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Could you, or would you, wear shoes like this?

by Finy (follow)
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Could you, or would you, wear shoes like this?

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Top Answers
I would love to be able to wear these as they are great however there is no way in the world having had a crushed vertebrae that I could wear these.

Also they would be so bad for your feet and back that I probably wouldnt wear such a high heel anyway.

Perhaps if in my early 20's.
by Finy
I couldn't wear anything like this due to multiple spine and back problems. I would also hesitate as they look like hooker or pole dancer shoes and I've heard the comments people make to women wearing shoes like this. I'm not often swayed by other people's opinions but I don;t think i would feel safe wearing these.
When I went to UK in the mid to late 70's I bought a stunning pair of gold Platform shoes very similar in style to this.They were such a gloriously over-the-top fashion statement, especially back then, before the Australian fashions had quite caught up with overseas!!!
I can honestly say that I wore them to outings where I would be SITTING 99.99% of the time as they truly are extremely dangerous! Even so,I STILL MANAGED TO FALL AND BREAK AN ANKLE!! It has been proven since those times that wearing these EXTREMELY high heels can have a very detrimental effect on the Pelvic bones when the time for natural childbirth is nigh!! Even so,high(excuse the pun!)fashion almost always wins out over common sense and the prevention of health issues. I have now not worn heels of any type for more years than I can recall!!
I know some prostitutes that wear shoes just like that!
Exactly! ;)
by Vee
No not my style anyway when I could have worn them...
by Fran
I would not wear these out. Not in today's world where they would be considered very much stripper-esque.
by Vee
by jonaja
I could but I wouldn't - I don't like that style of shoe
by AJ
Even if I could I wouldnt. These shoes are often associated with prostitutes. Dont think I want to give people the impression that I am soliciting.
by Gia
LOL, isn't that funny, the different perceptions people have of shoes. I'm totally with you.
by Vee
Me too :)
by jonaja
That's a shoe? Looks like a plastic jar with a fancy lid!

Your feet carry your 'load'. If you don't look after them when young, you'll be in for painful feet in old age, to the point you may not be even able to walk!
That would be a terrible self-infliction!

I've always worn 'sensible' shoes, mostly 'pumps' to go with my work uniform, but as I got older, the lower the heel became!
Yes, I did wear high-heels to evening/night functions, but that was only for a few hours, a couple of times each month.

Now it's comfort that's my main priority, so 'walking' shoes usually, for day wear, & 'boots' under long pants/slacks at night.
Don't wear 'fashion' shoes very often these days, unless going to a 'function' where they'd be applicable.

Have a 'cull' of many shoes to do, & off to Lifeline they go! No sense hanging onto those I KNOW I'll never wear again!
I would never wear a shoe like this. your feet are important and hopefully when gets older you can still walk .. so looking after your feet when young will reap dividends when older.
Revolting and unsafe shoe. Would never have worn it even in my younger years. What a lot of younger fashionable ladies wear impacts on their health in later years bur they rarely listen believing it better to be trendy rather than listen to good advice.
helga, you know what I don't understand? Much older ladies who insist on wearing shoes with heels when they cannot. Don't get me wrong, if you can walk in them, then, by all means, go for it. But there are some elderly ladies at our church, some of whom have difficulty standing up straight or walking at a 'normal' space, and they will not let go of the shoes with the little heel. I feel like telling them to put themselves in a much comfortable shoe for it may make walking easier.

Never underestimate the wonders a good shoe will do, I say.
by Vee
You are right on that count too. I've also seen it at my local club with heels so high they really do look like mutton done up as lamb. Problem is, if you did tell them, they probably wouldn't believe they looked that way.
by helga
Helga & Vee, hello!
These shoes are not only impractical, they're also ugly, & unsafe!
Some of the shoes, & boots available now are just downright ugly, I cannot imagine who would want to wear them. Added to that, is the exorbitant cost of them!
I wonder what happens to footwear that isn't sold? Does it get recycled?
Just think of the $$$$$$ worth of them that Department Stores etc DON'T sell! Talk about waste!
by donjo
Two ankles and make 'em snappy!
by Rice
When I was young I was pretty adventurous with shoes (in the 60s) and probably would have given them a go then. However, nowadays I just look and weep!
No, I've never been into high heels, therefore I've never worn them. I'm more into foot comfort!
by Miro
Only if I wanted to break an ankle!
These might be useful as a terrarium if you could remove the sole to plant one. I have seen women walking in high heels/platform shoes who make it seem effortless. When I look at the mechanics required, the distortion of their body, especially knees and hips, make me ache.
As for old(er) women wearing heels, they probably grew up believing that is what proper "ladies" wore. With extensive use, the Achilles tendons shorten and it becomes uncomfortable, even impossible, to walk on flat feet. It would take time and effort to stretch the tendons.
Many other changes occur in the body with constant wearing of heels.
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