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Can you stomach any kind of liver or gizzards?

by Finy (follow)
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Can you eat any kind of liver, and how do you like it cooked?

Can you eat chicken gizzards?

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Top Answers
Before I became vegetarian, I used to love pate made with fresh chicken livers.

It is also very healthy I believe however, now that I rarely eat meat, I no longer make this delicacy.

I do not like any other sort of liver and I used to make it with onions, bit of wine, fried and then minced -yummo!

I put giblets in soup when making chicken soup -once again, not any more, and they are lovely but do not eat heart.
by Finy
Oh Yes!!!! Pate is to die for!! Love it! My dad used to make THE most delicious Chopped Liver when I was growing up.It is incomparable to anything you can buy anywhere!!! And it is so very good for you,especially if you are amaemic.
No, I’ve never bought any of those meats to cook. Just the thought of them, turns me right off them. I do like chicken pate though, but only eat it, ‘once in a blue moon’ I’ve never eaten tripe eighter, although i know my father-in-law loves it.
No. Images like this one bring to mind terrible memories of being forced to eat chicken liver as a child.
by Vee
I really like chicken liver pate homemade by my father but that's it
by AJ
I've never tried gizzard, but I have no qualms about trying it. I can't stand the taste of liver though.
If it's well prepared / cooked I love it! I've noticed that people who were made to eat it as kids tend not to like it, but I never had offal as a kid (except for paté) and I don't mind it now.
Chicken liver made with onions and turned into pate is somehow not as strong as ordinary liver which I also do not like just cooked. I also put hard boiled eggs in mine, and salt and pepper -miss it now that i think about it -on a piece of toast!
by Finy
Yeah chicken liver is quite mild isn't it.
by meggf
I have had liver and bacon and pate with liver in it....love that! (not recently though)
by fran
Not any more! My mum is a big fan of offal and as children we used to eat it all the time - liver, heart, tongue, chittlings (pig intestines), brawn (like pate but made from pig cheek), brains, tripe (cow stomach lining)....... though oddly enough chicken liver wasn't considered to be human food but was given to our cat! Poultry gizzards were also boiled up for feline consumption.

As an adult I wouldn't touch any of those except tripe which I still rather like and I do love love love black pudding (blood sausage).
I quite like lambs liver, but its on a very rare occasion that I will eat it.
Back when I was a meat eater I hated organ meats unless they were ground up and unrecognisable (eg. in sausages or haggis). The texture, even just the idea of it grosses me out.
I totally agree with you Jennifer.
by jonaja
I'll give it all a big fat miss!

Thank you very much :(
Love liver and gizzards in my chicken curry:-) brings back memories of my childhood when my grandmother made a chicken curry to die for with all the bits and pieces!
Seasoned and deep fried liver...that too is delicious!
and how can I not mention pate!
I'm a vegetarian - so no definitely haven't!
I would NOT eat Pate de Fois Gras, because of the humungous cruelty involved.
Giblet soup, I just love.
And devilled kidneys with little sippets
by fran.
My mother loved liver and onions and made it often; all of us enjoyed it. When all us kids left home, she would order it at a restaurant if it was available.
My father and I were the ones who wanted the gizzard and other bits from poultry.
I have been vegetarian for almost 40 years, so that was a long time ago.
When I make spaghetti bolognaise I love to chop up finely about 100 grams of chicken livers and fry them with the mince. This gives the sauce a lovely rich flavour.
Marinated Chook livers' BBQ'd are great!

Love Lamb's Fry & Bacon, with mashed spud & gravy. Soak meat in milk for 24 hours' b4 makes it soooo tender!

Enjoy Pate on Toast with a hot cuppa!

P.S. Love Kidneys on Toast. I like to casserole them, with veggies, then chop-up onto the Toast. Give Heart to cat, & liver, as well. Eat Haggis when on a Restaurant Menu. Have Sheep's Brains poached in Lemon Juice, or Crumb-fried. Can't hack Tongue, Ears or Feet of anything. Love Oxtail Consommé!
by donjo
Yes I love Liver (lambs fry) and Ox liver.
I take the membrane off and love to fry it with bacon, it is lovely.
by Rice
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