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Corn Flakes was one of the first cereals - do you still eat it?

by Finy (follow)
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Corn Flakes was the very first cereal I can remember.

Do you still eat it?

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Top Answers
No, I haven't eaten Corn Flakes for a long long time.

I do however eat Special K which is very similar but I think, has less sugar than Corn Flakes.

I remember when Corn Flakes was around when I was a kid and there was little or no choice and that is all we ate for breakfast.

I loved it but back in those days, there were no expiry dates, no "superfoods", just a simple, clean life with no different warnings about food every second day!
by Finy
It was our first "convenience" food, I remember . . . . these days they say you could do as much good eating the box. Oh dear.
by Rice
LOL Rice! things have changed for the worst -butter is healthy, butter is not, eggs are healthy, eggs are not etc etc
by Finy
I'll stick to butter and eggs and die happy. Bahahahahaha =^..^=
by Rice
I once found an earwig in my cornflakes . . . haven't really eaten them more than a couple of times since about 1962.
by Rice
I do not like Corn Flakes.

They make me want to throw up!

Sorry :(
I am the same about Vita Brits. *bleargh*
by Rice
strange isn't it!
by jonaja
I've never been a breakfast eater - I just can't stomach food first thing in the morning (as much I know how essential it is) and coming from an Italian/Austrian/Slovenian background a pot of coffee was the first thing on offer following by slabs of fresh bread or toast with homemade jam and ricotta, or rollmops, boiled eggs (never scrambled or fried). My folks pretty much prepared continental breakfasts - needless to say breakfast cereals didn't appear in our household. My mum would buy the odd packet but it would sit in the pantry for months and months on end.

My mum keeps a couple of boxes of Nutri Grain in the pantry these days - more so for the grand-kids however, they also tend to go with toast.
Oh! Annalisa......good to read you can't stomach food first thing in the morning! Neither can I. I'll throw up, if I do! About 11am is the first time I can look at food!

Strangely enough, I can eat it if staying at an Hotel, or on an aircraft! I had to go Interstate for work courses, staying at a top place, & really enjoyed brekky there every time. And being on a plane was a no-brainer for me! It usually meant I was flying home! So I suppose I was relaxed.
Was at Hayman Island many times, for work, & leisure, & the Breakfast there was just magnificent, & I really loved, & enjoyed it!
by donjo
No. Once in a while I get a small box to make honey joys with but I never just eat it. There's not much to it nutritionally. It's made of the part of the corn that would normally get fed to cattle.
it is from maize -where on earth do you get this info from?
by Finy
The term maize derives from the Spanish form (maíz) of the indigenous Taino term for the plant, and is the form most commonly heard in the United Kingdom.[1] In the United States, Canada and Australia, the usual term is corn, which originally referred to any grain (and still does in Britain), but which now refers exclusively to maize, having been shortened from the form "Indian corn".
by Rice
Yep, maize is corn, hence the name "corn flakes". This is something I read a long time ago, so sorry I don't have a link for it, but essentially, all the good stuff from the corn is gone long before it makes it to the box.
Not the link I was looking for but it might help: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2010/nov/23/food-book-extract-felicity-lawrence

"The nutritious germ with its essential fats is first removed because, as the Kellogg brothers discovered all that time ago, it goes rancid over time and gets in the way of long shelf life. Flavourings, vitamins to replace those lost in processing and sugar may be added at this stage. It then takes four hours and vast amounts of energy to drive the steam out of the cooked grits before they can be rolled by giant rollers into flakes."
I looked up the nutritional value of cornflakes and there was nothing but empty carbs and added vitamins because the heating destroys everything. . . so the only real goodness is the milk. Jennifer, I would have been better off eating the earwig! LOL
by Rice
who said it was supposed to be healthy anyway? With all the sugar in cereals they cannot be healthy but life would be dull if we ONLY ate healthy things at my age, anyway!
by Finy
Well the question was whether we eat them, and I don't because I'd rather eat something that's better for me and will keep me feeling full for longer. I'm not crazy about the taste either. I don't like cereals with added sugar. When I fancy something sweet I eat it, but generally not for breakfast, unless it's fruit.
I haven't had corn flakes for years. This question has put me in the mood for a bowl of cornflakes!
by AJ
One word. Earwig.
by Rice
No. Now there is so much more variety, why be stuck in the past? I love muesli. Even with muesli, there is so much choice with different flavours and blends. There are so many different types of cereals available now, so there is no need to still have something that was probably one of a couple of choices all those years ago. Times have changed.
Don't eat cereals, except the odd bowl of Rice Bubbles, with warm milk, & fresh fruit.
I love Cornflake Biscuits, though!

