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At home do you always wear something on your feet, or often go barefoot?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you go with no shoes at home, or do you always wear something on your feet?

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Top Answers
I have this weird thing that although I like to go without shoes, I rarely do it as the dirt on the floor annoys me.

Also the thought of getting dirty feet, for some unknown reason, also stops me going barefoot.

So, I would 99% of the time wear something on my feet and generally Birkenstocks particularly in summer as they are so comfortable.

I would also not wear socks as they are slippery and they would also get dirty from the floor.
by Finy
In summer I prefer bare feet, but the rest of the year I wear socks or slippers.
I love to go barefoot at home.
Clean my feet in the shower by lathering up a flannel, dropping it on the rubber mat! and rubbing my feet on it....(oh the joys of aging, I can't get down to wash my feet easily and can't balance on one foot easily) You gotta laugh!!!!
by fran
I totally agree with Finy.
I feel the exact same way.
I wear little slip on's in the house...that are never worn outside, outside shoes stay outside.
Jonaj -i used inside and outside shoes -do not take off outside shoes when I come in however am pleased to see your reply as usually people give me strange looks when I say the dirt annoys me on my feet -perhaps if I swept more often it would not happen!!
by Finy
Oh! Finy I feel dirt, I go into a clean frenzy!! lol, and that makes me nuts too.May be a little OCD...LOL :)
by jonaja
Yea my kids have said I have some OCD and now have a grandson with Aspbergers -another form perhaps......do you have a lot of "rules" for yourself?
by Finy
I do! but I really have known for years that things have to be a little bit only a certain way....I'm not fully OCD.
Maybe just more ABC!
by jonaja
You two might agree with this. 'It should be called CDO - in correct alphabetical order."
by lynne
exactly! :)
by jonaja
I usually wear no shoes in the house for comfort's sake.
by Vee
I have slippers or inside shoes too. Even in the summer it's not really warm enough here to wander around barefoot and I find my spine is happier when I have some kind of footwear on as well.
I no longer EVER go barefoot since my arthritis made walking this way so difficult! I wear Orthaheel thongs which are just SO helpful as well as comfortable! They have been designed with assistance from Podiatrists so they truly are wonderful.I got me first ones at my chemist and they are like slippers with soft velvety fabric. My other pair are more for day time and I got them at Athlete's Foot. I was very lucky as they were on sale for half price the day I had decided to buy some,and I had not even known this until I asked for the bill!!
I mostly go barefoot in the house and around the yard - I just find it more comfortable.
I like to be barefoot whenever I can, so I take my shoes off inside. I make the kids take theirs off too so they don't walk dirt and chook poo into the house/onto the furniture.
Barefoot on carpet, with slip on's on hardwood floor.
by BK
I usually wear socks or slippers
barefoot in summer, socks or slippers in winter, too cold then to go barefoot,
just think it is allowing your feet a little freedom, lets the air get to them, as well as the comfort of no shoes.
I don't really go barefoot I don't like getting dirty feet - I don't know why.
by AJ
same as me and Jonaj, AJ!
by Finy
At home, I often go barefoot, unless it's really chilly.
Always something on my feet, particularly after a shower, as I have to be clean to get into bed

I do not like walking barefoot at any time so I usually wear slippers inside and out.
by Gia
I am not a barefoot fan at all. Don't like the feeling. Always had animals and never know what is on the floor? Something on the feet at all times. I walk in and out of the house so footwear is practical and comfortable and warm or cool depending on season.
In summer it is too hot to wear anything, so barefoot it is. For winter, I need something on my feet else my toes may drop off ! So it is generally socks.
I hate wearing anything on my feet and taking my shoes off whenever I get home is the first thing I do.
by kimp
At home, it is always barefoot, unless cold in Winter when it is big, thick socks.
Never wear shoes inside because it ruins the carpet.
When living in flat's, it makes less noise for the people living below.

Also, you are less likely to stand on the cat's tail as you feel fur before actually stepping on someone small who just happens to be lying in the doorway!
Beach is ONLY place I can go barefooted!
In house, have comfy, material slip-on Scholl's!
If swimming in creeks, always wear sand shoes as you don't know 'what lies beneath'.
Was at a rock-pool one time when a kid, swimming away quite happily. Mum called, so went back to car, & it wasn't until then I noticed blood on the floor & looked at my feet. The right big toe had been sliced open lengthways, obviously by a piece of glass in the water. Next stop, Doctor's surgery, for Tetanus shot & bandaging! Hence, from then on, the sand shoes!
Yes, always barefoot at home and in the garden too, although I am more careful when outside I must admit. First thing I do when I get home is kick off the shoes. Love the feel of barefeet on the cool floor, especially in summer. The Queensland climate lends itself to barefoot walking around as it is pretty hot most of the time.
I prefer barefoot - till I have to decide " thongs or sweep". I have a war on bindis so I can go barefoot outside. I think it's healthier.
Mostly barefoot except when it is really cold.

by poppy
I'm barefoot in summer, in the house & wear my slippers with flamingos on them, on a grey background, in winter. (I have always had my shower before going to bed, in summer & winter.)
by Miro
I have never been a barefoot person, I allways like some thing on my feet, the only time I go barefoot is at the beach.
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