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Could you survive a day without your cell phone?

by Smita (follow)
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By Ambro, www.freedigitalphotos.net

Nowadays with so many essential and social functions happening via a mobile phone, it has become an indispensable piece of technology. What if you had to go cell phone-less for a day? Could you manage without it?

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Top Answers
I could go cell phone less for a year!

I would do what I use to do, find a pay phone......Simple.
I made it fine without one, the world never came to an end.
Too easy.
I agree, we can live without them, I do have one, rarely have it with me, really I never use it. although in saying that handy to have if stuck way out in the never never without help in sight. only family have the number.
by flaga
I agree
by jonaja
I survive every day without a mobile phone.
I did exactly that one day last week, left my phone at home and spent the day without it. It was terrible, I didn't know what the time was and had to keep looking for clocks to check! Not being contactable for a day didn't bother me too much, but if I were to go without a phone full time, I'd have to start wearing a watch again!

And, Sarah, would that REALLY be such a problem? Lol!
by donjo
I don't own a cell phone and feel much better for it.
by Lucy
Maybe yes. Though it would make me utterly restless and irritable
Probably not. I like being able to text my family through the day since I've moved somewhere that is a 13 hour drive away from them. I also use my phone to do my emails, and take photos to share moments in my day with loved ones.
If mobile phones did not exist, and if all the computers disappeared, I would move back closer to my mum and sister.
I get stressed if I leave the cell home to the point of turning back and coming home to pick up the phone. No I can't function without the cell. It's my link to my entire family and their link to me!
If I leave my phone at home, I get rather anxious even though I don't get or make many phone calls on it.
I always think, what if someone is trying to contact me.
The other reason I could not go without it is I feel much safer in the car and out and about knowing I have my phone on hand should i need it urgently, or should I have a car breakdown.
And yet another reason is my burglar alarm is wired to the base and if an alarm goes off, they phone me on my mobile.
So -in short, while I would survive without it, I would not be happy.
by Finy
I don't own a cell phone and feel much better for it.
by Lucy
I don't own a cell phone and feel much better for it.
by Lucy
no problem, unless I was expecting an important call.
This week I left my phone on a bus and after the initial panic and trying to think of where it could be, had to realise that for years I'd managed fine without one, and how strange it is that a habit like that makes us so reliant on it now.
God, YES!! I could quite easily go a day or more without my bloody mobile!!! My kids can't and get cranky when they try to get hold of me and I've left mine at home or wherever. I lived quite easily before without it. It is a handy tool, but that's all it is to me. I don't send e-mails, google or anything even though I can. It just doesn't interest me. I have to have one for my work which is annoying as hell which I have to keep with me pretty well 24/7. Ugh!!!
Mandy E.
Yes - it's great not using your phone for a day. You simply must try it! Makes you really think about things and smells the roses (proverbially of course).
Yes, but then that would be the day I would need to call someone in an emergency ;p
I'm about as interested in my Mobile 'phone as watching grass grow!

I've been known to go for days' without even switching it on, to the point that I'd forgotten I even have one!

I bought it 19 years' ago, as an Emergency 'phone, primarily, in case of car break-down. This has happened many times'. Glad I've the mobility of it!

I can receive texts, but don't know how to send! Doesn't interest me in the slightest!

It does EXACTLY as I want it to, for the purpose of its' purchase.
That's all that matters to me!
Yes as long as there is no emergencies. My cell phone Is the one I rely on. I got rid of the land line a while back
Wouldn't bother me in the least.
With GREAT difficulty. If I forget it when I go out, I feel as though both hands have been amputated.
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