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Are you happy to heat up and eat the same meal twice in a row?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you happy to heat up and eat the same meal twice in a row?

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Top Answers
Yes, this doesn't worry me at all and I will actually have a meal three times in a row.

Living alone -that is one of the good parts -you do not have to please anyone else but yourself.

Also food is often nicer when heated up a few times as the taste goes through the food more.
by Finy
Two times is fine.

But...no more than twice.
I draw the line then, for me and family.
Of course. It tastes just as delicious the next day.
Yes, I do that fairly often. Three times in a row is pushing it though.
I am happy to heat up the leftovers of a meal the next day.
by AJ
OMG! What a filthy oven/kitchen in that picture!
Finy, were you unable to get a better one?

For me, it would depend on the type of food, because, generally, no, I will NOT reheat a meal!
Hate it! Much prefer freshly made food.

P.S. I will cook casseroles, kedgeree's & soups, SPECIFICALLY to be able to have next day or two, but that's it.
Usually, just cook enough for current meal, ie 2 LL chops, & salad, or a small fillet ot steak, with a steamed spud etc etc etc...........
NO wastage!
by donjo
I am happy to do this. Sometimes I will add something or serve it in a slightly different way to vary things.
Yes, of course! I dislike wasting food. I do it all the time as long as the food is not spoilt. There are so many people in this world who struggle to get a single meal a day. We have to be grateful for our blessings!
Yes. Food is food. I would rather eat the same meal again than starve. They are may people in the world who do not a meal in a week or a month let alone for a second time in a row. Any person who answered that they would not has never known hunger and want. They should be made to live on the other side of the line for a year to experience it. They will be much more humble.
Yes. I don't mind at all. We often reheat leftovers and have them for lunch the next day. I do not like to waste food by throwing it out, just because I couldn't eat it all the night before.
Of course I do this!! I am on a frugal disabilitry Pension,so I do not waste money or food! I am sensible about it though! Curries and stews or casseroles always taste so much better after being left overnight,and I learned THAT as a young kid!! Like Finy,I live by myself,and so I often cook enough for 2 meals.My microwave has been heaven-sent and I use it every day,at least once! I do not re-heat any meals MORE than 3 times though.
I heat up roast dinners etc. Once. Curries, pasta, rice dishes as long as they don't have any seafood in them. Quiche and fritatta. Yep, lots of food get a doctoring in my house, for me. But I really hate it if I am having leftovers and someone calls in unexpectedly at dinner time. Leftovers never look quite so good on the plate as the original dish.
Well, not if it looks like the photo supplied!
I find that a meal quite often tastes better the second night than it did on the original first night's cooking. Yes - My husband and I do it all the time.
No. I like variety. I sometimes have it the second night or I freeze it for another time. For example I had roast lamb and veggies tonight. I have enough baked veggies left over with meat for Monday night as well as gravy so I only have to cook fresh beans and I've planned to have tacos tomorrow night. With the excess taco meat I will freeze for another time
Yes some meals taste better reheated.
Curries, stews and casseroles always seem to taste better the following day.

Yes - I have no problem with that. Living alone since my husband died I find that when I make a meal I tend to make enough for two days as cooking is not one of my favourite things to do. Fortunately my oven doesn't look like the one in Finy's picture!
I will often eat a meal until it's all gone. I don't like waste.
by Vee
No, I've never had to do that, because I just cook enough for the 2 of us. I don't make the same meal more than once a year, as every meal I cook, I put a date with it. I have a good friend who doesn't mind eating the same meal for dinner/dinner or dinner/breakfast! though.
by Miro
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