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Are you currently using your dryer to get your clothes dry?

by Finy (follow)
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Now that winter has set in, do you currently use your clothes dryer to dry your clothes?

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Top Answers
Even though it rains often, I still prefer to hang on the line as nothing beats that lovely fresh smell of sun dried washing.

However, I am finding lately that I need to finish drying in the dryer as there is so much rain about, particularly this last week.

When this stops, I would not use a dryer if I have a choice apart from finishing the towels off in there as they become softer this way.
by Finy
Living up in the tropics of Nth Qld, I only ever need to use a dryer in Summer which is the Wet Season. The washing dries beautifully outdoors here in winter,and I do adore air-dried washing so much more than if it has been in the dryer!
In winter usually use the dryer if it is wet or to finish the drying process.
No. Still hanging the wash outside.
by Gia
I only put towels, underwear and socks in the dryer
by AJ
I use it if it's raining (if the wet clothes sit too long they go mouldy) or if I'm too tired or sick to hang them out. It makes no difference whether it's winter or summer.
Am awaiting my clothesline to be fixed, after a heavy bough of neighbours' gum tree fell on it, during a freak storm, & broke 3 out of 5 lines of it!

Love putting sheets, pillow cases, tea towels, permanent press clothes, & doona's on the line. Once dried, their 'airey & sunny' smell is just 'delicious'.

ALL else goes in 'Dolly Dryer', all year round. If it's continuous rain, like we'd had a few months' ago, the dryer is used constantly then, of course. I HATE wet, smelly clothes just 'sitting' around!

When I was newly married, I hung EVERYTHING on the line, as I had done for my crippled Mother. That was just what you did.

Once I had children, though, the nappies, & as much as possible still went on the line.
As time, & me, wore on, the dryer got used more, & more!
I do both, I have huge amounts of washing each week....So if all my lines are full, then I put 'light' things for a few mins in the dryer.

I have also string lines, along with a normal one....because of the washing.....drying is always an issue for me. :(
Hardly ever use dryer - not usually necessary in Queensland. The only time I use it is if we get a few days rain when, even though it's warm outside, the clothes still won't dry because of the humidity up here. So far I haven't actually used it all this year.
The only time I use my drier is to fluff up the towels after they have been sundried on the clothes line. I do know lazy people who use their driers all the time because they say it saves them ironing.
I wouldn't call that 'lazy'. It's making use of appliances to the best advantage of yourself.
There're items I put in dryer, & take them out close to finish time, hang them up. No ironing necessary.
by donjo
My clothes line is under the verandah so things pretty much dry even when it is raining. When the weather is really cold I need to finish things off inside on a clothes airer. My house is small so the clothes airer gets in the way a bit but we manage. The only place I could mount a clothes drier is in front of the laundry window and I don't want to do that.
No. We are having such lovely weather that there is no need to use the dryer.
by Vee
No! My clothes are on the line, although it is grey weather. If it is raining I put them on a clothes "horse" inside to dry.
Our cloths line is under trees, which have branches to high to remove, so I end up with tree stains & or bird poo, on my clean washing! I still hang the dark wash out though, turned inside out, so they don’t fade, & I hang light wash in the bathroom. I have tree stains on a couple of my coloured sheets, from years ago, so now I put the sheets into the dryer, then the towels for 1/2 an hr, then hang the towels outside.
I have only a second-hand apartment-sized dryer. I have not used it for the last 10 years. When possible I hang clothes outside, when not, I hang them inside.
In the summer I sometimes go without doing laundry if the humidity is high although I will accept a "second rinse" outside if necessary!
We don't even own a dryer. We've lived in Brissie over 20 years and we've never found the need for one. There's only the two of us so we haven't got as much to wash as a family with kids, and during the rainy periods, any clothes I wash can be hung up around the house to dry. Larger items can wait until the rain has stopped. It saves on the power bill too.
No - don't have one. I use hangers & rack in the shower. Much better for clothes & less expensive. In Summer it's easy, Winter takes a bit longer.
Otherwise laundromats often permit Drying only - and its their electricity! :-)
No - don't have one. I use hangers & rack in the shower. Much better for clothes & less expensive. In Summer it's easy, Winter takes a bit longer.
Otherwise laundromats often permit Drying only - and its their electricity! :-)
No way, the fresh breeze and wind is so much better for them.
I don't have a dryer. I love the proper...non satinized sheets when they come off the line and you slip into a cotton experience at night!
I have softened my towels but now prefer not to. I love the harder feel to a towel and it is good for your skin. It takes off the dead skin and invigorates your skin. I am told I look 5-10 years younger than my age....could this be the reason why....says she laughing
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