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Are you an animal lover and do you own any at the moment?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you an animal lover?

Do you currently own a pet and if so what is it?

What kind of pet would you like to own?

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Top Answers
I am DEFINITELY an animal lover, having bred llamas, ducks, geese, and my beloved dogs who I still have, and one of which is barking as it is his breakfast time.

I love most animals as they seem to hold a bond with me and they give unconditional love.
by Finy
Love, love, love animals, currently I own two dogs and a healthy number of fish in our outside pond. I am also grandma to a horse and a kitten. If I lived in a rural setting I would be laying claim to many more of the animal kingdom.
Love ALL animals with a passion....have a cat 'Champers' asleep by my side
by Fran
I believe that I am THE greatest animal lover on the planet! I have two dogs of my own and the little one from next door has now adopted me as well,as she prefers to live here than with her original owners!! I take this as a huge compliment on my character.I have always owned several animals at any time,and even my spoilt guinea pigs lived to a ripe old age of almost 8 years each!! I get on far better with animals than I do with many humans,and I actually prefer their loyal,loving,selfless personalities to the behaviour of so many people I know!! My Fur Babies keep me happy,entertained,and SANE! The old saying of Charlie Brown from 'Peanuts fame,suits me to perfection: Love Me,Love My Dog!! (or cat,guinea pig, mouse, possum,chooks,ducks,and all feathered, furred or otherwise adorable critter!!!)
Yes, I love animals. I have four chickens, who are technically livestock, though they are really pets to us, and a small python. I'd like a dog.
I do like animals! I have a Khaki Campbell duck and a Pekin duck. I also have an Australorp chicken and an Isa Brown.
I love this little buggers!
I don't have a pet, we really can't where we live.....one day I would love a cat or dog maybe, when my son leaves home...who knows :)
Animals have saved people I believe from being lonely, depressed and they are
just one of life's many benefits.
Cute too, way way cute! I'm sold.
QUESTION :): Does anyone know what this little fella is?
by jonaja
is this the quiz for this month?
by Finy
LOL...Finy do you know?
by jonaja
Oh my, jonaj. Please tell me it's not a mouse.
by Vee
It can't be a mouse? can it?
by jonaja
A hamster?
by donjo
I have a dog, 2 cats and a gecko. We have had rabbits and chickens in the past!
I love animals, but don't share my life with any at the moment. When my daughter was younger we had a little family of guinea pigs that were part of our family, but they have a relatively short lifespan (6 - 8 years at the most), so they've all died now. Although I'd love to have more pets I now travel quite regularly so it wouldn't be so practical. I also believe that when we take animals into our lives and hearts it should be a life-long commitment, and I don't think I can provide that as sometimes I'm away from home for a few months at a time.
I like some animals but not all.... cats please me enormously and we currently have one though I wouldn't say we own him. He is a member of the family not a possession! And when we move he gets to fly first class whilst the rest of us are squeezed into economy...
Love animals but unfortunately we don't have the space for one yet
by AJ
I have spent my life looking after other peoples cast off pets. It seems that Dad is expected to take on all the kidsí pets when their life changes require the pets to go. At one stage I had 4 dogs and 1 cat left over after a wife left and then after the daughter finished Uni and left to be with her man I wound up with the cat and another dog. Time has reduced the number back to just the cat and a recent attempt to load me up with another dog was stopped by me as I am hoping to sail around the Greek islands soon. The cat is a bit of a challenge as I am not sure what to do with him. I have been told that cats work ok on boats but he could not return to Australia unless he spent months locked in a cage at the quarantine station. This would break his heart as he would think he had been dumped and is the roaming type. If I wait for him to pass I will be too old to travel so it is an issue.
Yes, I love animals of all types. Since I was a child to this day I have been glued to watching animal documentaries on National Geography and the Discovery channel etc. I Think I know something about most known dangerous animals.
I have a little Black and gold Pappillon. I adopted him from RSPCA. He came to me with 3 legs. He was found on the streets of Ballarat in a terrible state. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. He is the dearest little dog and I can not for life of me understand how anyone could do what they did to him. He is not 100 per cent. He suffers with Seizures, on testing we found he is having trouble with his liver. He is on a special diet and that seems to have controlled the seizures, for now anyway.
Yes, I love animals. Am definitely more of a dog person, not cat person. We have a little fox terrier, Daisy, and she's just so cute! Hoping to have a couple of cows and half a dozen chickens one day when we escape to the country!
Love animals, but own none at the moment. I'm trying to convince my husband to get a rabbit or a ferret or something along those lines.
by Vee
Yes, I love my animals. I have 2 dogs now, and since Moby (my giant goldfish) got too big for the tank, (he's gone to a 5m tank now), I have three goldfish. I am babysitting my brother's 2 miniature maltese terriers, one of which is sitting on my lap. I also have numerous magpies who drop in every so often and eat the mince off my water tank. Can't bear to watch anything to do with animals being harmed. I can't really watch Bondi Vet either....

love animals but no pets. we've lived abroad for 14 years and grew too scared to have a pet for fear of needing to return and leave them behind. so grown out of it but if I had the chance I'd have a dog again any day.
LOVE all animals! Love seeing the new additions to zoos, go all gooey at the site of them. Currently only have a female ginger cat who makes Garfield look like a wimp! Don't understand anyone that dislike all animals, they are then no longer my friend.
Most definitely!

A Seal Point Siamese cat from an animal 'foster' home.

Would love to still own two Welsh Pembroke Corgi dogs!
I grew up with a love of animals from my family as we always had pets.

I have a very spoilt cat, and also feed a cat that lives a few streets away as it's owner rarely changes it's water bowl or feed it. I have had to get the RSPCA involved.
My wife and I love animals.
We have a beautiful dog named Oliver.
We have had pet sheep, goat, ducks, cats in the past.
Also a cockatiel, but my wife is allergic to birds and cannot keep them, otherwise I would love a Galah, or large parrot to train to speak.


Yes, we own a Shiatsu x Bichon Friese
He is a wonderful boy and so well disciplined in that he will tell us when he want to go outside for the toilet.
He also understands many of the words we speak.
I cannot express how much love he gives except to say he that he is a pleasure to have.

I adore all animals. Now I only have a Great Dane,cat, hundreds of birds guppies and a 30cm salmon catfish. I did have bunnies and chooks.My Great Dane wouldn't eat for 2wks after his chook died.He used to let her in the house,sleep and have lunch together :( I also feed and let the cat next door sleep on my bed all day.
I love great Danes -they are so big and beautiful....
by Finy
I love animals! We had dogs, but, when they got sick, we had to have them put down. That really bothered me. I ''mourned'' for days afterward.
We have a pet cat. My ''fur baby.'' Love him a lot!!!!
Yes I love animals,exception on snakes, and yes I do have pets, Dogs,chickens, and a canary, I did have fish but they all died. I thinks most of the times our pets are better than humans.
(1) Yes I am. ( 2) No we don't. (3) A cat.
by Miro
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