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Are you right-handed or left-handed?

by Smita (follow)
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Which is your dominant hand? Left or right?

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Top Answers
Sadly Right Handed.
About 80-85% of the world is right handed.

Queen Victoria of England
King George II of England
King George VI of England
Prince Charles of England
Prince William of England...were all Left Handed, so was Jack the Ripper!

Also these 3 Presidents...there were more in fact!
Ooo. I wonder if there is a conspiracy theory that attempts to explain that. Hehe.

by Vee
I was born left handed, and my year at school was the last time they forced left handers to write with their right hand.
I am therefore ambidextrous, though I write better with my right hand as have had much more practise.
I do however eat, play sports and various other things, with my left hand, and some things are very awkward for me.

by Finy
And didn't that forcing leave some folk completely screwed up!
by grann
oh, that must explain me!!
by Finy
I am right handed. But I can scribble legibly with left hand too.
I'm a leftie, but I do a lot of things with my right hand. Things I can't do with my right hand are writing, using scissors, can openers, and other such utensils.
Have you ever been to a 'Left Handed Shop'? You can buy many things, like you mentioned, for left-handlers!

A L/H'd friend of mine got Bank to issue her with a Cheque Book with the 'butts' on the other end, so she had no difficulty writing cheques!
by donjo
I know they are out there, but I have never seen a left handed shop. It is, however fairly easy to get left hand scissors elsewhere, and ambidextrous utensils. The problem comes when not in my own home, and having to use things that don't belong to me.
Right for the most part. I can iron with my left though.

by Vee
Right handed and so is my husband, but our eldest daughter is a lefty!
I'm right-handed but do a couple of things left-handed, such as catch a tennis ball. I have made the observation that left-handed people tend to be intelligent. I wonder if there is any research to back that up, or whether it's just how it appears to me.
Oh I have to agree with you on that one!
by Finy
I'm left handed but trained myself to be ambidextrous after I found out that my grandfather was, so now can write, eat, cut and just about anything else both ways. I do favour my left side still but if needed (like when I'm holding a kid in my left arm) can write etc with my right.
I am right handed.
I am a rightie and my husband a leftie. Just the simple actvity of folding sheets together triggers a barney.
I'm left handed and so is my husband. It makes everything we do together so much easier from having a left handed kitchen to folding sheets.
Only 12% of the worlds population is left handed. In places of conflict and war that % goes up as left handed people have the element of surprise when attacking people, the sword is in the left not the right hand (ha! take that) the same as south paw boxers.
Makes it difficult when traveling as some cultures use the right hand to eat and the left hand in the toilet!
More left handed people die from DIY accidents because all the electric tools are designed for right handed people. Using a chainsaw is VERY difficult if you are left handed too
I can not use a pair of left handed scissors i bough as I have used right handed scissors for the past 40 years

right handed, my left is horrible. Although in sports I lead from left or right leg.
I am right handed but not bad with my left hand too.
Sadly in the majority - Right Handed.

In so saying I am grateful for both my hands and the abilityto still use them without any handicap.

by Zen
Right handed mostly
I'm Right handed, BUT do many things with left hand, to point I have to have Appliances' doors open to my left, as that is the hand used!
All our family, (siblings, etc,) & thats 16-20 of us, are right handed, except for our 5 year old granddaughter, who’s left handed. When she started drawing, (not at the same time of cause) I
noticed she was trying to draw with both hands, &
then she settled for the left hand. Strange!
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