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Are you interested in news of celebrity marriages?

by VerityG (follow)
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Cameron Diaz celebrity famous relationship marriage love romance
By Tony Shek via Wikimedia Commons

Newspapers and gossip websites are full of news of celebrity relationships - Cameron Diaz has got married, Stephen Fry has got engaged, Elton John has turned his civil partnership into a full marriage....
Are you interested in news of celebrity marriages?

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Top Answers
Not really, no.
Not remotely LOL
No, because I am very slow at learning of celebrity marriages via second had magazines occupying the doctor's waiting room. By the time I catch up to speed, said celebrities are usually divorced. Very boring
No it's quite boring
Not at all.
Not much unless I am a big fan of someone.
by BK
Only if it happens to be a celebrity I really admire.
I'm not interested at all - if I admire someone, it's rarely for their private life, so although I might be interested in news about them that involves their professional life, I have no idea why anyone (other than those immediately involved of course) gives a ding dong about celebrity marriages. Yet news of them is plastered everywhere and Stephen Fry's engagement was the top read and the top shared story on the BBC website for some time the other day. I guess maybe people are desperate for some happy news when there is so much tragedy and destruction going on.
Depends on who.
Some I could not care less about, like Elton.
Even Cameron, Stephen Fry...uumm? maybe.
George Clooney, yes.
Royals yes.

Some are interesting...Some are not.
Miss Piggy OMG very interested!
by jonaja
LOL! I didn't realise she was married. :P
by Vee
Well Miss Piggy is not just a star, she's a SUPERSTAR :D :D
Didn't she get Kermit!
by jonaja
Yes Jonaja, Miss Piggy WAS married to Kermit, but they're now devoiced! (MY spelling looks wrong there!)
by Miro
Noooooooo ! how can they be divorced? that's so wrong. :(
by jonaja
I heard Miss Piggy constantly had her snout in the trough and was using Kermit's funds to have "work done". Apparently Kermit found out and that was the end of the marriage.
by fran.
i'M sad :(
by jonaja
Unless it's a celebrity I like, then not really. I was surprised to hear Cameron Diaz got married. Not a fan of hers, but I didn't realise them two were dating.
by Vee
Vee, Miss Piggy & Kermit have now divorced! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
by Miro
I am not interested in celebrity news at all. I feel sorry for celebrities that they have no privacy but some probably like being in the limelight.
No. Not at all. I saw the royal wedding, but apart from that, it really doesn't bother me.
No, no and no!
Not in the slightest!

The one celebrity for whom I'd much respect, died several years' ago.
No, I donít give 2 hoots, whoís marrying whom, or who some star is going out with, but I will watch a royal wedding, if itís happening!

Miss Piggy was actually married to Hermit, but they have now called it a day. Iíve forgotten how long the marriage lasted.
1 of 9 Sunday basic/yes/no/sort-of answered question day.
No. Who could keep up?! It goes in one ear and out the other.
by Rice
no, not interested, I do not read about them.
No boring !!
Well it depends on the celebrity. There are celebrities who earn my respect and admiration such as Brangelina and the Beckhams. They have wonderful families and make me smile whenever I hear news about them and their brood. I'm not sure if I like hearing about the Kardashian clan or today's pop stars getting married. A number of them don't seem to be that grounded. I don't even know if their marriages would last. But best of luck to them should they get hitched.
Just a passing interest

I never thought I would say this but I've been watching the house wives of new Jersey and Beverly Hills and im hooked on all the gossip that surrounds them. Every one else I don't really care as they change partners like pass the parcel
Couldn't care less.
No, not really.
not at all, really do not know who is who and what they are known for as not at all interested
no I am not intrested
no I am not intrested
Only slightly in my favourites, I don't go out of my way to search the information, might click on an article when surfing - nice to have good news for a change though...
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