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Did you enjoy actually being pregnant?

by Finy (follow)
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Did you actually enjoy being pregnant?

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Top Answers
Yes, I was always healthy while I was pregnant.

I put on a lot of weight and felt good, I had the problems after the babies were born.

So, yes, I did enjoy being pregnant up until the last 4 weeks or so when I had trouble getting up and down off a chair!
by Finy
Much as I was utterly thrilled to finally become pregnant,I hated it!! I was so ill,and in hospital for so much of the time,that it was a ghastly time from start to finish! The result was a joy though and though I was still so thin and so ill for some time after my son was born,I was happy.He was a perfect baby,ate,slept and guirgled with joy just about all the time!!!
Whenever I'm not pregnant I LOVE being pregnant. When I'm pregnant I also love it, but I complain lots lol Peeing 400 times a night, feeling tired, the horrible nausea ... not fun stuff. But the baby bump and all the wriggles etc, I love that side of it. In a way I'm sad I'll never do it again, but I'm also relieved if that makes any sort of sense!
Loved it! My husband (in a very loving way) described me as a 'contented cow.'
Your pregnancy sonds beautiful. To long ago for me to remember
by Pamew
Despite bad morning sickness that lasted the entire nine months and leg swelling, I didn't mind it. I missed being able to sleep on my stomach and back, but I loved feeling him moving around.
by Vee
No not really.
Did make life quite hard, as I like to work a lot on the house etc.
You have to take a lot of care, and well by the 8th Month, I was totally over it!
No hated every moment of it, had horrendous morning sickness and a horrendous birth but it was worth it when I held my baby for the first time and....for the joy he brought me for many years after....(the rest is another story)
by fran
I have never been pregnant.
I have never been pregnant but it seems like it would be both an amazing and difficult time
by AJ
I have not been pregnant
Some of the time, yes, though stuff like low blood pressure, varicose veins , sore hips and being tired all the time I could have done without.
Enjoy it ? 4 months of morning sickness, 2 months of feeling great, 2 months of horrific, unexplained heartburn/indigestion. No.
Morning sickness was terrible, but I liked the spacey kind of feeling especially towards the end! And the sense of possibility. Carrying a growing baby is truly amazing so my hope is that all women can have blissful pregnancies and totally appreciate each stage of their growing child to be.
by Lucy
No. Needed I.V.F for the first one. The first month, I had extremely sore breasts and could not tolerate any movement or touch (I was only a C cup)- I'd have to hug a pillow above and below them if I were in a car to keep them from being bounced with the movement of the car. Then the "morning" sickness set in for the duration - oddly enough, the only food that stayed down were custards, milk, yoghurt, icecream and water. I couldn't stand the smell of meat being cooked in the house. Meat, Vegies and fruit refused to stay down. Not a good Christmas. From about half term, my hips became painful with "pelvic instability". I didn't have any energy to exercise, so was glad to be told to rest more. Had Gastro at 8 months - 3 days sleeping in hospital. Full term baby was only 6.5 pound, after only 6 and a half hours.
2nd time: natural conception (!),no boob pain, more "morning" sickness, my hips were classed as "pelvic dysfunction" (my almost toddler enjoyed being pushed in her stroller around the house as my walking aid), and at 5 months was on my own whilst hubby was working interstate for 3 months. At 8 months, I had high(er) blood-pressure and swollen ankles, and indigestion. Full term baby was 8 pounds after 3 and a half hours. Tubal ligation 2 months later cured my fears of further problematic pregnancies.
I don't regret it in any way, because I have two gorgeous girls at 9 and 11 years; I simply couldn't face it again with my track record.
Loved every minute of it. Never felt better, fitter and happier. Ate healthily, lost a little bit if weight early in the pregnancy. Worked up to the Friday and had the baby on the Wednesday at 39 weeks. Wish I could feel that good again!

I was exactly the same. I knew I was pregnant the second time because I felt so well and full of energy. Even though my first child was induced, he arrived safely and my daughter arrived after 2 hours' labour. No problems, very easy.
by jillr
Yes, very much so. Only part I didn't enjoy was breastfeeding. Thought it was the pits. Hated it. But for the goodness provided to baby, would not have done it at all.
Managed six months' bub one & three months' bub two.
Yes I loved it both times. I was fortunate and didn't get morning sickness very bad. I made sure I ate really healthy, and had many people tell me that I 'glowed'. Would love to be pregnant again if I could.
I loved being pregnant, & had 2 very easy pregnancies a long time ago, with only a few days of morning sickness. So swollen legs/ankles, varicose veins etc, didn't happen for me, thank heavens.
by Miro
I hated the months of morning sickness almost the entire pregnancies and was hospitalised with the 2nd one because it was that bad. The 3rd one wasn't that bad but put on 5 stone with her. She was almost 11lb born by caesar obviously. I didn't over-eat, just unlucky with hormones.
I have had one child and loved being pregnant. I was healthy and young so I guess that is a big plus. I was hormonal and emotional especially early and I do remember sleeping a lot, but I was very happy. Unfortunately my husband died before we had any more children and my second husband didn't want anymore children.
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