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Did you have a profession you wanted to be in when you were a child?

by Finy (follow)
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Did you want to become a particular profession as a child?

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Top Answers
Yup I wanted to be one of these! Still do....But too late now. :)
I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher!
Which is odd as I am not that good with children, or rather, do not have a lot of patience.

However I met my husband to be at 17 and at the time, there was a 5 year contract you had to sign before doing kindy teaching, so I changed my mind as he lived on the other side of Australia to me.

So I did not end up doing what I had wanted when I was younger.
by Finy
I wanted to become a professional musician but was discouraged from pursuing it. I have chosen a different path but I still do music. I just cant give it up.
Who ever tried to tell you that you shouldn't should have been told to 'shut-up'!
by jonaja
Totally agree with jonaj!
by Rice
My mother wanted me to be a nurse but I think I wanted to be something tomboyish like a fireman or a cowboy. LOL
by Rice
What did you end up doing for work, since you didn't become a nurse?
by Lluxi
As a very young child I wanted to either be a shopkeeper or a teacher. The reason being I wanted to play with a cash register or draw on a blackboard.
by AJ
I wanted to be a "business person." I achieved that goal by owning an advertising agency for over a decade before I became ill.
When I was very little,4 or 5 years old, I had been taken to a circus and I adored it so much that for many years I wanted to be a 'circus girl' !!!! Oh ! How cute that seems now, knowing all the hard work that this entails!!!! But from about 12 years of age I always wanted to be a Signwriter which was ,back then,a male-oriented trade! I went to art school for 2 years and then decided to give the sign trade a go. I found a company which was, though reluctant at first,prepared to take me on. I was the first girl in Melbourne to do this fabulously satisfying trade!! It was in the days before anything at all was done using computers.Everything was proper Brush and paint,all done by hand,and I LOVED it!!I continued to do Sign and Ticket writing (this included window display and showcard work, as well as calligraphy which I had learned in high school just as a hobby!!!)until 2000 when I had severe shoulder and wrist problems which even after much surgery,just could not be resolved in the end.By then,so much of the trade was being taken over by the use of computers that I was so very saddened by the loss of the need for creative and genuinely artistic hands-on brush-work,that it was actually a relief to not be involved any longer!! I then went into the lovely field of home decor and fine furniture,(which was almost an extension of the display work which I had been involved with while signwriting),until illness forced me to stop working altogether in early 2008. I am one of the extremely lucky ones who loved my career so much that it felt as though I never worked a day in my life!!! I was so satisfied and so HAPPY in my chosen fields of employment,which is something not a huge number of people can honestly be able to say!
Hahaha. When I was working I loved my job so much that I felt quite guilty getting paid. I used to stay behind and do extra stuff. Like you, I had to give it up and I was very sad.
by Rice
Yes I would of liked to be a vet, but I wasn't any good at science.

That idea only formulated when I was a teenager, at the end of Grade XI.

I was fortunate enough to 'get a job' in my chosen field, & stayed in it until Retirement!

Sometimes, the planets' do align! Yay!
And your chosen field of employment was...............?
by Miro
I always wanted to become a doctor due to a love of science and the ability to be able to diagnose any set of symptoms given to me. My mother begged me not to as she knew I wouldn't be able to cope with the long hours, and would spend more time as a patient in hospital than an employee. She was right. So, I became a nurse, and worked alongside the doctors ( some of them are so stupid ). My husband and son are also nurses. The doctors ask us about the patient because we work with them day after day at the bedside, so obviously know more than they do. They only come in a few minutes a day. It is very rewarding to see people get better in most cases, and go home.
Yes, nurses are greatly under-rated. At our local hospital they ask if you will see the specialist nurse instead of waiting for a doctor. She is fantastic and can order tests etc., so if you see her you get treated more quickly anyway. Strange world. (My mother was a nurse)
by Rice
But then again nurses are terribly overworked and underpaid. The doctors are probably underworked and overpaid. You probably should have gone ahead with medicine with your abilities, you would have been a blessing to society.
by fran.
Yes I always wanted to be an Artist, and later a Commercial artist.
My father started being a commercial artist, & then an abstract artist for the rest of his life.His father (a friend of Robert L.Stevenson) was an artist, as well as dad's sister. It was Stevenson who suggested to my grandfather, in Western Samoa, that he should have an exhibition in Sydney, Au, so he did, but my grandfather had moved to Perth before Stevenson came to Australia I think. then he & his wife bought my father over to Melbourne. Sorry, Stevenson died in W. Samoa in about 1897. My grandfather died in 1913. Sorry, I got WAY of the point of the question here.
by Miro
From the age of seven I told anyone who asked that I wanted to be a Gynaecologist. I really wanted to deliver babies and didn't like that males dominated a field that dealt with women's health.
and did you?
by Finy
No unfortunately my circumstances took me on a different path. I worked as a vet nurse for a while before my son was born. I absolutely loved it- loved surgery, coped with emergency and got to help deliver some babies. I still love anything medical.
by annfi
I should have been a dancer or actor, I am SOOOO theatrical! LOL. Still don't know what I want to do, I am all grown up now and just recently changed from an office job to sales in dress shop, and loving it...
I bounced around three different professions in my mind as a teen: musician, novelist, or university English professor. I've played music since my teens, been in a few bands as well, but things never panned out there. I still play music on occasion, but that's it. I have written and published one novella and still write fiction today, so that dream is still alive, but I've never been to university so the dream of being a prof is pretty much dead.
No, I can't remember wanting to be anything in particular, when I grow up!
by Miro
Sorry, I meant to write, "When I was growing up"
by Miro
I would of liked to have been a vet, but I did work experience and thought maybe not, I wasn't a bright spark at science and biology.
Yes, I would of liked to be a vet,but I did do work experience with a vet, and no it wasn't for me.
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