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Can you read while a passenger in a moving car, bus or train?

by Finy (follow)
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Can you read while you are in a moving car, train or bus?

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Top Answers
I used to get car sick when I was younger but this was possibly due to the fact that I tried to read or do something in the car.

I cannot read in a moving vehicle as it sort of gives me a headache -not a bad headache just a sickly feeling so i no longer even attempt to read in a vehicle. Hard to explain the feeling.
by Finy
I have always been able to read while in a moving vehicle. Jolly good thing,when I consider that I had to travel an hour and a quarter EACH WAY by train when I lived in Victoria. This didn't count the buses at either end!! I also could do my tapestry,embroidery and even draw other patients. Travelling was never wasted time in my opinion as I somehow managed to always do something I enjoyed.
Yes, no problem, thank goodness! Because I get the bus every day to & from work, I would go mad if I couldn't lose myself in a book. I love reading - I even read while on the treadmill at the gym.
Absolutely...no problems at all.
In fact, I can often go to sleep too :)

Only time I find it impossible is loud children, or adults talking.
I can't read the the car or bus because it makes me feel sick. But I can read on the train
by AJ
I can read on the train or bus. I haven't ever tried reading in a car except for a bit of tourist information.
Not in a car - I get car sick. But, I can read on the train and bus.
by Vee
Not at all. I get headaches and feel nauseated.
Welcome back!!! you have been missed :)
by jonaja
Haven't been on enough long trips by car and those I have been, I've been talking with the driver/other passengers.

I can read on trains, when I used them daily for my various activities, I would read a book a week on average.
Buses I can read on as well, but the closer proximity of passengers and bumpier roads means it's bit more of a challenge.
Oh yes. It's a great way to relieve the boredom on long journeys.
by Gia
Yes, in a train or bus. But usually I am the one driving a car. If I happen to be a passenger, I do not read, I prefer to look out of the window.
Not in car. Get motion sick.
Can do so in bus, train, & aeroplane!
no, a bus is the worst one even If I do not read,
I travel to and from work by bus each day (30 minute commute either way). There's only so many times you can stare out of the window so...I read books, write in my diary, work out my fortnightly budget and text my husband. Makes the journey seem shorter!
No, I tend to just flick through what I am reading (I usually select something like a magazine with brief articles and lots of images) so that it isn't important if I miss where I was reading.

I can read anywhere, car, bus or train
no I cannot read in a moving vehicle i get sick makes it hard if i am looking at the street directory for the driver. bus travel is a no no do not have to read on them to feel sick.
I haven't been able to read in any bus/car/train for a couple of years now, due to my cataracts. I've had 1 eye repaired, & I'm waiting for the other 1 to be done, but I don't like carrying a book in my bag, because of the weight, but I do carry my camera, & I'm always looking out the windows for things to photograph! So, before my eye trouble, I was ok reading on the bus & train, if I had too, but had a bit of trouble reading in the car. Someone once told me, it was rude to read in the car, & I should be talking or looking at the scenery! If I'm talking to the driver, I feel I'm distracting them.
by Miro
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