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At what age did you learn to drive a car?

by Finy (follow)
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At what age did you learn to drive a car, and did you pass the first time you went to get your license?

Or do you not drive?

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Top Answers
I learnt to drive at 17 which was the age you were allowed to get your license.

In those days there were far fewer cars on the road, and I got my license the first time I went for it.

Nowadays the teenagers mostly seem to have to do the test twice, or rather all the ones I know have had to, and some even 3 times.

I have been driving for a long time!
by Finy
I must be one in a million! I never learned to drive at all!! I grew up where the public transport was so brilliant that I did not need to drive. But the main thing really,was that I had no confidence to drive at all!!! I am even worse now and far prefer to know I am a truly good passenger.I NEVER 'backseat' drive as I do not know what the drier is concentrating on!
Oh! Jules......learning to drive isn't a burden; it's very handy to know how to! I'd be lost if I couldn't drive!
Just after I got my Licence, was on an Army Course where had to get from one 'ridge' (accommodation) to another 'ridge' (Mess Hall & Lecture Rooms) due to the layout of this particular Barracks. I would've been in a right terrible situation IF I didn't have a car, & could drive!
Also where I lived, there was NO public transport, so you were/are lucky! Cheers!
by donjo
I do fully understand what you are saying. The big plus to driving,whhich I have been told about since
by Jules
I do fully understand what you are saying. The big plus to driving,whhich I have been told about since
by Jules
I do fully understand what you are saying. The big plus to driving,whhich I have been told about since
by Jules
Sorry,I don't know what happened then as I was typing my response,so I shall try to complete it now....... The sense of FREEDOM which comes with being able to drive,is the one thing which all the drivers I know always comment on!
I really do feel that it is just a confidence issue on my behalf which has kept me as a passenger.I feel fairy silly sometimes,but then again,I would be a danger to others on the road while I have this problem,so I shall just keep on being a jolly good passenger!!!
by Jules
Oh! Jules.......good on you for knowing at what point that you can go no further. Yes, it does take confidence, but also 'multi-tasking', so to speak. As my late marvellous maternal Grandfather used to say, 'it's all the other silly buggers on the road you've got to watch out for'!

And yes, the independence one has being able to drive oneself hither, thither & yon, is absolutely marvellous! Cheers!
by donjo
18 and paid for it myself! No-one bought lessons for me, it all came from my meager wage packet.
Parents refused to lend me their cars - too big, too powerful, too required for their working lives to take any chance of a Learner hitting something or breaking something. My parents had little or no faith at all - certainly no trust or generosity.
I married at 22, never wanted to drive, but my aunt said, ďIf I can drive, anyone can drive!. Iíll pay for your lessonsĒ So I joined a driving school. Instructions turned up in the wrong sort of car, 1 instructor had a car with the gear stick o the floor, 1 much older male instructor kept putting his hand on mt knee. I reported him, & was given another instructor. I ended up with having used 3 different driving schools, 5 instructors, & had a total of 30 lessons! I go my license the 1st time, The lessons were only $.4.50 each back then, & my license was $100. I think Iíd only had my license about a week, when I drove into my parents garage doors, putting my foot on the excelsior instead of the brake! My parents didnít mind, & there was no damage done to the car! My husband said no more driving his car, because if I damaged the car the next time, he wouldnít be able to get to work. So that was the end of my driving! I kept up the payment for my license for many years, until I forgot 1 year to pay it on time, & it ran out! So I still donít have any I.D, except my passport! And as Iíve now changed my 2 maiden names around, itís harder for me to get an ID card. Iím in my late 60ís now!
I started driving at around 20 and I got my licence the first time I went for it.
by AJ
16 yes
by fake
I learnt at 19.
Got my licence that year and passed first time.

In those days we took it very seriously, and did our very best to get it right.

I have been driving now 42 years.,..and still have all my points never lost one.

We had great teachers back then, and what we were taught was that we were to think of having a D/L as a privilege...Not a Right!

To this day, I can still hear those words and take them as gospel.
No, I didn't, as I had, unfortunately, a right nasty p@&$- of a bloke as tester.
He was an idiot, because he mentioned the name of a chap I worked with, so I spoke to my colleague about the situation, & he said that that bloke made it his 'personal rule' to never pass a female on first test!

So I went to another testing centre, got a decent male this time, & passed with 'flying colours'. His final comment to me was 'you'll make a good driver'! What a difference in personality!

And so I have, & am, according to my driving record since then!

Went on & completed a Defensive Driving Course, which taught me much, & should be mandatory for all new Licence holders', IMHO.
Couldn't agree more that the defensive driving course should be mandatory. Best thing I ever did. Some of the things I see P-platers do these days scares the day-lights out of me!
by poppy
That's disgusting. I would have reported him if I had any solid evidence.
by Vee
I was 18. I was so nervous when I went for my license, I nearly fainted after it was completed. I got it first time. My driving instructor had a crush on me and he kept telling me I wasn't ready to take the test, so he would be able to continue seeing me. I got a different instructor and I was ready after two lessons, and I passed. My kids got theirs first time too
I would have been about 9 years old. My Dad took us out on a deserted road and let us have a go. AND it was a manual! I remember bunny-hopping down the road the first time, but I think it was one of the best things he did for us. I am a very good driver now because of it. I got my license the first time with 100% on the written and 99% on the practical - only because the examiner said he never gave anyone 100%! #@&^%!
9 or 10 I lived in the country but did not get my licence till i was 15
I got my Ls after my sixteenth birthday. As for my full license, I had to do the computer test twice.
by Vee
Twenty three. I was convinced I would never drive. Took to it like a duck to water - 37 years later, never had an accident. Failed first test due to nerves and after that was fine. Had a great instructor. Thank you, Ron, wherever you are :-)

by Rice
I learned to drive at the age of 15 on an Iowa farm but got my license on my 16th birthday. I passed the tests to a T and got my license the same day.
I had my first accident when I was 76 years old and am still driving now at age 79. I love to drive! I also keep a childs car seat in the back seat for my great grandson. He loves to ride with me.............
PS thanks for asking.......
23. Up till then I used buses. Then I moved to Chinchilla and needed a car. I got it first time cos it was pretty easy in the olden days... not because I was a good driver. I was shocked and delighted to do a perfect reverse park.
I got my L's as soon as I could, at age 16.

My partner however got them at age 36!
I got my Licence in 1973 just 19.
We were told that driving was not a 'right' but a 'Privilege'. That stayed with me all those years, so never lost a point.
I passed first time, had great teacher which help's....But back then no one wanted to do the wrong thing, your Licence was very important.
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