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Did you get an engagement ring and do you still wear it?

by Finy (follow)
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Did you get an engagement ring when you got engaged?

Do you still wear it?

#Engagement ring
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Top Answers
I actually still have my TWO engagement diamonds.

When my aunt died (her husband was a jeweller in Germany before they came to Australia), I was left this fantastic diamond of very high quality and large.

Eventually I put the three together to make one ring and I wear it mostly when I go out.

It is beautiful..
by Finy
I got an engagement ring, it was part of the deal for me! And yes, I still wear it. I never take it off in fact after the time I thought I had lost it at a playground putting on sunblock. I spent an hour searching frantically for it as did my friends and all our children.... then I got home (having rung my husband who had hired a metal detector and was about to come out and search for it) to find my ring next to the bed where I had forgotten to put it on that morning..... so now it never never comes off!

It has a central emerald-cut pink sapphire with a white diamond on either side.
Yes I did, my late husband gave it to me. When my daughter was the same age as I was when we got married I gave it to her. Unfortunately the ring was stolen with other items from her home some years later.
The stories of my three engagement rings (only two led to marriage) are rather shocking and I won't share here,(truth is stranger than fiction sometimes), suffice to say they are all gone....I now sometimes wear my Mum's and Nanna's engagement rings together when I go out
by Fran
You too had 3...lol.
Yes I won't get into my 3 here also....but I bet we could write a book!

Title ''Half a dozen Engagement Rings Later''
What do you think? :)
by jonaja
Sounds good it really does...you can write it and I'll just give you my story!
However, I think I would rather just forget it....ha ha
by Fran
I gave my wife an engagement ring and she has worn it 24/7 since that day, 21.5 years ago.
by kimp
I would prefer not to receive an engagement ring when I get engaged. I have never worn jewellery, and see it as an unnecessary expense. Or if he wants to spoil me with a gift, hopefully he knows me well enough to buy something other than a ring!
I don't wear either my engagement or wedding ring. They are too big for me now and I need to get them resized, but am nervous to do so after watching an episode years ago on A Currrent Affair about dodgy jeweler's swapping diamonds for glass!
Are you anywhere near Morley? I have had several things done there and I think this particular one is trustworthy! let me know if you want the name
by Finy
I love diamonds, however after researching about the poor and unsafe working conditions of many workers in poor developing countries and seeing first hand the jewellery factories in Thailand I became opposed to all cheap jewellery and diamonds in general. I notified my boyfriend that in order to win my hand in marriage he would be required to give me a hand dug, hand created piece of work. A few years and a few fossicking trips later and I have my stone! A blue topaz from the gem fields in North Queensland, Australia. Although it isn't a ring and I don't wear it I look at it every morning while a get ready for my day and think of how much blood, sweat and back breaking love went into getting that stone out of its hole. Note: we are still looking for the gold ;)
by Jane
That's lovely! I worried about the ethics of buying diamonds too, so I chose a ring that was estate jewellery, so while it does have diamonds in it no more were mine just for me.
I had a gorgeous engagement ring,but after my divorce from my son's dad,I had the diamond set with others into a totally different ring! I wore it until my fingers became to swollen to wear any rings at all.
Hello Jules.........if you still want to wear it, get it re-sized at a reputable jeweller......
by donjo
I am actually thinking of having the shank/ring part remade completely with a tiny clasp type fitting which allows it to be put on the finger like a bangle rather than having to go over my poor deformed and painful knuckles! I am so fortunate really, as I have one of the most incredibly talented and respected Jeweller families who all are completely trustworthy,and we have been discussing this for some time. Thanks so much though,for so very kindly thinking to contact me with your advice.
by Jules
Hello Jules.....thank you for YOUR kind words, to me!
I'm SO pleased you've a reputable jeweller to go to. One hears such 'horror' stories' these days!
I'm fortunate that the jewellers' with whom I've had dealings, & continue to do so, are trustworthy.
It's VERY important when one has beautiful jewellery, collected over many years'.
Hope you go ahead! Sounds like a good 'plan'! Cheers to you!
by donjo
Aren't you so sweet?! I do agree with you 100% about knowing your jewellers very well,and having a great respect for them.Like you,I have heard some horror stories which could be turned into horror MOVIES,they are so spine tingling!! Right now though,my priorities have changed ,thanks to one of my beloved dogs needing emergency surgery on her ear which had become like a pillow thanks to a burst blood vessel!! Dogs with 'floppy' ears are the ones prone to this condition which is often called 'cushion ear' and Georgie is the second one I have had over many years to need surgery to fix it. Thus I knew the signs immediately and got the vet out very early in the situation. My darling girl is now completely better and much happier again . Knowing your love of animals from the reply you sent to me about the movies which make us cry,I know that you will fully understand why my dog took all priority over a diamond ring,no matter how beautiful it will be in the end when done!!! My thanks again for your thoughtful and kind words.
by Jules
I have an engagement ring that I wear regularly.
Yes, all 3 of them.
Don't have them now, sold them many years ago.
I always wear my engagement ring
by AJ
I bought my wife an engagement ring. However when she got pregnant with our first child the weight game made it impossible to wear. Since then, thieves broke into our home and stole it.
That is very sad.
Maybe she can have another one day :)
by jonaja
..........but was it insured? Hope so, that way you could get a replacement!
by donjo
I love mine, but it's an antique pearl so completely impractical...there's a reason why they're diamonds, ladies...anyway, I only wear it if going out to dinner as for normal day to day stuff, it won't survive...
My engagement ring and wedding ring are never taken off of my finger. They look just as good as the day they were given to me even though they are worn constantly and get knocked about and wet in the shower and pools and washing dishes.
You're really not doing your rings any favours at all wearing them constantly! Claws get loose & diamonds/stones are lost.

