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Are you scared of cockroaches or spiders?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia commons

Are you scared of creepy spiders or crawly cockroaches?

What do you do if you see one?

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Top Answers
I hate both!
Though I think I am more scared of cockroaches than I am of spiders.

I hate the way they just appear or run like crazy when you try to catch them.

I also hate the fact that they seem to appear in the bedroom and I always worry when one gets away that it will crawl on me in my sleep!
by Finy
Just TOO funny!!! Why on earth would they come and crawl on you while you are sleeping? They are usually happy up high in their corners!!! And lets face it,theyt do not eat HUMANS!!! Our size most likely petrefies THEM!!!
But hey!!! I really do understand your fear!!
by Jules
Started to reply Jules, but thought of a good question instead as have a funny story to tell re animals! watch this space....
by Finy
Totally agree Finy. They do crawl on your bed and over you. I can testify to waking up when one has been on me and believe me, it's not pleasant. I keep a can of cockroach spray in my room and wake at the slightest sound and don't go back to bed until I'm happy I've flushed the creature out of hiding. They seem to appear more when the gardening has been done or a massive tidy up around the place.
by helga
I'm not afraid of them, but I hate them because I think they are gross. Cockroaches are particularly gross because of the crunching sound they make when you squash them.
by Vee
LOL Vee -i have a problem squashing any living thing even though i hate them.
by Finy
How do you get rid of them?
by Vee
Vee, there are some powerful sprays on the market...that do the job, quickly and faster than you can run after the little buggers! :) lol.
by jonaja
LOL! I don't know jonaj, those sprays make me physically sick and probably aren't good for the little one.
by Vee
Not really. I have a healthy respect for spiders and love how they get rid of other bugs. Cockroaches end up under my shoe. I have no tolerance for them!

No I habve no fear of spiders at6 all,though I do have a healthy respect for the dangerous ones!! I love them actually,especuially to watch as they spin their stunning perfect webs!!When I was little I had a large huntsman in my bedroom and I was petrified! Dad came in and told me it was far more scared of ME as I was so much bigger than it was,and then he caught it and told me to have it for a week as a pet,and catch bugs for it.From that day on,I have liked these amazing critters!! Cockroaches,I do not like at all.But again I am not at all scared of them!!
I'm a little scared of spiders, but I consider that normal. I think there's a real need to have a healthy fear of poisonous, dangerous spiders.
Yes I am scared of them.

