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Can you work out approximately how many teaspoons of sugar you eat per day?

by Finy (follow)
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Can you work out roughly how many teaspoons of sugar you would eat in a day?

Or is this too difficult?

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Top Answers
Due to the fact that there seems to be sugar in most bought foods, I find this a really hard thing to do.

I heard on TV that we eat a certain amount of sugar on average per year (cannot remember what) however it was staggering and my initial response was NO WAY.

However on looking at packets of bought food, even the savoury things have sugar in them so it is not only the cakes, and sweets that you would have to count.

I would probably have about 20 at a very rough guess as I have cake or biscuits and sweets or ice cream on most days, plus chocolate -so actually probably more than 20!
by Finy
No, I cannot calculate this. I do not overeat anything and we do not have dessert that frequently either. So I am guessing it should not be that bad. I know I take a teaspoon in my tea . Rest of the day, I am mostly on home cooked meals from scratch and no packaged food. I guess the natural sugar from fruits in alright.
by BK
I really do not have a close idea,at all.I would say 3 cups of tea means 3 teaspoons of raw sugar without fail! Bt my diet changes so much from day to day. If I have pickles on a sandwich then THERE is more of the stuff!! I eat a lot of fresh fruit so that is fructose,which must be counted.But the worst would be on the days I eat some chocolate or some really nice biscuits which I stocked up on after Christmas during the sales. Fortunately I can go days with OUT eating any of these,but I am sure I make up for it with other items! It is the hidden sugar which is in so many so-called Savoury foods which can bring the total up.Curries and other asian foods contain sugar in quite large amounts ,and of course take away like burgers have high sugar content too. I do not eat take away except occasionally I share pizza with my neighbour. and generally I do watch what I eat .I believe if I balance my diet and get what exercise I am able to manage with my illness,then I shall remain as well as possible in the areas where I do have control .On the whole though,Australians definitely DO eat far too much sugar in its various forms.
P.S. I am aware of the dangers, have been a long time now.
by jonaja
I tend not to buy food with added sugar, I don't use sugar as a sweetener, I don't have sugar in coffee or tea. Unless I eat something sweet, or have wine, I don't get that much sugar. I'd be surprised it there was 5 tablespoons a day.
I can work out how much sugar I have in a day. I read labels and understand how much sugar is contained in various food items.
by AJ
so have much would you have in an average day?
by Finy
Excluding natural sugars in fruit and milk on an average day I have approximately 4 - 7 teaspoons of added sugar
by AJ
I suppose if I did some research, read some labels and threw some time at it I could. But I'd have to care first and I reallyt don't.
No idea but not many, I have a savoury tooth rather than a sweet tooth, however I know many foods you wouldn't think of contain sugar
by fran
No, I have no idea. Why would I want to do that? I have a pretty good idea how much is too much.
I had a gigantic slice of pav today, so I probably had too much sugar but not sure just how many teaspoons too much.
by Vee
No i can't do that
It's easy for me to work out how many teaspoons of sugar.....WAY TOO MANY!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar. I have 2 crowns as testament to that fact.
The question I find harder is....how many teaspoons of sugar can I cut OUT of my day!
I have never tried to work it out.
by Gia

If one has to do that, give it up, & you don't have to bother!

What a stupid, stupid idea!

I'd have thought people would have better things to do in their lives, with their precious time!
Well put it this way.....if people don't look at their sugar intake, and this is a fact their lives will end faster, than they want.
Sugar is a killer.

The human body can only take so much of the stuff in any one lifetime, sadly the signs do not show up until the damage has been done.

We were never suppose to have so much of the 'The White Death', as we do..
by jonaja
I don't know how to count how much sugar I have in a day. I don't add sugar to food or drinks on an average day and cook most food from scratch. I do eat some fruit and milk which has sugar.
If I buy a loaf of bread there is sugar in that and a friend just gave me some of his home made jelly and chutney and I know they are full of sugar, but not something I would normally have. I haven't tried them yet.
Sometimes I crave something sweet and might add a couple of teaspoons of honey to yoghurt - so I guess that is sugar too.
No, I wouldn't waste my time doing that! We only have dessert on special occasions, eg someones birthday, or jam/honey on our toast for breakfast, & I guess it's in my wheet-bix, & the biscuit I have for my afternoon tea. Oh yes, & the 1 square of dark chocolate we have most evenings after dinner.
by Miro
probably 1 teaspoon every few days or so.
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