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Are You A Water Snob?

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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Do some brands have a lower PH levels than other brands, making them more superior?

Are you a water snob?

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Top Answers
Hardly !!! I rarely drink bottled water unless travelling. When I have in the past, I really couldn't care what brand it is or where it is from and the pH content of it. Water here in Australia is the best in the world, so I find no need to have bottled water. If I need water, I will fill a container from home with our lovely, healthy and clean tap water, and just refill it throughout the day !!

Definitely not. I have trouble holding a bottle of water anyway so tap water will do me. We have fluoride in ours now and some days it smells rank, sadly.
by Rice
Fluoride doesn't change the taste or the smell. Maybe there's something else in the water?
Oh yuk. Something else to think about. Thank heaven I'm moving :-)))
by Rice
Chlorine maybe?
by dwatk
Hmmm. Could be. On those days the water looks cloudy too, so maybe chlorine. Best not to think about it too much I reckon. LOL
by Rice

Tap water is fine by me. I fill a bottle when I am going out. If I am really parched then I will buy one.
I don't normally buy bottled water (unless I'm stuck somewhere and don't have my own water bottle and am really thirsty) because I think it's a waste of plastic and money and environmentally irresponsible. I bring a bottle of tap water with me most places I go, so nope, no snobbery here. Why would the pH be an issue? Does it affect the taste? It doesn't make any difference health wise.
There is nothing wrong witb our tap water. My dentist said uf ever I was concerned about how good the water was, boil it, cool it and place in fridge.
I have heard that alkaline water, which has a higher pH level than does plain tap water, is healthier for a number of reasons. I drink tap water because, well, it's cheaper, convenient, and produces less waste than bottled water. When my husband and I get our own place, however, we will purchase and install a stage seven reverse osmosis water filter for reasons important to us.
by Vee
Alkaline bottled water is just snake oil. https://skeptoid.com/blog/2015/09/09/alkaline-water-miracle-cure/
If that's so, and this goes for a lot of things, it's really quite astounding that people have no qualms about exploiting others for profit. Of course, this should not surprise, but it's so damn disheartening! Thanks, Jennifer.
by Vee
We have installed a 100,000 litre underground rainwater tank. The water goes through a purification process before we use it. Our water is delicious and cool.
When I taste and smell town water I turn up my nose. I try not to buy bottled water but carry water from home in a reuseable bottle, but that is about the use of plastic as much as anything. If I am travelling and need to buy bottled water I am not concerned about ph or brand names. I do notice that I prefer the taste of some brands so would buy them if there was a choice. Also would prefer not to support Coke. They sell water too.
No, but want a quality product,
I've filtered chilled water on tap. I always fill a reusable plastic bottle with it, freeze it, to take with me if going out, shopping etc.

I do enjoy 'Woolies' Sparkling Mineral Water, at 75c for 1.25L. I find it very thirst quenching!

So, I'm sure no 'water snob'!
Yes! I prefer to drink bottled water, even at home.
No I'm not a water snob. however I bought this homebrand water once as I was so thirsty I would never buy it again,it had a funny taste to it and wasn't pleasent to drink.
I drink tap water when at home.
by Finy
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