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Are you patient with small children?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you patient with young children, or do you "lose your cool" easily?

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Top Answers
No, I am not the most patient of people with children and lose my cool easily!
However, I am better than I was when I had my own 3 children.
Noise, however annoys me, or rather the noise of children, which some people love, I do not!
by Finy
Yep.. especially when they don't belong to me and I can give them back lol
NO! Keep them away from me. Noisy, smelly, annoying, horrible...
Yes but no. Usually I'm fine but on days when the children keep saying "mummy", "mummy" "mummy" I really lose it.
I would like to say yes but I am not. I think I am learning to be more patient.
I am not the most patient of people with little children. I dont lose my cool with them. I just find them frustrating at times.
How small are we discussing here?!!!! I am generally pretty good with from about 3 years of age onwards! It does, of course, depend on how how they are being raised by their parents!! I do not get on with spoilt little ones at all! My own son was far from perfect, yet he was NOT nasty and he loved to share with others.These are such important aspects of life which we must instil in small children. I love the innocence of these little people and sometimes they are just so funny and witty without doing it on purpose!
I think to a certain amount yes.I am patient..

All depends on the age, and if they are crawling around or running around.If they are like 2-3-4-5 etc, they are always quite good...! And older too...My son tells me that I have a way of not saying anything, but kids and animals seem to just know, ? but in a good way, not to 'play-up'.
I have to say my grandchildren have never once given me any grief ever....

Children seem to have that sense of what they can and can not do around people....who knows~~ LOL

I probably am not as patient as I could be. But with babies and kids, you don't have to love them………..you just have to protect them.
Yes. I'm extremely patient with children of all ages and can usually calm someone's baby when they are on the verge of losing it. My grandchildren are well behaved and have great manners which I feel is a reflection on the way they have been brought up
I love the kids at that age, I wish mine was at that age again, as far as patience goes I'm not sure.
Yes I'm very patient with small children. I'm not so patient with adults!!!
by AJ
I am patient with young children. I get on better with young children than many adults. I am good at getting babies to relax- I had plenty of practice with my own son who had Colic. I would not be so patient if they were in my company full time, I imagine. Any child running around and making too much noise makes me annoyed. Children need to burn off steam and I wish some parents would understand that it is not always appropriate. I do not rest when children are around as I feel very protective of their safety.
I find it a lot easier for me to be (more) patient with my grand-children, than other peoples
little ones. Loud children's noise, like Finy mentioned, also annoys me.
by Miro
I'm much more patient when I'm better rested! I don't think there has ever been a human made with enough patience to never lose their temper with kids but I do try.
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