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Are you allergic to any foods, or do any foods upset your stomach?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you allergic to any foods, or do any foods upset your stomach?

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Top Answers
Happily, not allergic to ANY foods!

I just don't like peas. Hate them with a passion.
Not at all fond of artichoke, any other type of bean, aubergine, or Brussels sprouts!
But I just l o v e beans; cold raw, steamed, or juiced with carrots or Apple!
Oh yum, big time!
I think cold, raw Capsicum, any colour, is very good for you (Vit E). I do enjoy eating that on a hot day. Very refreshing!
I get an upset stomach easily and particularly from garlic, beans and pulses etc.

I am OK if I eat take away or rubbish food, it seems to be only when I eat healthy and vegetables often upset my stomach!

I envy those that have a "cast iron stomach" as they can eat what they want when they want.

I cannot even drink water in another state of Australia!

Yet on a cruise where I eat almost constantly including many sweets at each meal, I am OK!
by Finy
I don't get an upset stomach very often at all. Even though I have coeliac disease I don't get symptoms and generally feel fine no matter what I eat.
I don't think I have any proper allergies, but I can't digest large quantities of fat, especially animal fat, so that rules out cheese, icecream etc (skim milk is okay but I've pretty much given up dairy anyway). I also react badly to quorn, which is a pity because I quite like it.
yes I like quorn also, oddly that only sometimes affects me!
by Finy
I no longer can eat ANY Garlic!
Or any spice like curry.

Bad News Big Time.
Im so pleased I found someone else who cannot eat garlic!! I have never heard of anyone else besides me!
by Finy
I have 'Gord' and garlic would be a very bad reaction....I use to eat it, but that was long ago.
by jonaja
I actually do have genuine allergies,rather than sensitivities,so I have to avoid some things altogether or end up in hospital.Luckily I am able to eat peanuts!! I cannot have seafood(shellfish, prawns etc) or eggs plus way too many to mention!
I can't eat raw onions anymore. I've never had a problem with them until recently, but now really can't eat them without feeling sick.
sarah -I was the same and swapped to the more expensive shallots, or red onions, and they are fine -it is only the brown onion I cannot eat.
by Finy
Nothing that I can readily think of. I do not like to drink milk too often though. Pineapple has given me an allergic reaction in the past, I have been poisoned by fish and papaya has made my fingers itch in the past.
by Gia
No allergies, but Irritable Bowel syndrome and sensitivity now to anything spicy, including pepper sprinkled through a dish for 'flavour'. Raw onions are bad as well, and Sun dried tomato.
I am allergic to beans and pulses. They trigger an asthma attack.

I also get terrible stomach pains and often vomiting when I eat cooked tomatoes.
Unfortunately some of the foods I enjoy most I've had to avoid, like garlic and onion. I used to love vindaloo curries but having dry mouth syndrome prohibits me from eating anything spicy as my mouth, gums and cheeks bleed so it's not just all about the stomach. I also find soft drinks don't go down as well as they used to.
I have not come across any foods that cause me to get an upset stomach
by AJ
I used to be able to eat everything. Now raw onion doesn't agree with me, & unfortunately. neither dose not spicy foods, which I use to love. I used to always buy my brother hot spicy chilli or chilli jams, lug them all the way to Oodnadatta S.A. where he use to live, & he'd also say;"That wasn't very spicy" After I'd tried to find him the spiciest item available. I'd even ask to stall owner, "Is THIS 1 REALLY, REALLY hot, & they assured me that it was, but it was never hot enough for my brother!
by Miro
I'm not allergic to any food but I get an upset stomach very easily and I bloat, because I have ulcer. It's so annoying that you can't enjoy a simple meal because you'll feel bloated after eating it.
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