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Could you happily live alone - without a partner?

by Finy (follow)
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Could you happily live alone, or are you happiest in a relationship?

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Top Answers
After living in a bad relationship for many years, fearing living alone, I had no choice in the end and I love it.

There is only me to please -perhaps it is a selfish life, however, I am far more content than in a relationship with a nasty person who put me down daily.

So, I am very happy living alone (with my dogs). I go out when it suits me and say NO when it suits me.

I occasionally feel it would nice to have someone else there, but I quickly get over that feeling.
I hate mess however if it is MY mess it is not so bad!!
by Finy
Oh! Finy, it's NOT selfish at all, in ANY way! There're times when one has NO choice!
It's self-preservation, actually, & there's nothing wrong in that.
by donjo
I can and have lived alone and found life was more than adequate, satisfactory and enjoyable for all the reasons already mentioned - doing as one pleases when they please. However, I am in a wonderful relationship and marriage and would be devastated if something should happen to render that status quo. By no means does the relationship define my husband or myself or us as a couple.

We love sharing so many things together with which we have common goals and interests - things like travel, food, wine and sport and fitness. However, there are many things we don't share or have in common and still participate in those activities without one another. What we cherish is the companionship, that ability and knowledge or being familiar and having a bond. It may be a certain way that one looks at something or the intonation of a certain word. It's a bond I also share with my mum and dad (who has now sadly passed away). It's a bond I share with my brothers.

So in short answer, yes I could easily live alone but the intricacies, the nuances and the enjoyment of being able to share with someone else (be it a friend, partner, husband, wife, mother, father, siblings) would be a telling loss for me.
I am so happy living with just my 3 dogs,and I have been without a partner for a long time now,about 22 years,in fact!!! It's not that much different to my married life,when I consider it from the viewpoint that my ex was in the military and nearly always away on courses or postings where I could not go due to my ill health!!
The much better,and more positive aspect this brought to my life is that I was able to resume a consistent way of living, in which to bring up our son,when his dad wasn't around. It always seemed that WE had to change how we did things,which confuses a young child ever so much,when he did come home,as he believed that he could spoil the poor child and not bother with any discipline at all. It was SO frustrating and we both found living in a single parent home so much easier,knowing exactly where the boundaries were set! When my son left home,he moved interstate and now is close to my parents.We are in touch all the time,even possibly more than when he was still here, which I find really lovely actually.I adore my privacy and the fact that,being ill all of my life,I no longer feel a huge burden on those I love so much,as they do not have to witness what I go through on a daily basis. I can just get on with taking life a day at a time and enjoying making the most of,and enjoying, those things which I love to spend time at! My dogs are wonderful company and even a form of therapy,as they do make my smile each and every day.Their love is so total and unconditional,and they never cause arguments! Ha ha ha ha!!!
Yes,it may be a selfish way of life,but it is also stress-free and much healthier for me.I can eat what and when I like, Go to bed when I feel inclined to do so,and even soak in a luxurious bath totally guilt-free!!! I am VERY happily living alone!
Some of us don't have a choice in the matter. Yes, I'm currently happy - I suppose - but having never had the opportunity to know what it's like to be in a relationship, I don't know if I would be happier that way or not. The hags of fate can be very cruel sometimes...
Yes I do. I love men in small doses but they take up so much time and room!
LOL! nicely put
by Finy
Yes, high maintenance aren't they?!
by helya
Never a truer word spoken!! :-)
by Rice
I'm sure I'd get used to it eventually but I don't want to.
I am content without a partner. I guess, if the right person came along I could adapt, perhaps....But, really, I am very happy as things are. I have become so accustomed to doing things my way over the past decade. I love having time and space to contemplate life, love reading in bed.....
odd that we singles seem to feel the same....i wonder if it is because we had not so good relationships?
by Finy
Oh! Finy, never a truer word was spoken! Thank you!
by donjo
I wouldn't want to live without my husband. I'd miss him way too much.
by AJ
I could live alone just fine.

Really!.....but it won't happen any time soon with my son still at home.

Would I feel like I need a 'partner'?

No No No......

Very happily. I never want a partner, it would be my idea of hell.
Some people have NO choice......widows, widowers, & those divorced.

Biggest plus is the independence.
Do what you like, when, & have NO time constraints!
Not sure. I think it is nice to have a partner. We take things for granted and get irritated when we have disagreements etc and think we can survive without our partner. No doubt one can survive, but having someone who is by your side, who you can do things together with, go out with etc is a blessing.
I do live alone since my husband passed away 16 years ago. I have no problem with living with my wonderful memories of our life together.
Beautiful photo of Greta Garbo; how beautiful she was!

