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Can you resist potato crisps or hot chips?

by Finy (follow)
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Can you resist either potato crisps or hot chips, and which flavour in a crisp is your favourite?

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Top Answers
I can't resist either, so I do not buy potato crisps.

Until today I bought a packet -did not last long.

I also just love any kind of hot potato chip or the fat chips.

I cannot resist them and hate it when they pile them on your plate as I have to eat them all.
by Finy
I fight against the urge.....sometimes I buy them....love them!
by Fran
Hot chips and gravy!!!

that's all I have to say...
Damn straight!
by Vee
I love love love crisps. Yum :)
When I lived in Singapore it was impossible to get proper British crisps (if you think about it, they are really hard to import - take up a lot of space, very fragile and hard to handle without crushing them into dust) and they were the one thing that all the ex-pats I knew longed for.....
My favourite flavour changes but Prawn Cocktail and Smoky Bacon are top contenders though the classic Salt and Vinegar often wins. It would depend on what else I was eating with them or if I'm just enjoying a packet by themselves.
Gosh my tummy is rumbling now just thinking about it!
VerityG -I don't buy them as I just eat a whole packet if I do. I tell a lie, bought some today as I thought they were healthy in an organic shop!
What country do you now live in?
by Finy
England! Have been in Germany and before that Belgium in the last six years, but have finally moved back home this month :)
We could get British crisps at vast expense in Europe so hoarded them and ate them carefully, I have stocked up my cupboards now we're back but am still eating them slowly!
Well Verity -u r better than me -that is one thing I cannot have in the house as would eat packets!
by Finy
I used to love crisps, especially Pringles, but now, I really don't like the texture of crisps anymore, and don't eat them.
My favourite flavour used to be prawn cocktail.
Yep sure can.
Only reason...... is they are high in calories, and that's a no-no for me.
I just have over the years made it a 2-3 times a year little treat, if I want.

I love chips and I can't resist them if they are in the house so I rarely buy them. I love Doritoes Cool Ranch, ketchup chips, or salt and vinegar. Ruffles has also put out a really good new flavour called Jalapenos Popper.
I can resist but I do love them. I try not buying it so I don't have to fight temptation.
by Gia
I buy a packet of chips every single time I grocery shop (which is once a week). I was buying 2 or 3 (you know...just in case someone comes over!) but was eating them all myself. I love corn chips... the extra cheesy ones are my faves. But since being diagnosed with coeliac disease I have to be a little more careful with what I eat so I buy either plain chips or specific gluten free corn chips. I like to eat the corn ships with a greek yoghurt dip.
I don't eat either all that regularly - I also don't get cravings for either.
by AJ
I can resist both. My husband, not so much. He's like a child when we pass Red Lea Chickens.
by Vee
I can resist them if I'm not lacking salt. Different story if I am! My fave is salt and vinegar.
Aaaaah! Hot Chips!!! Yummmm!!! Too tempting for words to describe!! I could eat some right now,and it is almost Midnight!!!! Mmmmmm.......!!!!!

Crisps? Nah! I have to really be in the mood for those!
I try not to eat Potato Chips because of the fat content. I was looking at the back of the packet to see how bad they really were and I noticed that "Smiths Crinkle & Thinly Cut only had 3.5g Saturated fat per 100g but Thins & Samboy had 13.5g of Saturated fat per 100g. That's a big difference when your health conscious. If your gonna indulge, stick with Smiths.

No, and you've just reminded me I have a packet of plain crisps in the pantry. 'Byee.
u lucky thing!
by Finy
I do not eat potato crisps, although I will eat hot chips with a little salt.
Chips, yes, but occasionally, like them 'cooked' under griller. Must be vigilant, as they only need a few SECONDS'.

Chips, get a want now & then, usually on a rainy day! But they've gotta be from a F&C shop! Proper chips! With plenty of normal salt!
Love hot chips with plain salt but usually don't finish them as I find even a small serving too much. Only eat thinly sliced plain crisps as I like the salt and when I have leg cramps it's a good excuse to eat them. But don't put the platter near me at a party because I tend to make sure I eat almost all of them.
I just love hot chops, but hardly ever eat them, but I’ve been buying the Aldi’s, Sprinters, 250 gms for $2.00.which work out at the cheapest price I think, of all the packet chips. I think they only sell 4 flavours, so I had to buy a packet of each flavour to see which ones I liked the best. I think it’s got be the chicken 1, although I’ve now forgotten what the Thai Sweet Chilli 1 tasted like, so I’ll have to try that 1 again. I only have a small palmful at night mostly, while watching the Tour de France, because it goes on until 1.30am! Very naughty me! So fattening. I’ll just have to start walking 6k’s most days, instead of my usual 3ks.
P.S.: I never did walk those 6k's! Sorry, I was far to L-A-Z-Y, & & I still am!
by Miro
Yes I can resist potato chips, I find a lot of them too salty.
Big fat no. I cannot resist them.
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