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Blacktown City Council - should it be renamed?

by Vee (follow)
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yes or no
Image by Michael Trolove, sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

In September 2016, residents of Blacktown City Council will vote on this contentious issue. While some believe it is a good idea to change the name of the council for the sake of investment and growth, others believe the change has a "racist undertone".

What do you think? Should Blacktown City Council be renamed? Why or why not?

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Top Answers

YES......I DO believe it should be 'changed'.

Tell you why....In Blacktown as I go there all the time, it has now a growing 'Black population'. People who have come from mainly as refugees from Sudan.

Also Blacktown needs a change from it very old 'roots'....I'm now going back 30-40 years, and that 'mud' has stuck.I remember too well.

It is a new time, and new name is a good thing, as the memories I remember of how people reacted all those years ago.
I do not live there, but have close ties with it.

It needs to have a new start, it is now not the place it use to be.
Change is coming....let's move forward.

I would like to see if the people can have the vote on the 'new-name'.

Blacktown Council is one of the biggest, so they have more than likely thought long and hard on this issue.
Sure! not everyone will be happy, that's a given....but let's hope this town can move now into the future.

A lot of money has been put into it, and it has a brilliant shopping centre and people are very nice.The council really want the best, you can see from what it is they have been doing all around the place.
I'm all for it.
Wow. I just thought of it as a name the same as any other. I honestly never realised any of that. Thank you for your insight :-)
by Rice
Another case of PC gone mad. As Bryony said, what's wrong with it? Is Queenstown going to have to change their name so gay men don't get offended? How about White City? There's one in both Canada & the USA. Just ridiculous.
Totally with you, poppy. ;-)
by Vee
I don't see anything wrong with the name, so no. Why do people want to change it? There is nothing bad about the word black.
Well it's like this....you have to know the town....the people...the history...and how by changing a name, can help it in so many ways...as I said in my answer.
by jonaja
I was the same as you, Bryony, and was quite amazed at the info from jonaj.
by Rice
Thanks Jonaj
Yet another example of PC'ism gone mad!

Change for the sake of change, because, nowadays' it might offend 'black skinned' people from wherever!
Same as our Christian values, held dear for a few centuries', might offend islamics.
What a load of codswallop!
Leave alone.

Bowing to minority groups shows spinelessness.
HISTORY should be allowed to 'live', not get 'squashed' for insubstantial reasons'.

As for those coming to this Country, of their own FREE WILL, you chose to do so, & acceptance of ALL values' here, is PART of that choice!

I totally agree with you.
by Vee
Not even living in Sydney, I do not know!
Whny should it.....it has been called that forever.
by Finy
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