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Are you scared when a plane takes off or lands?

by Finy (follow)
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The most dangerous part of a plane flight is supposedly the taking off and landing.

Does this bother you?
Do you get nervous when the plane takes off or lands?

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Top Answers
Not particularly bothered by this unless the plane is headed straight for me.
by Vee
I hate take off.!!

It rates as one of my most scary experiences.

Landing is fine, I really have no problem with that.
I'm super anxious at both times, because the risk level seems much higher.
Absolutely! Just imagine how many moments of great stress did I go though working as a flight stewardess! Every take off and every landing ( mind you, there were many) I held on to the sides of my seat & prayed! But I loved flying:-)
If SO scary for you why continue in the job?
by donjo
How long were you a flight stewardess for, Sharmila?
by Miro
How long have you been a stewardess for, Sharmila?
by Miro
Love every aspect of flying! Nothing worries me at all about it.
Best take-off I've EVER had was from Essendon in a Lockheed Electra. Got to end of runway. Those fabulous Allison prop-jets were revved to maximum, brake let off & we went into the pale blue yonder at a very rapid rate!
The 'Leckies' we're just beautiful to fly in. Same flight times inter-capital as the jets.

Woooooooohoooooooooooooooo!!! YEAH . . . .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Rice
No, neither bother me exactly, but they do bother my stomach. As soon as my ears pop on take off my stomach freaks out. Luckily I have found that allergy pills like Reactine help immensely. I don't know why, but they do.
I am also very anxious but mostly when it takes off and not quite so bad on landing.
by Finy
Landing is mixed a little with the relief that it's almost over - it goes equally bad on landing (in the stats) but mentally you think you have a better shot at getting out of it alive, and you are about to get off the plane...(I'm the same, so I've thought about this)
Not bothered at all. If I had to decide, I would say when it takes off as anything can happen from there - even though the 100's of flights I have taken in the last 7 years have landed safely. Nothing to worry about despite that MH370 incident...
Yep, and the whole time it's in the air - but I love travel, so what are you going to do?
I hate flying but there's no other way to go. When we were returning from a trip flying into Perth airport with cross-winds the plane was bouncing up and down and most of the passengers were looking pretty frazzled, my then 8 year old son went "whee - it's like a roller coaster" which broke the ice and all the passengers laughed. I always look at the flight attendants, and if they look worried then I am too (that's never happened). I wish the pilots would warn people all the time when there's turbulence.
Can't pre-warn re: turbulence, as it's air drafts, which CANNOT be seen by pilot or by instrument readings!
by donjo
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either one. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! My other half is a wuss - he nearly breaks my hand squeezing it so tight. Bahahaha.
by Rice
Another time, had been 'invited' on a 'Test Flight', on an Ansett Boeing 747.

It only had 200 POB, & no luggage.
I was allocated First Class! Very snazzy!

At take-off, with relatively little weight, aircraft went straight up, 'forcing' me against seat!
Wow! What an experience!

Love landing whilst on a 747! Beautiful aircraft!
No, it doesn't worry me. I've heard on the tv once or twice, that you have more change of dying in a car accident, than dying while flying! I told my mother once, that I was crying to my self while flying over the Grand Canyon in a tiny plane, & she replied: "Oh well. if it comes down, it comes down" (1 of those little planes over the GC did in fact come down a month later, & 4 the people on board died,) but I haven't heard of any other accidents since then, over the GC, & hundreds of those little planes go up over the GC every week. Anyway...I'm WAY of the main point here, as usual!
by Miro
No, I love it when a plane takes off or lands,for me I think it's the beast part.
No way! LOVE the feeling of being pushed back in the seat as you take off! And I always 'score' the landing - would love to hold up a score card like they do in Olympic sports... 8.5; 9.6 etc. :)
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