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Are you able to do a proper DIVE into the water?

by Finy (follow)
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diving into water
Photo: wikimedia.commons

Are you able to do a proper dive into the water and not a "belly flop"?

#Diving into water
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Top Answers
I used to be able to do a really nice dive, and I loved diving.

I have not tried diving probably for about 5 years now and not sure that I would anymore.

I guess it is something that you never forget but just think a 60+ person doing a dive would not be such a pretty sight!

Also I do not go swimming often anymore, despite it being the only sport I used to do and always had a pool at home and swam a lot.

by Finy
Now that's a proper dive, in your photo, Finy! I could, but I never dive into any water these days.
by Miro
No, I never mastered it, but I do a truly magnificent bomb!
LOL megg -didnt I say not a belly flop -haha! bombies are different though!
by Finy
I've never really tried, it's mostly just jump in and think later. I'm not great at swimming anyway so I normally stick to the shallow part of the water!
I used to be able to and think I could still do this if I tried...
by fran
No!! I do not particularly like the water,and diving for me is something to really enjoy watching others do well!
I wish I could! Cannot swim unfortunately
really kitt -where do you live?
by Finy
Where do you live, Kit.m? I'm asking you this question, at 2.43AM! I think I'll go back to sleep now!
by Miro
I usually just belly flop. To be fair though, I haven't tried to dive in years.
by Vee

Not now, to old and heavy!...lol.
No I never managed to do a proper dive - and I tried a lot as a kid
by AJ
I love diving and think I might be good at it (no-one has ever told me otherwise), howver I have never actually seen myself dive so maybe I am rubbish at it?? I realise now what a difficult skill it is to master as I watch me kids learn to dive,
Yes, was taught at school, part of swimming curriculum. Was both an excellent, strong swimmer & good diver.
Loved it, but often suffered with ear ache because of it!
Didn't learn to swim. At school, teachers only paid attention to those who were good, strong swimmers - not "useless" kids. It is one BIG regret in my life that I cannot swim, or dive.
Oh! delbr, could you not learn from a local swimming centre?
It's a marvellous ability to have, & being in water is just so relaxing!
Once you learn to swim, paddling in the surf is relaxing, too! Hopping into a cold creek on a hot Summer's day.........endless possibilities' open for you! Cheers!
by donjo
At 61 on disab pension, private lessons are outrageously expensive, + I'm the wrong shape for bathers now.
There are hundreds of thousands of older people who were never taught to swim, yet no where for them to learn unless private lessons are paid..
by delbr
I have never dived into the water. If you do t know the waters depth, you could break your neck and become a paraplegic. Too dangerous.
I once came 2nd in a diving competition. Belly busters for all 3 dives! Never been able to do it even with coaching.🐳
No, I've never been able to dive in properly.
No, because I can't be bothered going into the water, these days, but having said that, I do if I'm on a cruise at some south pacific island, but then I'll just walk into the water!
by Miro
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