Winter is Uncle Toby's Oats, cooked overnight in small Crock-Pot, with fresh milk. Eaten with cream & brown sugar.

Haven't bought ANY sanitarium brand product since 1980!
wow, I have not heard of cooking rolled oats in a crock pot -it takes such a short time to cook -is it boiled down to no oats and smooth?
by Finy
Oh! No, Finy! It's still viscous, with the actual oats! As a small C/P only has 'Low' setting, it's perfect!
Skim 'crust' off top. Eat with whatever you prefer!
I put in 2heaped large Melamine spoon's worth, then fill to inch from top with fresh, full cream milk, lid on, switch on, & it cooks whilst you sleep! lol!
by donjo
I have never been a Corn Flakes fan,except for those delicious little party treats which we would have instead of chocolate crackles!!! Ooooh!!! Yum! the thought of those buttery,honey-drenched,crunchy little morsels has brought back many wonderful memories!!! In fact the 'Crunch Nut Corn Flakes' which Kelloggs have now been making for several years are almost identical in taste,and I sometimes will buy a box of those just to nibble on while watching a movie!! I don't have them in a bowl with milk for breakfast though!!!! I am not a real breakfast person,as I tend to have a cup of tea about an hour after I get up(I am up at 6 each morning!) and then will have something to eat at about 9,or a bit later.. I must say though,that I do absolutely ADORE the ad which you have featured here Finy!! So much so,that I 'pinned' it!!
Not a big brekky eater, but I do like to pig out...I mean snack lightly at 1 or 2 in the AM waiting for the sandman. I love a good bowl soggies and I punish the bratts by only buying boring Cornflakes, it does not work as a deterent though.

But for me, I then add a Weetbix first, then coconut, choc sprinkles, seeds etc what ever I find, and then fill with moo, and try not to spill it getting back to lounge and my movie, in the dark.
It is a ritual nearly, but the only way to eat such a bland product.
I was horrified to read that the Kellog brothers served them at the sanitarium with marshmallows! So much for healthy patients. Haha.
by Rice
Yep sure do.... we also enjoy rice bubbles as well.
The family love honey crackles (made with cornflakes and very easy to create).

I remember Cerix Puffed Wheat or Rice….I think that was the brand name. That was the only cereal i remember being in the house. Had lots of porridge which would not have been any good for we kids as we drowned it in cream and brown sugar.
I remember Cerix Puffed Wheat or Rice….I think that was the brand name. That was the only cereal i remember being in the house. Had lots of porridge which would not have been any good for we kids as we drowned it in cream and brown sugar.
I don't always eat breakfast but do enjoy my cornflakes with a little milk, natural yaghurt and strawberries from my garden. When not in season, I use tinned peaches instead.
You're lucky being able to grow strawberries -it is something that never works for me.
by Finy
Finy, I grow them in large pot , the biggest outside my lounge room window and the others in pots under the gazebo where they get morning sun. They taste lovely. Picked 5 today to have in the morning.
by helga
Helga, we eat 1/2 a banana each, on our cereals, as well as strawberries & blueberries, (if in season,) tin peaches or tin apricots, & bottled cherries, every day. I also have natural yogurt that I make up my self, & diced dried fruit & nuts!
by Miro
I am not a big fan of cereals so don't eat Cornflakes at all... sometimes like porridge in winter but get the aussie ones... at least Kellogs is american and a huge multinational and employs lots of people here and in england where on of the big factories is
I’m in my 60’s now, & our family always ate Wheat-bix, so I’m still eating those. My husband eats Corn flakes now, but he can’t remember what he ate as a kid.
I never had cornflakes regularly as a child, mostly porridge. My children do not care for it so we rarely buy it.
No. I eat only Wheat Biscuits. LOL!
by Vee
i like to at hotels for breakfast but never buy it as it has loads of sugar
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