What do I do?
And Quickly!!!
by jonaja
Squash them! Squash them! I hate bug spray, it makes me sick. I also feel sorry for the buggers, as much as I dislike them, when they writhe in pain.
by Vee
Vee I can't ...it makes a awful sound, and that really creeps me out :(
by jonaja
Afraid of both, disgusted by both. More by cockroaches. When I see any creepy crawlies, I get this psychological itch over my body.
Terrified of them,
by Fran
I don't like spiders and I stay away from if I don't know whether they are dangerous
by AJ
Definitely more afraid of cockroaches. If you kill a spider it is quick, there's basically no resistance and there's minimal mess. If you succeed in killing a cockroach, you have more gooey gutsy mess (unless you are killing tarantulas) and it takes more "splat power". Yuk.
I actually like spiders as they eat the mosquitoes, so I do not think they are so bad. I do try to stay away from cockroaches though.
by Lucy
I don't like both.
Yes, don't like either but really despise cockroaches! Why do they always run towards you?!
Luckily in this part of Vic. I've not yet seen those big cockroaches but spiders are plenty. I'm more scared of spiders than of the cockroaches.I've never been stung by spiders but it's just that I'm scared of those big spiders.When I'm in bed enjoying my book & suddenly my eyes flicker because of something dark appears on the ceiling.Sure enough there's a big,black or dark brown spider up on the ceiling & my peace is shattered.I always have that fear that when I'm not watching he or she spider is gonna come down on me & .........Some time back I read how you can catch them with a glass or a glass bottle.I'm s--- scared & with trembles down my arms,neck & legs I begin the operation catch spider.I'm getting much better @ getting the glass jar around them but then with a strip of paper you've to get them in your jar & once they are in jar quickly
cover the jar with something & then carry it out in the front or the back yard & lI just leave the jar there till the next day to make sure that it has gone out. I only know one person & that was my friend older sister who could catch the spiders & big cockroaches,crickets,cikadas & hold them in the palm of her hand & then throw them out.
I don't kill anything cos' they are here for a reason & I don't think we've right to kill them.I don't like to kill them with insect spray either.Whenever I see them including even ants, moths & other insects suffering in water or something I take a small strip of paper & save them. I do the same with baby spiders & I tell them 'now remember me,when you're all grown up don't come to bite me' I don't know if I've come across one that I had saved but I'm too damn scared to wait & find out if he or she's gonna leave me alone.I'm working towards a goal that one day I'll be able to catch them with my bare hands & take them out. One day while driving at night on my way to work I saw a big spider.I thought of taking it easy thinking it eas on the outside of the windscreen but to my sheer panic it happen to be inside.I was sweating & shivering thinking that it might just jump on me or something....... it was on the highway going towards the city & somehow I managed to pull up in the emergency lane & not knowing whether I checked for the cars on my right but I just got out fast as I could. I was just recovering from my initial shock & then I just freaked out cos' out of blue the police squad car was there with lights flashing.... Police officers thought that I was drunk & was trying to dodge them & escape. They happen to be behind me when I spotted the spider & not realising my driving was rather erratic & the officers were asking me to stop with the siren blaring but I was oblivios to all that.To cut the long story short I told the officers about the big spider & my fear of them.One officer was kind or brave enough to catch it with his gloved hand & throw it out & they let me off with a friendly warning that next time I should pay more attention to the traffic around me.
I could state many such encounters with spiders but I'm still hoping that one day I'll be brave enough to catch them with my bare hands & overcome the fear.But up until that day they still scare the crap out of me but I don't want to resort to kill them.
PS; Pls.ignore if any mistakes as I'm not rereading it this time.
shane -i had to smile at your story -I know it was not funny at the time but the thought of a policeman stopping you and you telling him it is a spider souonds funny!
by Finy
Yes I am very much scared of spiders, but I am not scared of cockroach.
Finally someone's asked the question and now I can tell my spider stories :-) I hate spiders but cockroaches don't bother me. My first encounter with a huntsman was when I was reversing out of a parking space and the damn thing crawled out of the hinge and landed on my leg. I didn't know what to do and just froze. Thank goodness it crawled back to the place from whence it came and I had to drive all the way home before I could spray it. Second close encounter of the third kind was in the bedroom it was on the wall. It was huge with big hairy legs. I sprayed it and it dropped down behind the bed. I got down on my knees looking for it and couldn't see it anyway. I got up and looked behind me and the damn thing was stalking me. I jumped on the bed and finished it off. That was too close for comfort. When I was in Margaret River one crawled into my door mirror and when I drove to the service station to put petrol in the car it crawled out. I hate them with a passion and I don't care they keep flies away!
pfuit -LOL -another case of I know it is not funny but sounds funny when you tell the story!
by Finy
in retrospect - yes :-) but for sure not at the time.
by pfuit
Hi, I too am really scared of spiders, more so cockroaches, but always have two Spider and Insect Vacs on the top of my fridge, along with two Spider and Bug Katchas. You are no way close to any of the insects, a good 59cm away which gives you more control, and once you start using them you will wonder why you never used them before. They don't harm any insects, it gently sucks them in, place the cap on and then you just release them outside. No sprays or poisons are used, so it's completely safe for the Insects, You, your Family - and the Environment. The insects are also food for one another as most of us know, help to pollinate our food crops and flowers, and I was really surprised to learn that the favourite food of praying mantis is the cockroach. On the medical plus side, snake venom injections have been used for over 30 years to give great relief to Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers, Scorpion venom has been shown to kill breast cancer cells in mice, and a two year trial at Qld University, funded by the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia to see if modified Funnel Web venom can be targeted to kill breast cancer. Given that almost 1 in 7 women between the ages of 25 and 45 are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK and Australia is not far behind, we have to find treatments to greatly improve our chances of survival. You can buy both of these really helpful products in Sydney online.
Yes! I can't stand them - they haunt me for days and I'm pretty sure I'm an arachnophobe.
Have any of these spider haters ever thought why?? You have probably been taught this by ignorant people or by watching crazy T.V. shows. Is it sensible to be frightened of something so small and most likely harmless.? It is normal to get a fright if something lands on you unexpectedly but you can just keep away from it in some of the ways others have written .
As for Shane who was a danger to himself and others on the road, please get some medical help befor you cause an injury.
I'm not an arachnophobe myself, but just to play Devil's advocate for a moment, some spiders here in Australia are not harmless, and others are not that small. We have redbacks and Funnel webs, both of which are very venomous. I can understand that scaring people, especially if they don't know how to identify them. I remember when I was at school kids would freak out and say that any spider they saw "could be a redback" and I would be all "'um...no. Red backs have a red back, hence the name." Those are easy to identify (Google image search if you don't know what they look like) and you're pretty unlikely to be bitten by one, and even if you are there is antivenom available.
No, used to be scared of spiders than I realised that because of my size they have far more reason to be scared of me! Put the whole matter into perspective.
Scared is not the word for spiders....terrified is a better word.
I do run away from cockroaches...but a can of spray will help them go to sleep PERMANENTLY!!!
Yes Finy, I hate them too and can identify with everything you say...at present I have a mouse in the house and keep thinking it will crawl under my covers at night...the stupid cat is too lazy to do anything about it!
by Fran
They don't worry me, but by the same token, I don't pick them up for a hug! A spider would be picked up in a tea towel & deposited in the garden. If it was a 'Huntsman' it stays, as 'works' for its' living, catching insects & geckos.
Cockroaches get zapped; dirty, filthy creatures they are.
Some Spiders give me the "ebee jeebees"; ones like Huntsmen spiders, Funnel Web Spiders and White tipped spiders as I was bitten by one in the far north of Queensland near the Daintree River.
I had to have an injection because my arm became swollen and inflamed.
I think it is also the way they move in jerks and runs.
I cannot stand either of them,and I hate finding them in the house particularly the huntsmans they freak me out!and they say they travel in three's,so if you find one there is a good chance there is another two somewhere, yuk I can't stand them,IF THERE WAS A WAY TO STOP THEM FROM COMING IN i WOULD DO IT.
YES! Ugh, makes my skin crawl to even think
Yes,I am, cocroaches make a mess when you step on them, I hate the real large ones, and spiders I'm petrified of them especially the huntsmen, my husband usually has to get them out, I want them killed or I'm not satisfied,.
I'm not scared of cockroaches - they just gross me out! Thankfully there aren't that many here in Melbourne. But no matter what it is, I won't kill it - will take it outside. It has a place here on Earth and killing it because of your fear is not fair.
Hate cockroaches more than spiders. Most of all I hate slugs, big slugs.....found one with a large granule of snail bait in its mouth, sliming across the garden........I nearly fainted. And I mean that.
It was just soooooo revolting.
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