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Could you ever go out with someone just because they are rich?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Could you ever go out with someone because he or she is rich?

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Top Answers
I probably could -well, once anyway.

I could not go out with someone I did not like, and there is no way I could go out with the guy in my picture despite how rich he is!
by Finy
The richness I look for in a person is their character. If it happens that their bank balance matches then I would suppose it is just lucky. I was always told you should never judge a book by its cover.
Hahahahahahaha. I am thinking Donald Trump. Nooooooooooo.
by Rice
by Vee
oooh she has taken to using photos! good one.
by Finy
Yes, haha, I took a page out of jonaj's book.
by Vee
by jonaja
No way! I am not for sale!
No. Not only are you being horrible and dishonest to the person you're going out with, but it must be complete hell for you as well, if you have go around lovey dovey with someone you can't stand. To a certain extent, I think you could even compare it to prostitution.
Yes I have but of course it didn't work.....I need that depth of feeling for someone and all the money in the world doesn't change that....
by Fran
and now jonaj is hurt at Vee having a picture and has not used one -oh dear.....
by Finy
just wiping the tears away....sob....sob....sob
by jonaja
Oh no, lol, jonaj you should be flattered!
by Vee
I am lol
by jonaja
No, I wouldn't go out with someone just because they are rich
by AJ
NO!! Most cdefinitely not! Money is good for the necessities and and some treasures now and then,but I have no desuire to be rich or with someone who is! I went out with a really lovely man when I was in my mid 20;s and was so shocked to find out that he WAS extremely wealthy about a month after we had been dating!! When he then started to shower me with far too many gifts,I felt really unconfortable,as it almost seemed like he was trying to buy my affection,even though I knew this was not the case at all! We ended up going our own way in a very amicable fashion,thank heavens.It was all too overwhelming for me in the end,as having a career of my own which I enjoyed so much,I and also being very independent in EVERY way,hiss wealth just frightened me off. I have always been extremely proud of the fact that I hadn't gone out with him for his wealth and that when I did find out about it,it did not make me stay!!

No. never did care much about money, arguments about money split my mother and father apart. However in saying that, I've been responsible with what I earn and no longer have a mortgage. I go on a holiday every now and then and live comfortably in my modest lifestyle with my pets. I have a part-time job which sustains my lifestyle and am happy and content without having to rely on anyone.

Sure can, could, would ! I mean it would depend a little on where you were going - like you might have to put the brakes on if you were invited to accompany him to a Cliff Richard Concert - but if it were dinner, movies or both or travel or whatever, if he's paying why not ? Now, if it were the boy in the photograph and he were to be a little younger (or lost weight) that would be fine too - I thought he was very nice looking when he was younger.
Yes, Fran, your in luck! He now has lost a lot of weight, but he's still married with a baby daughter, but all his businesses seem to be going bankrupt. He's now before the courts with very bad memory loss!
by Miro
Miro I would only consider him a toy boy anyway. I didn't actually know he was married, let alone have a child as well. But there you go. Bless
by fran.
Yes, can't see a problem with that. Nice to be spoiled for a change, as long as his name wasn't Eddlestein - he's creepy.
YES, pfuit, he certainly is! I think he's had to much plastic surgery!?
by Miro
Miro I don't think he's had ENOUGH plastic surgery.
by fran.
No. That is dishonest and totally unfair to the other person.
No, money not the biggest issue with dating.
Yuk. how revolting plus the person would know the attraction to their money. How happy would you be to have to act daily of your false love for them.
No way.
by Rice
Wow, we are split on this question! I never say never anymore - would like to try rich, have tried poor and that sucks! I would give it a try too, can always says no later to whatever?
No, I would want to fall in love with a guy, (not Clive in the photo) before I found out he was a millionaire!
by Miro
I value other qualities above wealth in a man. It is as easy to love a good rich man as it is to love a good poor one though. But if someone was wealthy and morally bankrupt - No. I would not go out with someone simply because they're rich if I believed they were bad.
OMG no! I'll leave that to the Anna-Nicole Smith's of the world... ugh!
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