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Are you or have you ever been afraid of dogs?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you, or have you ever been afraid of dogs when you are walking in particular?

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Top Answers
I have had dogs all my life and have not been afraid of them.

Though there have been occasions on the beach when I see an American Pit bull that I am afraid -particularly for my dogs, or a dog that growls or gets vicious scares me.

The photo is of my two darlings. the blind little one and the mental wreck big one!

by Finy
Not particularly, unless they're big, boisterous and very aggressive. I was just walking along my street about a week ago when a big tough-looking one came bouncing up to me growling....and I screamed. Fortunately, it bounced right past and left me alone! I don't react that way often, but I really did feel nervous that time...
I work with dogs for a living, but I wasn't always comfortable with them. When I was 14, I took a trip with my grandparents Boston to visit my great aunt and uncle. They had a large Pyrenees cross. When I entered the house it bounced around, happy to see everyone. I stuck my hand out for it to sniff me and it bit me instead, taking a chunk of skin out of my hand. They put the dog in the back yard and tied it to a rope, I went to the side of the house to have a smoke - I was a smoker at the time, but no longer. I didn't realized how long of a rope the dog was on. It came racing around the house and attacked me, I had to run all the way to the road to escape it, but it still had time to bite my butt, cut open my leg in three places and rip my pants. Luckily the visit was only for the weekend, because the dog continued to stalk me all weekend long.
it's a wonder you ended up working with dogs-may I ask what sort of work with dogs?
by Finy
I am a dog control officer for the local government. This means I deal with any bylaw infractions in the area like excessive barking, I also pick up lost dogs and try to find their homes, and investigate dog attack incidents. My wife and I are also heavily involved with a local animal rescue, so we usually have a foster dog staying with us until he or she finds a family to call their own. We are currently fostering a 105 pound (48 kilo) mastiff. She's a huge girl :)
Thank you for looking after the dogs, on behalf of myself and all my friends who rescue and foster :-)
by Rice
I was scared as a kid in the 1980's when a dog chased me down the street (or I was running from it)
And now on my junk mail rounds, I see so many bored dogs shut outside in the yard, with no toys, etc. Many of these bark in such a way I'm glad there's a fence between us so have to wonder why people who work full time and are out all day bother with a dog.
Yes, I have always been afraid of big dogs. I'm ok with them now but, as a child, I think it was my family's mission to make me fear dogs.
by Vee
No,I have never had a fear of dogs,always having had them in my life. I am not stupid though,and I do have a healthy respect for dogs I have never met before, and of course,working guard dogs! I would always prefer to be introduced to any dog by its owner,just as I like to introduce all of my own Fur Babies to people the first time they meet! I could never live without my Furry Children,and have 3 at present:2 are rescued sweethearts and the other is a deaf Shar Pei who is just a sweet teddy bear of a girl!!
I grew up with dogs. I love dogs. They don't scare me. Some of my best friends have been dogs.
LOL tracie -I agree -at the moment anyway.
one of my dogs is sitting next to me barking/crying as I have not turned on the heater for him this morning -driving me crazy -crazier!
by Finy
,I can feel my heart melting Finy aaaaaaw love the pics.
No I have not and am not afraid of dogs....love ALL animals passionately.
Naturally though I am sensible and careful at first around dogs Idon't know
by Fran
I am not afraid of dogs and I never have been.
by AJ
I'm not afraid of dogs but would be a bit wary
No, I love them. They're mostly very cute. I have a healthy respect for them though, and would never pat a dog that wasn't passed as safe by it's owner.
Nope, they are some of the kindest and most adorable pets I've been lucky to be around. They are so much better than guys when you're down! hahaha :P (sorry, boys)
no, we grew up with dogs so always knew how to act around them and trusted them. But I remember when young going down to the shops on my own and seeing a dog tied up outside the shop so I went over to pat it and as I did its neck jutted out its teeth showed and its barked loudly, I learned to not trust all dogs after that. My girls are scared of dogs for different reasons and I swear the dogs can sense it. I can walk down a lane with no trouble but my girls do the same and there is always some issue with a dog.
No, haven't had a problem with dogs. They can sense, like horses' do, if you're afraid of them!

Had several Welsh Pembroke Corgi's, always de -sexed females, over 25 years, & got spoilt by their beautiful nature!
dogs do not worry me, not afraid of them.
There are some dog breeds I'm uncomfortable with but I'm not particularly scared or afraid of dogs. More to the point, it's the owner's of some of these dogs that I worry about. The lack of control or forceful control can be seen in the person's body language and transfers directly to their dog.

Also being a rather small person (5ft 1") I do get a little flustered with dogs that are bigger than me in height and weight. It's being in awe of the size and weight and knowing the potential injury they could unwittingly cause.

In general I love dogs, their companionship, their loyalty, their unconditional love and mate-ship. My King Charles Cavalier is the love of my life.
Yes, I was terrified of dogs from about 6 months old, when a friend of my parents bought a puppy to our house, when they came for lunch! I stopped being so scared of them about 50 or so years later!
But use caution for certain breeds, Pit Bulls or any snappy varieties.
I always ask before stroking a dog being walked.
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