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Are you good at spelling?

by dom a (follow)
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If you're a poor speller, you can look really unprofessional - especially if you're a sign writer. But regardless of your profession, everyone should know which spelling of 'your' or 'there' to use, that 'too' means 'as well', and that there is no such word as 'seperate'.

Are you good at spelling?

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Top Answers
Yes, I am -I went to school when they considered spelling very important so we had to learn and had exams on it. Then some years later I believe they no longer considered it important, however I just HATE it when people cannot spell even in an email.
by Finy
I used to be...and I used to hate the text language. However over the years I have seen my speling ;) drop significantly which annoys me! >:(
Mine has too over the years .. It started when I was in France using a French keyboard to send emails back home. All the signs around me were in French and I wasn't reading much English at the time, so it took a while to get my English back once I came home. It's slowly getting better as I'm reading more again lately.
Yes. I make the odd mistake, but I'm pretty good. My Mum used to teach English and she taught me more about spelling and punctuation than I ever learned in school. I think just reading a lot helps too.

The funniest mispelled sign I have seen was in a service station which advertised that dog food came with a "free dog bowel."
I completely agree with you. Nowadays, I observe that people have either forgotten that there are symbols that should be used to punctuate or separate long sentences or they simply refuse to use them. Not only does it affect the context and tone of the sentences, but also makes it difficult to understand the intended meaning. I'm now used to deciphering these kinds of emails, containing a long uninterrupted string of 400 words with no symbols in between. This, from most unexpected quarters. Hence, I have stopped expecting, instead chosen to improving my skills in deciphering such texts.
by Manny
I'm so so.
Only remember this cos someone told me separate has "A RAT ' in it.
by lynne
LOL..........'cos' *#!@?
by jonaja
I like to think so.
by Vee
I believe I am - my job demands it. I think the odd typo is excusable in most instances, but if it's obvious you haven't bothered to check what you've written, it's a bad look.
I like to think I am! Hopefully I don't make too many typos on this post. I used to be in graphic design and it would make me see red when someone would let a typo slip through and be printed. It really does look unprofessional. I wonder how many people notice though, with so many heads stuck in mobile devices.
Much better than most people (not to brag, but it's true!) :D
Yes I believe so :)
Generally I consider my knowledge of English as a language as good and I used to take pride in my ability to use the appropriate words too. My spelling was good too. Yet over the years I've seen some decline because of my inability to type quickly on PCs and smart phones and compelled to use common abbreviations egged on by the need to send messages quickly and participate in online chat sessions.
I must be, as I often have my lecturers ask me how to spell the words they are writing up on the whiteboard!

I like to believe I am. Bad spelling, punctuation and grammar are one of my pet hates!!! Texting is probably a huge reason why spelling and grammar has gone downhill so fast. I still don't like shortening words for texts, but know I have to sometimes. Most kids these days have no idea what punctuation even is!!!! I don't know how some of them are even going to make it in the "real world" of working when they can't even fill out a simple application form!!! I love it when they do those stories on A Current Affair etc on how the different generations can/can't spell and add up without the benefit of a computer/phone. Mandy E.
My Grandmother is a published author so my spelling and grammar was always corrected growing up. The 2 words that annoy me the most are bought and brought, journalists can't even seem to get that one right these days... as Nanna said bought as in buy, brought as in bring. It's easy...pass it on!

I'm pretty good most of the time, but from time to time I get words wrong.
As someone who is dyslexic and i have the paper work to prove it!!! I can tell you it all looks the same to us!
Their, there .where, were, your, you're too, to, which, witch it may as well be in greek most of the time.
The spell checker on the computer is not much help as it converts Vegan to Vagas and specific to spastic making for some very interesting emails
I run a business and write articles for gardening magazines I get everything i do spell checks by someone

Thankfully my husband likes my alternate universe of misspell words
Yes, I consider myself a good speller. I came 2nd in a Spelling Bee when I was 11. I went to a Catholic School where they crammed mathematics, diction, spelling and religion. I then went to a Public School when I was 12 where they crammed general knowledge. I'm in my 50s now and have work colleagues younger than me who can't read properly and ask for my help with pronunciation and spelling.
Nope - terrible...
Yes good. I've lived in Asia for quite a number of years and found it hilarious the mistakes made in spelling on very public bill boards. Always wondered why big firms working in English didn't hire a checker. I was not particularly good at grammar etc at school but think it is just a intuition thing, and the aesthetic look of a word when you know it is wrong. Poor spelling and incorrect or no use of the " ' " these days is a shame. The English language is a wonderful thing and its use should be expanded not dumbed down.
Yes, I always have been since childhood. I agree with Jennifer - I have been a reader all my life and am sure this, together with a good education, contributed to my spelling skill and articulation. I get really irritated at bad spelling and punctuation. Some of it is laziness, some of it ignorance.
Yes I'm excellent at spelling, fondly referred to as "the dictionary" by some of the girls I've worked with. I put it down to spelling tests every morning in primary school and my love of reading. I, too, hate seeing some of the most common spelling errors in newspaper and magazine articles. Don't they proof read any more?
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