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Can you multiply/add in your head or do you have to use a computer?

by Finy (follow)
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Can you add and multiply in your head, or do you need to use a calculator or computer each time?

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Top Answers
I can do a lot of things in my head, however some things I will still do on a piece of paper -if they are more complicated.

Very occasionally I will do it on my phone or computer if I happen to have one of them in my hand.

I was taught without computers, and can therefore do a lot in my head still!
by Finy
Exactly Finy!
by jonaja
Depends on the size of the numbers and how long I have to figure it out. Most of the time I need a calculator, or would at least need to write it down.
If the calculations are too complicated then I use calculator.

Some times I rather to add in my head, especially if I'm dealing with only single or double digit numbers.
Yes I can, but that was the way my generation was taught. I still add up my shopping as I am going down the aisles in the supermarket. I'm with Jonaj regarding check-out operators who just don't have a clue how to deal with you giving extra cash to make the change easier and not being able to work it out. It makes me wonder what they are teaching kids now - certainly not the 3 Rs.
I'm pretty good, being a baby boomer.
We never had the calculator or computer!...lol

It makes me see red when young girls at the checkout can't add up.
What on earth are they teaching them, that the most basic of teachings, is unable to be done?
My 22 yr old says it is all different now, I said well let me teach you how we did it.
He would not have a bar of it!
His loss. :(
Calculators and computers are CHEATING to me!!! I was taught to do maths in my head and the checkout staff at supermarkets cannot figure why I have the correct money for them!!! I love to see the look on their faces!!
I am old fashioned and do it on paper
by Fran
I can do a lot in my head but it depends on the maths - usually I will just use the calculator on my phone
by AJ
I can do simple multiplication and division in my head and complicated multiplication on paper, but for more difficult division, I need a calculator.
by Vee
I often use the calculator on my computer just so I don't have to waste paper writing it down. I've never been a maths person - doing it in my head is a little tricky - but we were never allowed to use calculators in maths at school (except for all that fancy sin and cosin stuff that I never understood!) so I can do most stuff on paper.
I can do basic stuff, but now that I have a calculator with me all the time (a phone app) I find I'm out of practice. Math I used to find easy, I now how to turn to the app.
I think I am really good at calculations even with decimals. I have a formula that I have developed which works for me.
by Gia
There was a lot to be said for rote learning and chanting of tables. What happens when a machine breaks down? I'm not looking forward to my brain doing likewise.
I do basic adding and multiplications in my head. Like to know what change to expect back as well! Be aware of discounts etc. dont want to be cheated or cheat.It is appalling when cashiers etc don't know how to work it out! Computers and Apps have made us all lazy and treat us like dills… therefore I like to keep the mind active and add and subtract in my head!
I can do it in my head.
Yes I can.
When I was younger my job required me to make quick calculations across twin incomes and debt to identify borrowing capacity and then develop house and land package budgets. You then needed to advise what the weekly repayment would be based on the interest rate of the day.
I could complete this calculation in my head inside of a 10 minute interview.
I was very successful at this and I made a lot of money from it.
One day my manager called me into his office and said I know that you can do this as the results speak for themselves but we have had complaints from people who don't believe you can do it and we want you to use a calculator to make them feel better.
As I have grown older this skill is slowing down or it may be because I don’t require it now and have let it go but I can still do the less complex calculations.

Oh! kstew, so basically, your employer asked you to lower YOUR standards! Geesh!

I was asked by two separate employers', to reduce my 'efficiency'!
I refused to do so, & continued to work to my high level, all my career! Couldn't do anything less...........
by donjo
Sorry, kstew, I stuck my reply to you, at the bottom of the answers to this question, instead of under your replies.
by Miro
Am of an age that was TAUGHT this at School, & can still do it!
WOW, that's amazing, kstew! Good 4u doing it your way only! Could you have done it in your head 1stly, then re-done it on the calculator, to show 'them' it was still the same answer? Poo to your bosses!
by Miro
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