. I don't know if I would have learned it otherwise.
I studied German at high school but don't remember much because I haven't used it.
I learnt German all through high school. It did come in handy when I had to book accommodation while backpacking though Europe.
German and French, but I never used it much so I don't remember much of either. Only a few phrases! I can still decipher some written German.
Yes, French for only one year, but German for four years.
Spent time in Austria with people who couldn't speak English, so the German came in handy after all!

Don't have opportunity to speak it now, but i can still watch a German tv show & not have to worry with the subtitles!
No, as it was never part of our schooling back in the 50's and 60's.
Looking back with hindsight I would have loved to have, perhaps Spanish.
Yes - German and Latin for four years. Although Latin is a dead language it was very useful in the many positions I had working as a medical secretary both in the hospital environment (really helped with spelling of medical terminology) and working as a medical practice manager for many years.
IMO, if a language is still used, which Latin is, in many fields, it ain't dead, just 'resting'!
by donjo
donjo - FYO: Academics consider a dead language one which is no longer used as a main language, but which can still be used as a part of legal, scientific, medical or religious terminology. Latin fits this criteria.
by norma
Yes. I learnt French, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish and Portuguese. I can understand French and Italian if it is written, but I am not that good at speaking them. I did use my French whilst in New Caledonia recently and managed okay. The other languages I haven't used so I have largely forgotten them.
We were taught Latin at school, but i only lasted a week at that. Later we were taught French, but I was hopeless at that as well. Our eldest grand-daughter has been learning Mandarin since she started kindergarten, & even though it's only been 1 & 1/2 years, but she's very good at it.
by Miro
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