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Did you ever learn to do shorthand, and is this still taught today?

by Finy (follow)
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Did you ever learn to do shorthand, and do they still teach this nowadays?

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Top Answers
I learnt shorthand in a course I did after I did my Leaving Certificate as it was called in those days.

I can still remember shorthand, and it is kind of "quaint" still doing it, though nowadays I do not think I could be the secretary of a Managing Director with my shorthand.

I have not heard of people still doing it today so guess there are more modern things that are used?
by Finy
I never did short hand,nor did I ever learn to Type! So using a computer has been a whole new learning experience for me!! I always excelled at English though,so fortunately I can spell well enough!
Yes, I learnt Pitman's Shorthand,in 1966 and used it until 1973. I can still remember some of it. As far as I am aware they may still teach it in India, but not anywhere else.
I never did master it.

I think if it's not used, I would have to ask the question 'why'!
Who ever invented it, was a genius indeed.
Can't think of anything that could or would have replaced it? It quick, and a great tool.
Well dictaphones replaced it. The boss could wander around at home or wherever, record all his correspondence and then just give you the tape to listen to and type all the correspondence when you got the chance. Sort of cut one person out of the activity from the start. Much faster than having you sitting with the boss taking all correspondence in shorthand, then transcribing.
by fran.
I've never learnt to write shorthand though I really wish that I had. It would have been extremely handy! My brother did an evening course as a teenager, learning to speed type and write shorthand and it's been very useful for him.
Nowadays, I'm surprised that they still teach how to handwrite at all, never mind shorthand! I don't even write shopping lists with a pen any more :)
No I never learned that
I learnt it but didn't really get to use it in my jobs after
by Fran
I never learnt it- I don't think it is still taught
by AJ
Never learned it. That looks like it would take a while to decode, but I suppose if your versed in it then it wouldn't - which I suppose is the whole point. Anyway!
by Vee
Yes, I learnt Pitman Shorthand when I left high school. I then worked as a dictaphone typist for a big Australian Electricity Company. The only time I used my shorthand and on only one afternoon in my whole life (I'm now 54), was for a glorified clerk who was too snobbish to dictate his letters onto a dictaphone. The letters were all the same, except the $ amounts in the letters differed. However I write myself notes sometimes so that they are private. Sometimes, for a joke, I will write greetings in birthday cards in shorthand.
And what happens if the card recipient can't read Shorthand?
What a cruel thing to do to a supposed friend. I don't see it as funny whatsoever. Quite rude, actually.
by donjo
writing a card in shorthand is a great gimmick. If you're giving the card to someone you know well they would see the funny side of it anyway and what a good way to use your skill that if you don't use it you lose it.
by jules
writing a card in shorthand is a great gimmick. If you're giving the card to someone you know well they would see the funny side of it anyway and what a good way to use your skill that if you don't use it you lose it.
by jules
I learnt Decomb and could do 100 words per minute, I was so proud of myself! Sad thing was I never got a job where I had to use it and now I have lost it :(
Yes, was taught shorthand, typing and book-keeping as part of a Commercial Course when I was 16 after having done 3 years of languages (German and Latin). The shorthand served me well in several positions during my working life managing offices. Was very pleased I had certificates for 120 wpm in shorthand and 100 wpm in typing (on a Remington manual typewriter). Changed days now with the advent of computers!
Yes, in Grades IX & X, as did a 'Commercial Junior Certificate'.

Have NEVER had to use it in the many elapsed decades', from that day to this, thank goodness, as I just HATED it! Thought it was dumb & illogical!
But I well appreciate to others', it was useful!

Went onto 'Academic Senior Certificate' whose subjects' were much more interesting, & useful to me in my Career, especially GEOGRAPHY, & good Ol' English, of course!
Yes It came in handy for taking down messages from fast talking people and the bosses' letters. I was initially employed as a Secretary and that was part of my job, Trouble is when people knew you could do Pitman's shorthand you were expected to take down minutes which was a horrible job.
Yes, I learnt shorthand along with typing and accounting in high school, as I was a student in the "commercial" track. It was considered lower than "O" track (more science orientated) but I must say, I never regretted following the commercial path.
Yes, as a legal secretary for many years used Pitmans which started in high school. Also had to take minutes in other positions as well as a much lesser degree in my last position. Retired for 4 months now but still use it for myself at home and taking personal notes at meetings I attend
Learnt shorthand at an Technical Institute in NZ in 1979. I did a Secretarial course for 1 year. Hadn't previously done Shorthand at High School however, managed to pass an exam with a speed of 50 WPM. Still sometimes do shorthand images in my mind for some words and still remember some words. Have Never used shorthand in a commercial or work situation.
I learnt Pitmans and used it regularly in my job as a secretary. I then qualified as a teacher of shorthand although then spent more time teaching word processing. I often write myself notes in meetings that I would otherwise not be able to write longhand. I get very annoyed when writing longhand so type on the computer mostly these days
I did learn shorthand at school starting year 2
that was many years ago, never had the need to use it after leaving school.
daughter after leaving school did a secretarial course which included shorthand she was very good a it, 1st job was a secretary to a managing director to the best of my knowledge shorthand is not used nowadays.
Yes learnt Pittman's shorthand at secretarial college (back in the 70s) and in my present job use it every day. It also comes in handy at trivia nights!!!
Why on Trivia Nights? To write down the question?
by donjo
Yes, to keep up with the quiz host as they often rush through the questions.
by dimin
No, I never learnt it, & I don't think it's still taught to-day. I don't know why. Perhaps because we all type on our computers & laptops?!
by Miro
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