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Did anyone see the TV programme showing how dangerous vitamin tablets CAN be?

by Finy (follow)
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Did anyone watch the television show (Four Corners), on the dangers of some vitamins?

What did you think of the show?

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Top Answers
No. I didn't see the show. I do take one multivitamin a day as recommended by my doctor. I agree that most of the vitamins and herbal pills are useless. They make us feel better about ourselves and that's why we take them, because we think we are doing something healthy. We learnt all about this when I was studying nursing, so this revelation is not new to me. Vitamins A, D, E & K are stored in our body to some extent, but do need to be replenished daily in our diet. I'll bet with Winter coming some people will be going out to buy high doses of vitamin C to ward off colds. What a waste of money. The body only uses what it needs and discards the rest in our urine. Vitamin B &C are water soluable and are excreted by the body and need to be replaced. A healthy diet should replace any vitamins lost if you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. We are not a third world country. The weight loss and vitamin supplement market are making a fortune by promoting this need to feel healthy, whether medically we need it our not. People can overdose on vitamins and become toxic, usually on the fat soluble vitamins, which are stored. They would have to take a heck of a lot for this to happen, so they can make you very sick, and kill you. Yes, they are largely unnecessary and we have been spun this line that they are essential for our health so we must supplement. Good food is what we need for our health. Multivitamins probably would be helpful in certain populations such as those who are sick, pregnant, elderly or young children. If you are a healthy adult with a good diet, you shouldn't need them.
I watched it and was horrified.
I remember one of my husbands (a chemist) saying that vitamins were rubbish, years ago.

However I was frightened by what can happen with some vitamins and also that there is no testing of them, unlike prescription medicines which have to undergo vigorous testing.

People think that because they are vitamins, they can do no harm....a very interesting show to watch on i view (or whatever it is called!).

I had already cut down and only take one supplement nowadays.
by Finy
It's ok Finy, she's only my husbands sister, & he can't stand a bar of her. He refers to her as 'The 'Maggot' all the time.
by Miro
I saw it.

I have to say one doctor was *also giving out a 'name' of one company, and I thought he was quite Stupid....
He left me with my mouth open.

After all that Company has been going for years and years.
I'm not totally convinced as my Father was a Chemist, and after the war he made up 'Vitamins', for people who were suffering ''from lack of good food''.

People could not get enough of his, and before long he just could not keep up the demand.

There well being improved, and he was only using the most 'simple' of what he could get his hands on.

''If'' they are total rubbish today...then one would think they would be totally closed down.

Doctors would tell people, and before long they would just fade away.

I have heard only good about folk taking them, I have not heard the negative....we need more evidence, than this one showing, really.
jonaj, they interviewed several people who had serious problems from vitamins -I can well believe all this as, like Jennifer, I have also heard about this and my dr asks which ones I am on and has already taken me off one.
They do NOT get tested
by Finy
I understand Finy...I really do, but several people, compared to thousands who do still take vitamins is a wide margin.
For me I have mixed emotions, and until they can say a larger portion of people are experiencing symptoms.....I think it is very much for me a wait and see .
by jonaja
This link is to a New York Times article about a study that showed lots of popular supplements didn't contain what's on the label (some had none of the active ingredients, and had other unlisted ingredients instead, like random weeds and allergens like dairy and nuts that could be really dangerous for some people).


People still buy them because they're still allowed to sell them since they're not very well regulated. Probably only very few people have serious problems from them, but a lot of people will be just wasting their money not getting what they paid for.

Doctors and pharmacists do sometimes warn people about supplements, like warning not to take iron tablets unless you have an iron deficiency (not a vitamin, but similar thing). That doesn't mean everyone who makes or sells them is out to rip people off, or that all of them are rubbish. It's just that you can't really tell the good ones from the dodgy ones.
Well jonahj, I don't trust doctors when it comes to pharmaceuticals because I reckon the probably have shares in all the big pharma/magic vitamin producing companies.
by fran.
I didn't see it, but I remember news bulletins a few years back saying that if you have a vitamin deficiency, supplements are good for you, but if you don't have a deficiency, they are bad for you because it cases a build up in your system. The best thing to do is only taken them if recommended or prescribed by your GP.
No, I didn't catch that one, but I've heard about the potential dangers of vitamins before. If you don't have a deficiency in a vitamin and you supplement it, at best you end up with expensive pee when your body gets rid of what it doesn't need, and at best you can actually make yourself seriously ill. And they're not properly regulated to check that they contain what they say they do, and nothing they don't mention on the label (some were tested in the US and found to contain allergens like nuts and dairy that they didn't warn about, that could be very serious).
oops I meant to type "at worst you can make yourself seriously ill".
I didn't see it, but I remember news bulletins a few years back saying that if you have a vitamin deficiency, supplements are good for you, but if you don't have a deficiency, they are bad for you because it cases a build up in your system. The best thing to do is only taken them if recommended or prescribed by your GP.
No, didn't, & wouldn't anyway, as don't take vitamins.

After a course of Antibiotics, I'll take some 'Inner Health' capsules, as recommended by my GP.
they are still classed as vitamins i.e. not tested
by Finy
Oh! Finy, yes, that's as maybe, BUT, as I only have to take an Antibiotic Course, maybe once very two-three years', I'm not exactly 'addicted' to them, & I doubt my GP would recommend them, if not required on that occasion. They quickly replace the good gut 'germs' lost with having to take that particular medication.

by donjo
I have seen various programmes over the years which have all said the same or similar about the use of Vitamins. The ONLY time anyone really should take them is when they have been tested and found to be deficient in anything.Then your GP or specialist should recommend the best product to use,as well as how to use it! I was tested for Vitamin D about 7 months ago,and living in the tropics had never even considered this may be an issue with me.It was actually my Specialist who suggested I be tested.When the results came back I got phone calls at home from both my GP and the Specialist to say that I was VERY defficient and I should start a course of Ostelin Vit D3. My levels were back to the normal range within one month. Apparently the deficiency was caused by a very necessary drug I take,which recently was proved to leech Vit D from the system! I have not ever taken other vitamins ,and would only do so under medical advice.As far as I am concerned they only do you any good at all if you are actually deficient.There is no point at all taking things which you do not require! I always think of that old saying...'If it ain't (sic) broke,don't fix it!'
yes I watched it and agree that vitamin supplements can be dangerous or just plain useless to take.
there are so many on the market promising all sorts of things one would have to be a millionaire to afford them all

I must say that as a child I was given Halibut oil capsules, they were very good , as an adult I tried to buy them not on the market and was told fish oil is the same thing which of cause it is not.

YES I saw this show, last night. Amazing. i've never taken them myself, but my sis-in-law is addicted to vitamins! She's so skinny, & even though she's 2 years younger than me, she's now looking a lot older than me. I like to think it's because of all those vitamins she's taking!
by Miro
LOL miro!
by Finy
What Jennifer said, especially about the expensive pee thing. I've also read that consuming too much glucosamine has been linked to prostate cancer...for the men, of course. I don't see the point, to be honest. Perhaps if a woman is pregnant, she could take vitamins to help reduce the chances of her unborn child developing neural tube defects such as spina bifida.
by Vee
No, I didn't see that unfortunately, i so take supplements.
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