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Did man really land on the moon?

by chipp (follow)
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man on the moon

We've all seen footage of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, however, there are many conspiracy theories that believe the moon landing was recorded in a specially created movie complex. What are your thoughts? Did man really land on the moon?

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Top Answers
I don't think man landed on the moon. For instance, there is a photo of Neil Armstrong stepping out on the moon, but who was the one taking the photo? Technically he could not be the first man on the moon because there was a photographer there already. And if they used all the jet fuel to get to the moon, what fuel did they use to get back to earth? And why has no one tried to land on the moon again? And how did they know what sort of material they would need in space? yeah - I don't really buy it!
1.The photograph was taken by a camera mounted on the side of the Eagle lander.
2.What makes you think they used up all the fuel?
3. I imagine we haven't really needed to send a manned mission to the moon again. We have measured and explored it already and established that there's nothing much up there of interest. We can get samples and data without the expense of sending humans there again. As I understand it it was largely about proving that we could do it. Job done.
4.Apollo 11 wasn't the first mission into space. Note the "11" in the name. Both the USA and the USSR had been researching materials to use in space for years. They used trial and error.
Ah, my husband also points out that we have actually landed on the moon again since, with Apollo 15.
And there have been 4 other manned landings on the moon-
Despite recent controversy, I definitely think that yes man has landed on the moon.
You Tube

(look at 2:20 to 3:14 )
by jonaja
YES they did.

And what they found was a total shock.
What was shocking about it?
They were not the first to be there.
by jonaja
Why do you say that?
Take a look at my last reply for info to look at on Ivana's answer (I posted on the wrong persons answer by mistake)...soz
by jonaja
That rumour comes from a conversation supposedly intercepted by radio hams. I suppose it's possible that it happened but it sounds like a hoax to me.

It's not the first one, and Edar Mitchell said there are 'others' in the universe.
by jonaja
According to scientists, they did. After all, people collected all kind of samples from the moon for their research.
I think they did. I can't imagine something that big could be made up - it was such a big deal at the time and still a feat of human amazement.
Wow, that's a bit retro. Usually these days you hear people talking about new conspiracy theories- "9/11 is was an inside job", "global warming is a hoax", that kind of thing.

All of the stuff about the moon landings being faked had been very thorougly debunked by astronomers. Here's a Guardian article about it.


You also might want to check out Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy site.


If it were a hoax, consider just how many people would have to be in on it, and manage to keep it quiet all this time.
I agree, you can't keep everyone quite...it's not possible.
They did go, but they got a nasty surprise.
by jonaja
What nasty surprise?

at 2:20 TO 3:14
on You Tube
by jonaja
Yes man did.
you want to look Neil Armstrong in the eye and tell him he didn't?
Man landed on the moon for sure. Now it's a woman's turn!! Go ladies go!!!!
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