How long since either you've cleaned them or had them professionally cleaned?
How long since they've been valued for Insurance purposes? Bet they've decreased in value due to wear & tear. Do you get skin problems underneath them because of wearing them through 'thick & thin'? Don't they just plain annoy you? When I arrive home from wherever, mine come off & into liquid cleaner for a little while. Then they're wiped clean with a tissue, ready for next wearing.

Sat next to a woman at work who had silver rings, & did as you do. She had NEVER had them cleaned, or cleaned them herself, since she got them SIXTEEN years' prior! They were BLACK! Yuck!

To me that smacks of uncaring & non-respect for what they represent. I won't embarrass you by what I think it means as well.

I love my 'wedding set' of four rings. They represent so much to me, over 38years' of marriage. They get professionally checked & cleaned EVERY Wedding Anniversary, & valued every two years.
I treasure them to the nth degree!
by donjo
@donjo...'To me that smacks of uncaring & non-respect for what they represent. I won't embarrass you by what I think it means as well'.....WOW a bit judgmental and you've made lots of assumptions. Lighten up.
by jojom
YOU put information out there, so suck it up! Maybe you could actually LEARN how to treat your rings from my information, as you obviously don't know how to, by what you said!
by donjo
jojom - my mother-in-law had a beautiful art deco five diamond engagement ring. She used to clean out the fire ashes wearing it and do all the jobs around the house (without wearing gloves). Her ring was magnificent and still looked fabulous even after all the treatment she meted out over the years. Perhaps it had something to do with the quality of the diamonds, or maybe diamonds are much tougher than we think! So perhaps you are doing the right thing after all!
by norma
I did but traded in for a bridal set
by Gia
I did. I do wear it but not daily as the stones are pretty large and they get in the way when I do my hair!
No I didnt.
by Gia
Yes. A beautiful Diamond Solitaire. Hve added Wedding Ring, Eternity Ring & Ten Year Anniversary Ring since. after that, had kids, & no money for rings ensued, even though married for 39 years!
All my rings are STILL worn as they're a beautiful 'set' with matching 'shoulders' & width.
They represent many years' of hard work & kids!
I have the widest gold ring I’ve ever seen on anyones finger, so I could only have had a very
narrow engagement ring. My husband to be suggested I go out looking for 1, but I couldn’t find 1 I liked.Then about 30 years later, I found 1 in my brother-in-laws prawn shop & bought that, but I hardly ever wear it.
I must check the 'prawn' tray at my local F & C shop, next time I go! Might be in for a surprise! Lol!
by donjo
Another of my spelling mistakes: Of cause it should have read: 'PAWN' certainly not 'PRAWN' Thank you donjo
by Miro
Sorry! That should have read: PAWN not PRAWN of cause. Thanks donjo
by Miro
Sorry! That should have read: PAWN not PRAWN of cause. Thanks donjo
by Miro
Sorry! That should have read: PAWN not PRAWN of cause.
by Miro
Yes I did (53 years ago). My late husband bought me a beautiful Victorian ring as I wasn't into modern jewellery. It had a central garnet, two blue sapphires and two white sapphires on the shoulders, and was gorgeous. I still have it but the middle stone is now missing and I have never got round to having it repaired. Perhaps one day.......
Yes I did. It is a beautiful Victorian ring of garnets, white sapphires and blue sapphires. The Victorians were very patriotic (hence the red, white and blue of the stones). I don't particularly like to wear diamonds but can appreciate their beauty, although not for me! My engagement ring is missing a couple of stones now so can't wear it any longer - keep meaning to have them replaced but never get round to it.
sorry, didn't realise I had already replied to this question.
by norma
Yes I did get an engagement ring and yes I still wear it, along with my wedding ring,the only time I take it off is if I am handling chicken, or I'm doing something messy.
Yes I did get an engagement ring and yes I still wear it.
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