'I vant to be alone'!
I fully understand her!

by jonaja
I would prefer to be married and live with my husband. We do so much together and have shared so many fun times. However, if anything happened to him, I would get used to living alone due to circumstances. I do have a taste of this lifestyle when he goes on Scout camps for a few days, but I always look forward to having him back with me.
Many of you have taken this question the wrong way -I did not mean to ask if you are happy with your partner, I actually meant, would you survive OK without a partner......and not I dont want to be without my partner.
I wanted to know if people would be happy alone and not that they are happier as they are....i.e. could they find contentment alone?perhaps I worded it wrong.
by Finy
I have been in both situations having been married for twenty years and divorced for 7 years. Initially my son lived with me and we had some difficult moments as he was a typical young adult. Initially I felt very lonely not having someone to share my concerns with and I also find it very isolating paticularly when I am very unwell and noone is there for me to lean on. I now have a partner who has hs own residence and we have a harmonious relationship whereby he keeps me company on my days off (I do shiftwork) and goes back to his own residence when I am working. We have travelled together and do lots of mini holidays to the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Due to the nature of my divorce and how badly I was affected financially I am very reluctant to fully commit financially and permanently move in with my partner as I enjoy the freedom to determine what happens with my finances. I also have two little grandsons under 3 years of age and I love the freedom to be able to have them whenever I want without having to consider anyone elses movements.
Hello Jules!
From what you've said above, my 5c worth of advice is, do exactly as you are doing. The old story, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', would seem to apply. Your perception of current situation seems spot on for YOU! And that's who you must consider first, & last. Go with your 'gut' instinct.
by donjo
Yes and No. I like my own company with my pets, but having been separated for five weeks from my husband, I believe that I could not live without him in the long term.
I think so, but not by necessity?
I think I could if I had a pet such as a dog to keep me company.
Yes Farley -for those of us who love pets, it is great! I do not think I would survive without my pets.
by Finy
Hello,I am a true single, i have never being married. I had a relationship once when i was 22 yrs, but that was over after four years. I have never looked back. Oh YES, over the years i have had temptations and have always walked away, because to me, my BODY AND MY MONEY are Sacred. I love my creature comforts and life style very muchly. When you are married, that is okay, you made the decision , so you should stay with that decision. But if you are just in a relationship and YES, most women GIVE AND GIVE, and it is very obvious to me, That they get nothing in RETURN. In the end someone better than you comes along, and the MALE is OFF, AS A SHOT, NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. Do what you want Girls, but i tell you, the WOMAN LOSES BIG TIME in just a RELATIONSHIP. So Marriage or NOTHING.,
Cant say I agree with you here -I cannot see the difference between married and de facto -even the law recognises it after a short time now. A commitment is a commitment regardless of whether you have a piece of paper or not.
But once again this is not the question I was asking but whether you COULD BE HAPPY if you lived alone -not given a choice!
by Finy
YES BY CHOICE, you can live ALONE, and i Love it. I did understand the question...
Sorry its not about the paper but the legality and moral standing, and MARRIAGE makes you ACCOUNTABLE in the situation. Marriage is the best option in every case, when it is a loving relationship. Its easier to walk away in all other relationships. BAD relationships are not the normal, you know? A i like to say this is a discussion i thought, and this was my honest opinion. Thanking you...
I can honestly say I am not happy living alone since the death of my husband two years ago. I miss him so much life is very hard sometimes. However, you have to go on and I have been doing that to the best of my ability. I'm lucky I also have a loving family and good friends with whom I socialise, otherwise it would be very easy to become isolated. To me the only good side of living alone is that you can please yourself entirely on how to fill your day and you don't have to consider anyone else.
Yes I could live alone but as I'm not a hands-on "handy person" I think I'd need a couple of reliiable people to do those chores I can't manage, otherwise I'd enjoy it.
Yes Finy, am quite content living alone. "Alone" is not necessarily "lonely", as many who live alone can attest. It was & is my choice to live alone & light years away from being in a bad relationship. Many have lost partners through death too but to go on living one's life & pleasing yourself is not being selfish. It is just the way we go on; LIVING our life rather than just existing. Blow that! :))) Ice cream for breakfast anyone??
oh, Helya -ice cream for breakfast -I have never thought of that one!
I have to laugh as in an 18 year relationship my partner would never "allow" us to sit and eat in front of TV as we had to eat at the table.
Since I am alone, I just cannot eat at a table anymore and first thing I did was to eat my meal on my lap AND IN FRONT OF TV.....
by Finy
Good for you! A spirited dame methinks Finy :))
by helya
I don't know.
by Vee
15 years on my own and I would swap it tomorrow for LOVE, just like that without a second though. Life can be cruel, I think like all animals , that's you , you sexy and wild thing we all do better together in a loving , caring and equal relationship. We are not talking about horrible relationships just relationships and alone even the word sounds horrible. Stephenx
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