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Are you seeing many cockroaches inside at the moment?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you seeing any cockroaches inside at the moment?

Do you kill them when you do, and how?

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Top Answers
I had a huge dead one in the bathroom the other day.
I cannot touch dead animals so it stayed there for about 3 days -I had asked someone to comne pick it up but got such a strange loo, I did not follow up and ended up picking it up between two empty toilet roll holders.

I know I could have got a dustpan!

I would normally spray them and that is about the only animal I would use those awful poisonous sprays on, as I hate them.

I have visions of them in my pantry eating things!
by Finy
It is the humid hot weather bringing them out...though I have only seen one on the kitchen floor...it rad behind the stove before I could kill it...will spray soon
by fran
YES YES YES. I thought I was the only one. It is such a relief to read that someone else has been noticing the same. I saw two inside my house and 1 in the backyard in a span of a week and I was freaking out. I think it might be something to do with the heat, or maybe there are just too many around at this time of the year. I get creeped out by them. ugh..
My Goodness!!!! Do you really think that 3 is all that MANY?!!! lol!!!!!! Sorry,but up here in the tropics,that many would be hardly even worth c commenting on!!!! I'd just hit(and KILL) it with a old shoe and put it into the bin!
by Jules
Happy Mom, Did your outside little fellow (or girl) have a white stripe down each side of their wings? They are bush ones, & very harmless. If I find the odd 1 inside I then find a jar & take him outside. If it's on a wall, just place the open jar up against the wall, & it should fall in. Then outside it goes!
by Miro
KILL THEM! I don't care so much if they are outside, but the sight of the indoors makes my skin crawl! I swat them because sprays make me feel sick too, but swatting huge roaches - ugh, just the thought. I think I'm going to chunder.
by Vee
I haven't had any, but I do spray each 2-3 weeks on the floors ,corners near doors, and just as I come into the home.
I buy the best spray, as that seems to keep anything away...I HATE the rotten things, and no way do I care about killing them, they are so yucky.They must Die!!!
Touching wood, no. I'm sure there are some around but I haven't seen any in... wow about a year. We put down traps for them but that's all.
I am not seeing many at all this summer! Usually there would be a reasonable amount ,but we have not really been having much of a Wet Season,so maybe this is part of the reason for there being hardly any.I am not overly bothered by many critters at all,except for the EVIL and disgustingly ugly Cane Toads! THEY are truly wicked creatures with nothing to redeem them except their soft leather which you would need a thousand of to do anything worthwhile with!!! Getting back to Cockroaches....When I see these critters I simply swat them and sweep the dead carcass into the dustpan and then put it in the outside bin. TOO EASY REALLY!!!!!
I am so grateful I live in a country that doesn't have roaches. Or not that I've ever seen! I found one once in Singapore and can still recall my horror at seeing it. I was not in any way prepared so ending up pouring bleach on it.... never got any more so it did the trick!
No it's not very often I'd see them here because of the cold climate.
There was one on my bathroom mirror just the other day.
No as we have had the house sprayed
Yes I give them a permanent headache with the heel of my hand. If they are very big I knock them to the floor and stamp on them.
Yes during last Summer. We spray all the time butthey love to breed in the straw and stuff my husband puts on the garden to retain moisture. I can't stand the creatures and kill them if I see any inside. Usually they are on their last legs as a result of spraying.
In Melbourne they are everywhere. Just go into your kitchen one night and turn on the light, you will probably find one running along the ceiling, you find them in drawers, everywhere. Melbourne weather is becoming more humid in summer time. They are predicting that we will have the same humidity as Brisbane by 2030, so get used to having cockroaches everywhere.
Oh! good grief. I am in Melbourne and I must say that I have noticed cockroaches for the last 8 years. I originally came from Sydney, where they are part of life but I do not believe that I ever saw one in Melbourne until about 8 years ago and then, when I did see them, it came as a surprise (not a pleasant one). I just cannot cope with them. Some once told me (in Sydney) that they were kept awake in a rental flat by the sound of the cockroaches "clicking". I have never forgotten that, and it creeps me out.
by fran.
No, we do not like bugs, any that dare enter the home are dispatched promptly.
I live in Queensland, but have only ever seen one cockroach in my home - I just freaked out. Went online to find a way of getting rid of it. One suggestion was to use a small spray bottle with warm soapy water in it. I just thought "yeh, right", but tried it anyway. I was amazed it worked. I sprayed the liquid onto the cockroach and it just gave up the ghost! No toxic spray needed!
Yes we've had them, mostly in the kitchen. I had been spraying them, but after reading Norma's reply, I'm going to buy a spray bottle & use warm soapy water on them, but sometimes they would have disappeared, before you have time to put the warm soapy water into the spray bottle, so unfortunately, 1 does have to spray.
by Miro
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