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Can you sleep when there is noise either inside or outside your home?

by Finy (follow)
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Can you sleep easily when there is noise either inside or outside the house?

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Top Answers
If there are chain saws or those horrible blower vac things outside I cant sleep. We live in a very quiet area and the neighbours are generally very good and considerate. Inside noise I can mostly sleep through if I am tired enough. We are considerate of each other and don't run in the hallway or walk noisily. We don't yell from one end of the house to the other, we whisper, if we must talk near the bedrooms. Our idea of sleeping etiquette. We all have different sleep needs and we taught our children this from a young age.
I am luckily quite a good sleeper particularly when first going to bed -I fall asleep with the television on most nights and there is quite a lot of traffic noise outside however it does not bother me.

Inside the house is different if it is after about 2 am when I don't sleep so well.
by Finy
It depends how much there is and how tired I am. The kids wake me me up most mornings, and occasionally possums do in the night. I mostly sleep through trains on the tracks nearby and the neighbour's rooster crowing.
I would have to be VERY tired!
To sleep with any noise.

My son can sleep with the t.v. on.
I like peace and quiet, full stop.
I usually can't sleep with too much noise, but I wish I could. I might be able to fall asleep, but I won't stay asleep long with much noise.
I can sleep through almost anything!
If the noise is loud, or 'irregular', no, would have to wear ear plugs.
I never used to be able to sleep at all if there was noise of any type,either inside or outside the house.It was ridiculous actually!! Since I became too sick to even still go to work,I find that noise does not cause me the grief it used to,and I can sleep far more easily when there is any sort of noise in the background!!
Short and sweet.....with the earplugs yep...without - not a chance!
Earplugs make no difference to me, noise wise. I can still hear the cars outside, & my husband snoring while staying with our daughter in Melbourne. At home I had to make up another bedroom for my husband, because of his snoring.
by Miro
I have sleep apnea so find it difficult at the best of times. But no, all noise keeps me awake.
You could stampede a herd of elephants through the house and I wouldn't know about it. Once I'm asleep, I am ASLEEP! I'm very lucky and thankful for that.
No we have a solo mum with 3 children just purchased next door, sadly her pre-school daughter is a squealer and screams when playing outside, sadly our bedrooms are close to them and it is unbearable when we want to sleep or quietly sit and read.
May I suggest you invest in good quality 'Noise Cancelling Headsets', just switch them on, no outside noise, & you don't have to play music if you don't want to.

Also 'yellow squish up' ear plugs from Pharmacy excellent. They're what is used by ADF on 'Shooting Range'.
by donjo
Definitely not, I live in the city and thank god I have a room that is away from the street and my neighbour (who is slightly hard of hearing and has insomnia so he can be blasting his tv at 2am). The only way I get any sleep is because of my second room. Much quieter.
If you live in the Land of Oz, Bubz Life, you'll know that noise pollution starts after 11PM so you can report him to your local council!
by Miro
I cannot sleep if there is noise. If it is really annoying I will put a talking book on to see if I can focus on that a drift off. I have even had to resort to putting the fan on for some "white noise". I used to think that this was a really stupid idea but it does seem to work.
by Rice
As long as I'm tired, I'll sleep, no matter the location of noise.
I eventually fall asleep, but it really irritates me.
by Vee
Unfortunately I can't sleep if there is noise! A drip outside or tv noise keeps me up. My boyfriend's snoring can drive me mad if I don't fall asleep before him.
4 of 9 Sunday basic/yes/no/sort-of answered question day.
Yes, I have trained myself to
There is no inside noise at home Outside noise, at home, it would be the dog 2 doors down, barking when it's owners have gone to work! In Melbourne, it's the traffic, as we're sleeping in the front room of the house, with 6 lanes of traffic outside, & my husbands snoring.
by Miro
No I can't sleep if there's any noise, like the traffic outside our bedroom while visiting our daughter in Melbourne! Or when I'm sleeping in the same bed as my snoring husband. There is barely any noise around our home, (e.g. car noise) as I sleep in my own bedroom, so It's easy to sleep at home!
by Miro
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