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Are your nostrils the same size?

by Finy (follow)
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Are both your nostrils the same size?

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Top Answers
OK I know this is a funny question but the other day I noticed that one of my nostrils is far bigger than the other.
So I wondered if it was just me or it is the same as other parts of your body where, if you have two, they are not identical - ladies?? AND gentleman I guess!
by Finy
When you say FAR bigger,Finy, just HOW much bigger IS it?!!!! I feel certain that others have never noticed this,or stopped you in the street to say...'Excuse me Ma'am,but are you aware that you have one huge nostril and one normal one?" Oh dear!!! I am SO sorry,but I cannot help giggling at this thought!!!You look lovely in your photo,so I hope this is not one more thing which you are about to get anxious about!!!! Hee hee hee!!!!
by Jules
Nah, I only noticed it when I had a cold and was blowing my nose, and wanted to make sure it was clean before I went out!
not a hassle as no one can see it!!
by Finy
I am so relieved to hear this!!! It is a great question, though,and has brought such fun to my Saturday morning!!!
by Jules
i should have taken a photo but it would be gross!!
by Finy
I just had a look, and was shocked!!! my left one is a bit bigger.
Now I will be aware of that, for the rest of my life.


I have never bothered to look, and I don't really care.
I have never thought about this. They seem to be about the same size. I have been ok with my nose thus far so even if they were a bit off it wouldn't bother me one iota.
I just had a look and they appear quite similar . . .but man, they're ugly close up! Bahahaha!!
by Rice
Ugly, like beauty,is in the eye of the beholder!!!! What is so ugly about your nostrils? Surely they are not filled with long grey hairs and warts?!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! Or are you secretly a witchipoo who dons a pointy hat and rides a broom at night? I thought that was MY domain!!! Hee He Hee hee Hee!!!!!!!!!
by Jules
Must be the warts, the hairs don't bother me! Mwuahahahaha. Must be off on my Nimbus 2000 now . . .
by Rice
My right nostril is definitely bigger than my left; it is something I noticed a few months ago.
bryony - i only noticed it a week ago - how odd!! my right is also the bigger by quite a bit!
by Finy
I only noticed because my right nostril had been sore for a little while, from a cut, so I was paying attention to that area. Otherwise I would have continued not to notice.
I honestly couldn't pick my nostrils out of a lineup.
Please, Polly, not in public. ^_^
by Rice
I have never even considered this aspect of my nose before now!!! So I went and had a look;a really close look too!!! And they appeared to be the same,but I thought I had better do this properly so I actually MEASURED them!!!! Yep!!! They are the same to a millimetre!! I find this rather strange actually with all the silly accidents,and surgery I have experienced over my lifetime,including a break almost 4 years ago!!
Wow!!! What an interesting thing to bring up during a conversation!!! Thanks Finy!!!!
Oh, perhaps mine happened when I had my awful accident and one of the things broken was my nose and the hospital just said THAT IS THE LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES and ignored it totally!
by Finy
Hahahahahaha. I got the tape measure out . . . then said to myself, "Don't do it!"
by Rice
Gosh,we three DO have a lot of fun,don't we?!!!!!
by Jules
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