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Are you remembering to take in your shopping bags?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you remembering to take in your shopping bags now?

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Top Answers
I put the bags in the car on the back seat - I forgot them.
I put the bags in the front on the floor - I forgot them.
Finally I put some in my handbag, which is quite inconvenient, folded them up and have about 4 in there. I still forget to put them out when I start at the cashier! They always ask me, have you got any bags - I don't think I have once remembered to get them out before I was asked.
Well, so many years of doing the same - difficult to change!

Basically my answer is NO, i forget the bags!
by Finy
. . . . then I make four trips to get the individual bags upstairs to unpack and then another trip to put them back in the car. I think I'll count it as exercise. Hahahahahaha.
by Rice
I am learning to buy only what I need and can carry . . . I buy the grainfree dog food on special (like our Jules used to do) and it lasts until the next special. I can carry a big bag if I hug it in the middle. Must look a sight!! Hahaha.
by Rice
why dont you just buy online - coles charges little for delivery and prices are the same?
If you have stairs, yes, Finy grants you that is definitely exercise!
by Finy
Yes! I keep 2 cardboard boxes in my car plus some reusable bags. I don't forget them :-)
They are all in the car.
When I get out of the car and go into the shops, they are all in the car?
So I have to go back, and get them.
After 55 years of doing the family shopping.......It is going to take time to remember.

I also spend about $2.50 a week on bags now to put my garbage in.

$120 a year it will cost me, to put my garbage in my bin.

same as me jonaj!
by Finy
:) it is going to take time LOL
by jonaja
Yes. I have the bags on the front passenger seat, next to me, so don't have any trouble remembering. I don't want to have to keep buying more and more bags. If I just want a couple of items, I can carry them in my hands. More than a couple of items, I have to bring the bags.
I have brought my own bags grocery shopping for around 10 years. I always remember my bags
by AJ
I have been remembering really well. . . . but still need the trolley to wheel them to my car as I can't carry bags with my bad shoulder. LOL. May as well throw all the stuff in the trolley and pack it when I get to the car. I buy my dog food in big bags anyway, so still need the trolley. I counted . . . I have two baskets, a tiny esky, 4 cooler bags, 2 large foldable silk bags and 4 smaller ones. I live alone. Bahahahahahahaha.
by Rice
PS . . . yes, I too now have to buy bin bags.
by Rice
how often do you buy dog food? gosh you have a lot! ever thought of doing it online save the carrying? I save as i ONLY buy whats on the list and have problems making it to $50 quite often!
by Finy
Well sort of. I start with them all in the boot of my car. I take them inside with the shopping. Problem is i keep forgetting to put them back in my car till i run out and have to buy another bag.
I'd all ready a month b4 ban came into effect.

I've a kitten motifed tapestry tote bag full of upright-stored plastic bags, which the cashier just has to slide out one-by-one.

It's kept in car boot, along with my shoulder bag. When bag numbers get low, I replenish ready for next shopping trip.

I don't forget, and have been taking my own bags for a long time anyway, Because going grocery shopping is a deliberate action I know I have to put the bags in the car, they are hanging in the carport ready, I also have a few bags in the car for small item shopping...
Yes, every since our eldest daughter gave me 8 parachute material plain coloured bags, lined up in an oblong loaf tin 1 Christmas. I just take the bags out in my handbag, that match the dress I'm wearing to go out shopping in. Probably 1 of the most useful presents I've received! We're between cars at the moment, so we're doing the shopping, 1 day a week using public transport, which equals 2 buses & 2 trains! (Sorry, I got off the point there...slightly!)
by Miro
I am disappointed in my self because this is something I really struggle with. In SA we have been compelled to bring our own bags for way longer than it should take to commit to memory but here I am still showing up at the cash register bagless.
My boot of my car is at the time overflowing with said articles as I do the walk of shame and admit to the cashier that I need to buy bags.
Rather than admit this I now say no and pack my shopping into bags as I load into my car.
good one Shelley!
by Finy
Hooray, Shelley! Way to go girl.
by Miro
I always remember them. Often I don't have quite enough (the kids seem to get into them, or my partner doesn't put them back where they belong), but in that case I just load them into the boot, bagless. Works great.
I do.
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