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Are you happy with the shape of your legs, and would you change them if you could?

by Finy (follow)
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Women are often dissatisfied with their bodies, or parts thereof.

Would you like to be able to change the shape of your legs?

What would you change if you could just wave a wand?

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Top Answers
I do not really like the shape of my legs, particularly at the top.

I spent 5 years at the gym trying to get rid of the bump at the top, when I was skinny everywhere else, and after all this, they told me this was my shape and it would not alter!

Needless to say, I also gave up the gym and have not gone back.
by Finy
I am happy with my legs - they do a good job carrying me around everywhere
by AJ
Despite having always been told that I suffer from Duck's Disease,which I always found clever and hilarious,I was also told that I had extremely nice legs.I used to do Ballroiom and Latin Dancing for many years,and I have always had a passion for walking wherever possible,even to and from work! This is probably why I used to get nice comments! But now that I am suffering with a shocking and painful chronic disease,I can no longer walk without my stick,and the shape of my legs has definitely deteriorated,a lot!!! But I do not know that I would change them.I figured that if I had to have a walking stick at 50,I would get myself the most exquisite one available and I have had one hand-carved by a master carver in Ukraine(before all the turmoil over there).It looks like entwined rose branches with buds and flowers included.To top it off, the artist has fitted it with a crystal rose which catches the light magnificently and throws rainbows everywhere!! It is the best 'leg' imaginable and a real conversation starter!!!
I have always hated the shape of my legs, and I would have loved to have been born with 2 that were much nicer.
Having said that, I shouldn't say too much, these old 'pins' have carried me far and that much I am deeply grateful for.
my pic is
how I wish my legs were like.
by jonaja
Jonaj, those legs are ugly!!! the muscle below the knee looks awful! And the question was not meant to be philisophical as in the legs carried you -it is sort of a fantasy question! Not a practical one/.
by Finy
awww Finy I like those legs in the pic!
by jonaja
jonaj, lol, I have to agree with Finy. Too much muscle.
by Vee
Lord no, I dislike my legs immensely! They're like little tree stumps! What I wouldn't give for long legs, up to my armpits!
LOL Sandy -im a bit the same -especially when you see the models in swim suits! THEIR legs DO go up to their armpits...not fair.
by Finy
Not fair, is it, Finy! Don't worry, they probably have lousy personalities!
My legs are okay, now the top inside is a little flabby though my actual thigh is firmish due to walking and squats...if anything they could be a little longer...I can't get out of my head what my first husband once said....(half joking)...you have ducks disease, bum too close to the ground!!!!! ha ha
by Fran
that's a horrible thing to say!!
by Finy
I was prob lamenting my legs to him at the time, saying I wish they were longer and that's what he came back with...we did both laugh but I stayed with me...
by Fran
I like my legs, it's my feet I'm not a fan of! Even then, perhaps I would change only two toes.
by Vee
LOL! Can't believe I wrote that. So vain...still true. But only if I could wave a wand. Wouldn't actually spend money or time on those ones.
by Vee
I'm okay with my legs. I actually lost quite a bit of weight after I had my children and sometimes I look at my legs and think "Gee they look kind of weird and skinny" and sometimes they look great and strong. depends on what I'm doing with the at the time!
I think what is more important is that I have legs. I have learnt to appreciate my fat legs , lol. There are people who suffer and would rather have any shape healthy walkable legs than to use a wheelchair or any kind of walking support.
by BK
My legs reflect my life of many, various sports, from horse riding to high jumping, from swimming to squash, & all in between.

So I love how 'firm' & in perfect formation they are!

They carry me without, so far, any great problems, for which I'm very grateful.
It must be terrible to be unable to walk.
I would have liked longer legs as I have equal body and leg length, not a good look.
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