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Are you able to sleep on a plane?

by Finy (follow)
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sleepign plane
Photo: phanlop88 - www.freedigitalphotos

Do you arrive exhausted from a plane trip?

If on a long or short plane ride, are you able to sleep?

Do you have to take pills for this, or do you sleep on a plane naturally?

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Top Answers
Yes, and I'm quite surprised at it - I naturally tend to go to sleep once we're in the air and have once slept through the entire journey! :O
Xarah, how lucky is that. I take pills and still only sleep 4 hours on a 12 hour flight!
by Finy
Xarah, you are so so lucky! My husband has this gift too. I take pills for flight anxiety and they are meant to also make me sleepy but I'm awake for the whole flight, every time!
I can't sleep on a plane , probably too excited of the journey. I don't take pills to sleep but I try to get a shut-eye for a short while . Finally I end up reading a book and arrive exhausted!
With great difficulty, yes I can sleep on a plane ride.
by Vee
My husband wanted to weigh in on this question: "I sleep well after two small bottles of wine."
by Vee
Bahahaha. My other half is your husband's twin!! Nervous flyer . . . couple of wines and off to Nod he goes.
by Rice
Arrive exhausted. I tend to keep myself busy so I don't sleep. ;)
I usually dont sleep in plane and try to keep myself busy. If it is a long trip I try to sleep for some time without taking pills.
If everyone else is sleeping, I can....but normally not the best.
I do not sleep ever on short plane rides.I like to know what's going on.
love the picture!
by Finy
It's great isn't it :)
by jonaja
I'm not a great sleeper on a flight and even though I take anxiety pills which are meant to cause drowsiness, I find that I fidget, can't get comfortable or I'm distracted, all of which means I stay awake for most of the flight. I generally arrive exhausted at my destination, but then grab sleep the moment I can. I'm a little in envy of people who are able to fall asleep so easily on flights, it must mean that you can wake up at your destination ready and raring to go.
Yes, I am too helen! very envious...
by Finy
I just cannot sleep on a plane. It's one of the reasons I hate travelling. I think it's because I find it difficult to get comfortable, and if I finally do, some clown uses the seat as a hand rail and disturbs me.
dom a -I know it is not funny but the way you tell it made me smile as it is SO right!
I also no longer enjoy going overseas due to all these reasons -started going business class but although this is much better, and there are beds, I still arrive exhausted and now just can't be bothered.
by Finy
by Japie
Sure I can, I'm lucky like that. Once I've watched about three inflight movies, I'm toast. I think I get so bored that I just fall asleep once they turn the lights off.
I have not flown for long distance 8 years but a brandy and a valium normally did the trick on a long flight. I still arrive exhausted, miserable and fed up because of the crap food, small seats and annoying kids
I can't sleep, too worried about the plane going down.
Pfruit, I flew over the Grand Canyon with my husband & our 2 daughters, back in '89, in a really small plane. I cried to myself flying over & back again. I told my mother a few years later, she remarked, "Well if it comes down, it comes down & you can't do anything about it." 1 did 'come down' over the GC about a month after we were there & yes I'm afraid all 4 onboard died.
by Miro
I can sleep but short naps. It is not anxiety that keeps me awake but an unsupported neck is troublesome. Next time around I will carry the travel pillow. Then I can sleep like a log.
I can sleep but short naps. It is not anxiety that keeps me awake but an unsupported neck is troublesome. Next time around I will carry the travel pillow. Then I can sleep like a log.
Sometime I can sleep depends on the length of the flight. On a recent flight back from the UK we were lucky enough to have 3 seats each so we could lay out. It was great. We sometimes fly business class and of course you get a lie down bed.

Last long haul flight I took , I was far too excited by all the movies I wanted to watch to even find time to sleep - I watched five films in row and loved every one. Arrived feeling super tired but satisfied. Definitely would never take sleeping tablets - I much prefer to be in control in case something happened.
by Lucy
I can never sleep on a plane! Maybe because I have worked as a flight stewardess before:-) When everyone else is fast a sleep I watch one movie after the other. Don't feel overly exhausted after the trip either.
you ARE fortunate!
by Finy
My husband is american and we travel to the States quite a bit. I am never able to sleep much. I have finally just given up trying and resigning myself to the fact that I won't be sleeping and then if I do manage to get some it's a bonus.
Don't sleep on short trips.
Have short naps on long trips.
Always arrive exhausted.
by Zen
I've learnt to sleep on flights, but it's never particularly relaxing or comfortable. Sometimes it's better than others, though, so fortunately I don't always arrive exhausted. I wish I could afford first-class so it wouldn't be such an issue!
After reading the other responses I have decided I am lucky. I can sleep on a plane. I can sleep pretty much anywhere, especially if I am travelling. Movement seems to lull me to sleep. I sleep on buses and trains too. Sometimes I get a stiff neck though. I don't do much plane travel.
Oh! Marie, if you have an 'inflatable' neck support, no more sore neck!
They're marvellous, & can be used for varying travel means, as well as at home, eg whilst tv viewing, or seated book reading! Cheers!
by donjo
Thanks for that tip. I will have to buy one. Then I just have to remember to take it with me when I travel.
No I can never sleep on a plane. I'm too aware of other people around me and can never relax enough to fall asleep.
I could sleep standing on my head. So I have no trouble sleeping on a plane.
Yes, no pills, just late nights, early or late flights, long flights ie anything over an hour is long enough for me to sleep
Have never had problems sleeping naturally on a plane. Ranging from 4 seats across to sleeping upright in my seat, middle one in Exit Row, Madrid-Seoul, over the North Pole!

As I've flown constantly all my life, I find plane travel both exciting & relaxing.

But, then again, I've usually been on a QANTAS aircraft! Instant 'slumber mode' after a meal! Maybe the good littl' bottles of Aussie wine have something to do with that! Lol!
I don’t arrive tired, so I must have slept, when I thought I was always awake, if that makes amy sense. My husband can always sleep on an aircraft, & we’ve never taken sleeping tablets, just slept naturally.
I could not sleep properly because of seating all the time, cannot lie down.
Oh! Finy, the picture must be a 'mock-up' of an aircraft, as no seat belts attached to any seats.
And 'view' out 'window' looks false! Lol!
I don't know about me . . . but my d@mned legs do!
by Rice
Haha, good one!
by Vee
Oh! Rice, wear anti-DVT leg hose, & that won't happen!
I kept mine from an Op., I had! No-one sees them, as I always have worn slacks-suits, whilst flying! Cheers!
by donjo
Hardly ever.
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