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Are you watching the latest series of Dr Who?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Peter Capaldi -courtesy en.wikipedia.org

Are you watching the latest series of Dr Who starring Peter Capaldi?

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Top Answers
I only became addicted to watching Dr Who about 9 months ago and then they were showing re-runs of David Tennant whom I adore.

I am indeed watching Peter capaldi as the latest Dr and he is quite different to the others, and a great show which I never miss.
by Finy
Gosh Finy, if you and I,along with almost all of the people who replied to this are indeed Mindless Morons,then I like to think that we are all in very good company!!! Hee Hee!! To all my fellow M.M'S, I send warm smiles and wish happy times as we prepare to watch tonight's(Oct 18) episode of the famous Doctor!!! P.S. Can I possibly pleeeeease be just ONE of the M words? Either Mindless or a Moron,rather than BOTH?!!!!! It's such a lot to bear on my narrow shoulders!!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!
by Jules
by Finy
Aaaah!!! What is life without a good laugh?!!!!!! At least we ARE people, rather than the other description!!
by Jules
I never miss an episode, and it is on always when the program airs, morning noon or night. Been watching it since I was a kid, and now I am an old woman and would not think of never watching it.
That's a big *HIGH FIVE* from this gal 00
by Rice
P.S. Don't tell . . . . . I am so bad that I get up early on Sunday mornings, watch it on ABC iView as soon as UK as watched it, then I watch it on Sunday night, then Monday night and then the late, late repeat if they deign to show it. (they don't always do it) ヽ(ยด▽`)/
by Rice
Glad to see there are more Whovians like myself, as my mate thinks I am a loon LMAO!
My son is.

I really find it all a little childish for my taste, sorry to say....But that is only me, I'm not the best of people to please at times :(
Oh! jonaj, 'Grumpy Cat'? Luv it! Lol!
by donjo
by jonaja
Yes I watch every episode since the show was first created back in the 60's and was in black and white!!! Like Finy,I adored the Dr as portrayed by David Tennant who I feel has been the best of all of the doctors. I still do not really enjoy Peter Capaldi's portrayal,so have not been quite so excited about Sunday nights as I used to be when the other Doctors were gracing the screen.But I do still watch this show.I think that Jenna Coleman as Clara is a delight!!
But Jenna is being written out I read.....Jules -i just received my David Tennant calendar from England -you would be SO envious!!! LOL cant stop looking at it -and also have two tee shirts. Have to put up two calendars as my dogs, dash and Bonnie are in a calendar of whippets printed in Melbourne.
by Finy
No I have never watched it
by AJ
No, as a bit over Dr Who now.
I do think Peter Capaldi is an excellent actor, though. Have seen him in so many differing roles, which prove that.

IMHO, Tom Baker was THE best! And I really enjoyed Jon Pertwee in the role, too. The rest of them......nah!
I've not watched Dr Who...But my partner says that Tom Baker was the best!
by lizzi
by donjo
No. I don't watch it.
Never. I'm not a mindless Moron.
mindless moron -gee, there must be millions upon millions of this type of person in the world -lucky you are not one! I certainly must be LOL!
Just because we are different does not mean we are MORONS
by Finy
Well!!! I am certain that there is a much more respectful way to voice your answer!!! Maybe just a simple and succinct 'NO' would be adequate in cases such as this!! I DO watch Dr Who,and I am far from being Mindless OR a Moron,OR even, horror of horrors,the double whammy you have labelled watchers of this show as being:I am most definitely NOT a Mindless Moron, the label you seem to feel anyone who does watch this program deserves!!! I certainly do not happen to enjoy EVERYthing which others find entertaining or even, in some cases,exhilarating;yet I would never presume to label them as being either 'Mindless' or a 'Moron' just because I do not feel the same way as they happen to about things There is no reason for any of us to make others feel uncomfortable by the indiscriminate use of unkind 'labels'. I was taught since childhood that if we do not have something nice to say,maybe it is indeed better to say nothing at all. Or to be non-committally brief in a case such as this very simple question put forward by Finy. Tolerance and acceptance of others and their different feelings to our own, begins with our own selves,and within our own hearts.Life would be very boring indeed if everyone felt exactly the same about everything! Let's face it,this question about Dr Who was NOT about an earth-shatteringly important MORAL issue,but merely a query about a bit of entertainment. Where matters of grave importance,and /or Moral Belief are being questioned,a whole other set of rules obviously exists!
I got involved in Answer Angels as it has been interesting, as well as pleasant and enjoyable to read and write replies to questions.I strongly believe it should continue to be done in this spirit of fun and friendliness without any name-calling at all,something which actually has been known to form the very beginning of that reviled action known as bullying!
Now.....let's all take a breath and share a smile,huh?!!
by Jules
oh, so right Jules...here,here!
by Finy
Oh! shalo.......'Tis a shame you've missed an absolutely brilliant series' in EVERY way! The fact it's run for over FIFTY years', proves that! There's no other TV drama that's got that score!
Maybe you just like 'winding up' people with a comment like that?

by donjo
Jules, well said! You've hit the 'nail' on the head, yet again! Cheers!
by donjo
No, I'm a whole season behind at the moment because it's on at an awkward time. I'm sure I'll catch up eventually.
No. I've not seen any Dr Who. Although my partner enjoys it and catches an occasional episode with our 4 year old daughter. Not long after she was born he actually downloaded all the episodes where Tom Baker was the Dr and watched them with our baby...maybe that's why she likes it now!
Oh! lizzi, what a great idea! Tom Baker was an RSC actor, who came to prominence with his spell-binding, pardon the pun, role as Rasputin, in film, 'Nicholas & Alexander'! If you've not seen it, rent it out, or 'download' (?) it! Cheers!
by donjo
Certainly am. My favourite show ever. I have watched every series since William Hartnell when I was a child in the UK. Unlike many others, I DO remember the sixties. LOL
by Rice
No. Can't say I've tried to watch it, but once the season with Tennant came to a close, I couldn't keep watching. The Doctor who followed Tennant bothered me a lot!
by Vee
Oh vee -welcome back!
Matt Smith -I didnt like him at first either as no one can match DAVID TENNANT -(I have tee shirts and calendars of him!!! love him to bits) but actually Matt Smith grew on me -he was, after a while, quite funny and also a good actor.

Meanwhile David Tennant sits on my desk with 12 photos -oh how lucky his wife is!!!
by Finy
Thanks, Finy! It's good to be back! :D

LOL, you make me laugh. Gosh you remind me of my Robert Pattinson days. Perhaps I should've stuck it out with this other fellow. To be fair, the show is on at an inconvenient time and I only have time for my regular shows of a night time.
by Vee
no never watch it, rather dumb

Yes, you are.
by Rice
Thanks, Rice!
I just choked on my Cornflakes reading your reply! Lol!

by donjo
I've only seen a few minutes of Dr Who, here & there, when I husband used to watch it all the time, for many years, but now he doesn't think it's any good anymore.
by Miro
Ops, he's back to watching it, & now thinks it wonderful...again!
by Miro
This question must be pretty old by now. The NEW, NEW series how stars a woman as DR WHO! It's up to episode 12 now! My husband hasn't been watching any of them, because he can't get his head around there being a female Dr Who!
by Miro
Yes I enjoy Dr Who. I am not a mindless moron either.;-)
I am obviously a moron too as I watch doctor who and have for most of the fifty years woo hoo! I am a big science fiction fan and cannot get enough of it anytime, Have you been watching the recent episodes with Jodie Whitaker? Very different and as much as it works with a female, the writing, me thinks too much "authors message "
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