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Are you glad Daylight Savings has begun and would you like it if you live in a State that does not have it?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you live in a State that has Daylight Savings?

Do you like it and are you glad it has started?

Or do you live in a State that does not have it, and would or would not like it?

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Top Answers
I am definitely not glad daylight saving has started as being in the West, it is difficult to contact people in the Eastern States, which I regularly do having family and friends in Sydney.

We tried it a few times but the Perth people did not want it as "their curtains faded" and other stupid things like this -perhaps also because it is so hot here in summer -who knows but I think we had a referendum about it also -another few million down the drain.

I wish we had it like many others.
by Finy
One of the things I lov ed most when I came up from Melbourne to North Qld in 1980 is the lack of Daylight Saving!!! We held a referendum about introducing it here,and thank heavens it was rejected!! I hated it when I was growing up,and I dislike it just as much now!!
I have to say we need it all year round.
In winter, people are coming home on the train and buses and it's cold-wet-and Dark!
Just for a safety issue alone, I think it is a huge bonus.
That extra light would make all the difference, and people can get home and do something with that extra light.
More practical all round.
I enjoy daylight savings. You can stay outside longer or at least enjoy being outdoors when the disgusting heat of the middle of the day is on its way out.
by Vee
Exactly :)
by jonaja
In Qld we do not have daylight saving - it is really only a hassle when we cross the state border and get confused about winding clocks forwards or backwards.
by Lucy
Yes...Qld is very different isn't it :)
by jonaja
We don't have daylight savings up here and I am very thankful. My daughter doesn't go to bed when it's still daylight as "It's not night time yet mummy!!" so daylight savings would cause us some pretty big issues!! Although when we were travelling and camping at Christmas time in the southern states it was handy as it meant an extra hour of travelling time or more time for our daughter to run around and tire herself out before confining her to the tent!
I love daylight savings!
No I am not a fan of daylight saving in that I think there are enough daylight hours in Summer.
by Fran
I'm with you!! Its still daylight in the west where it's hot. And parents have to get there children to bed in daylight and the heat. I'm actually told by an older friend of mine, that in the early days, it was actually done in the winter. This ment people were already getting up in the dark, so why not get up that extra hour earlier. Then it gave them some daylight in the afternoon. Really, don't we have enough daylight hours, this time of year.
by kayea
I wish we had day light saving in WA!!
by AJ
that is sad you don't:( any reason why? You guys don't
I'm in NSW so I have no idea.

by jonaja
Not a fan of daylight savings. I van see the advantages but with small children. No thanks.
I liked daylight saving when it started later. It is good in the middle of summer, giving more time in the afternoon. Now it is starting earlier, you just get to where it is light in the morning, when you lose it and it is dark again. It is easier getting up and adjusting to the new time if it is light when you get up (and I can get my morning walk in).
I live in Qld and would love daylight saving. I can understand that people up north would not want it and see no reason why we can't just divide the state. They manage to have cut off points in Europe - but then, this is Qld! As to the people with children going to bed issues, what do you think they do in England where there is twilight until late? Just be a parent.
I am glad I live in SA where we have daylight saving. I like having light after tea to do outdoor things. It takes me about a week to adjust when it starts and then I just love it.
Yes and I hate them, only if I am desperate....always get claustrophobia and imagine being stuck in there!
by Fran
Is this an answer belonging to elevators or lifts question?
Seems an odd answer to a Daylight Saving question! Lol!
by donjo
I live in South Aust and we have daylight saving for six months of the year and I hate it.
I like to get up early and water the garden or go walking when it is cool, but it is mostly dark at 6 30am. I don't think we need an extension of hot sun time at the end of the day, I have had enough by then!
When our State did have it......once.........thoroughly enjoyed it!
I prefer daylight saving as I wake early so can make more use of the lighter hours. However, the drawback when I was working was W.A. being 3 hours behind NSW which is a nuisance.
Hi,i live in WA,no daylight saving here,being british I am used to daylight saving i think it is great.
I love daylight saving as an old person, & not having little kids at home. My grand-daughter in Melbourne always went to bed, still at her normal bed time, but I think that only worked, because of the ‘heavy' material cotton curtains in her bedroom This year, (2015,) we’ll be 1/2 through a 5 week South Pacific cruise, so we’ll miss the 1st 2 weeks & 5 days of our NSW daylight saving!
No - live in Queensland. What I miss most about having lived in Victoria was the longer evenings. Same thing applied when I lived in the UK, summer evenings went on and on and it was lovely with really beautiful twilights.
No, I prefer it as it is instead of tinkering with the time.
Queensland has the right idea leave it alone.
I do not agree with daylight saving, Queensland doesn't and it is great not to muck around with nature and your body clock.
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