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Can you watch the nurse as the needle goes in to take a sample of your blood?

by Finy (follow)
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Can you watch the nurse put the needle in your arm to take a blood sample from you?

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Top Answers
That is a BIG no and last week I asked the nurse if many people do watch and she said no, the majority do not.

I could not stand to even look at the needle going in.

She also said it is usually young men who faint.
by Finy
LOL! Go figure.
by Vee
I don't have any worries at all with this! In fact I am fascinated to see how it works now that my veins are so bad we have to use tiny neo-natal ones and it can take a few goes to actually draw any of the precious red stuff out every four weeks!!!
by BK
No never, I hate it
by fran
No never, I hate it
by fran
No. If I do I get close to passing out.
Not the nurse or doc!
by Vee
No problem at all. I am a regular blood donor so it doesn't bother me. I've got so blase about it over time I can even watch the blood pouch on its little rocker without feeling sick. (It wasn't always that way.)
I've had an awful lot of blood tests done in my life and have never been squeamish about it. I prefer to watch to make sure the phlebotomist picks a good vein and then slides the needle in at the right angle - it makes a big difference it terms of the bruising and pain I get afterwards, so it's worth my while to be vigilant!
I never watch. I don't mind needles - I just don't want to watch
by AJ
Ghhhaaaahhh! Even thinking about it makes me feel nauseous.
No way!!

I have a phobia of needles and feel faint when I feel them go in, let alone watch it.
No, am too weak at those things
yepp any day

Yes. I love watching the blood fill the tube.
Yep, no probs. I usually watch it go into the tube. I've had blood tests my whole life so it doesn't worry me. It;s fascinating. I don't understand why people can't stand it. It's a part of your body. I even love watching medical shows that have operations in them! The bloodier the better!!
does not bother me,
Definitely not! And can't watch getting vaccinations, either. Is there such a thing as 'needle phobia', if so, I've got it & have had it all my life! I can remember, as an 8yo at school, begging not to get the Salk Polio injection, as I was both scared of & hated needles!
It all depends on how relaxed I feel. Uptight - now way do I watch. Totally chillled, yup I watch.
Used to turn the other way at the beginning, but after a few trips to the blood donor centre , i decided to watch it was scary at first but exciting at the same time as i kew i was doing it for a good cause.
I don't have a problem watching a needle go into my arm. Some people are much better than others when drawing blood
I, also a blood donor, donated my 98 pint of blood of blood late last week, & I still turn my head when the needle goes in, but I’ve never fainted, & I don’t mind watching the blood pouch in it’s rocker!
Yes I have no problem with watching her take the sample.
I think I had so many injections of one kind or another when I had a triple heart bypass they became just another thing to be the "norm".
being diabetic for 25 years means many many blood tests
at first I woudn't watch blood being taken but after a few years I started watching
i'm happy to say that over the years the procedure is now painless
I have to look away for any needle to go in, and I hate my blood being taken it seems to take ages, but I am definately needle phobic, I used to cry and carry on as a child, now I just look away.
No! I don't even like looking at the photo of the needle you have at the top!
No way, I hate needles as it is, I always look away, or there is no way I would let them near me with that thing, when I go to the dentist, he usually puts some sort of goo, to numb the area, before he puts in the needle, I'm so petrified of needles in the mouth!
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