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Are you a tidy or a messy person in everyday life?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you messy around the house, or very neat?

#House mess
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Top Answers
I am actually fairly tidy however in certain areas, oddly enough, I tend to be messy.

One is the kitchen, and the other is the bedroom -all other areas are tidy,

I do not like untidiness however somehow in the kitchen things seem to pile up on the benches which is a shame as I do not like this look.

After typing this, I am off to both rooms to tidy them!
by Finy
I am a tidy person. I likes to keep things neat and clean.
I'm a Clean Freak....big time.

Messy doesn't exist in my life.Just the thought of a mess, makes my skin crawl.
I'm not one of those impossible clean freak's that you can't even leave something,
but I guess I don't do 'mess' well.
I am a tidy person - but it's not always easy! I find I am better mentally when my house is tidy and clean.
My mother is a hoarder and our house was war zone growing up. Maybe due to this my house is neat and tidy. I cannot relax if the house is messy.
I'm also a hoarder Thirftyfrugalfun, our daughters live in their own homes, with their partners, & their houses are also...very neat & tidy. (Even the daughter with her 2 young daughters!)
by Miro
I am a tidy person but things like my cupboards and drawers I let go for awhile then tiday them up also
by Fran
I like for things to be clean, but that doesn't necessairly mean things must be tidy. I am somewhere in between. Somedays I don't care if things are messy, other days I can't stand it.
by Vee
I am quite an organised person and make sure the place is kept clean - but I do have a tendency to be messy - particular in my bedroom.
by AJ
Somewhere in-between! I prefer my home to be clean and neat, but try not to get too upset if it's not possible to do this.
I'm a fairly organised person, and it's easy to keep things clean when everything is in it's place.
I am a very tidy person. I like to keep everything in order. Cleanliness is a must!
Tidy for me but hubby is messy! Makes things a little tense at times!
I am,very messy in my basic arty nature!! However I have certain parts of my life which tend toward ultra tidiness!!! I have found that others tell me my home is just that,a home rather than a house;and kids adore coming her as I am not on their backs to be tidy all the time!!! They can paint and draw,or anything else they wish to do!! They anxd most folk say I have a comfortable hhom,even with its mess!! When I was working,I was so almost obsessively tidy with my job,that it is rather hilarious,the difference between home and work!!!
Clean but not tidy, if that makes sense. I try to be tidy, but I often get distracted by the kids or whatever else is going on and leave stuff where it shouldn't go.
Tidy but I do have the odd explosion when funnily enough I am having a tidy up.
Having had to move from my beautiful, very large home of 29squares up AND down, high set, into a lowset approx FIVE times less area, am now messy. This house only has kitchen cupboards, two small ones. No cupboards anywhere else! In former home, had cupboards galore! 99% of my beautiful furniture is in storage. Many moving boxes not unpacked as nowhere to put items. Have literally got basics in all things to live on.
But I manage, just, to keep kitchen, bathroom & toilet clean & tidy.

I hate the way I've been forced to live, but had no other choice! I literally live one day at a time. I literally live fortnight to fortnight with pension.

Was given a beautiful, foster homed cat, & he's really been a godsend to me! He provides companionship & routine for me.

But, have good health for which I'm very grateful, as there're many, many people worse off than me.........
Tidy house, but messy bedroom - though not 'dirty'. For some reason I do not like my room to look like a display home. I 'need' to have things laying around i.e. a small pile of clothes or 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and a few books I'm getting ready to read. Strange, I know!
NO, poppy, NOT strange, just VERY normal!
I love having my 'things' around me; gives me a sense of 'companionship', enjoyment, & peace of mind.

by donjo
A bit messy but I don't think I'm so bad, however the young 20 somethings from the estate agent think otherwise at the 6 monthly inspections. Just because there are things on the floor, they deem that untidy and request I tidy it up.

But this is how I 'sort' things, by having things around, I know what's where and am not a hoarder in that sense, nor are there half eaten meals under the mess, attracting pests.
If you're renting, Amand, how you live your life is NONE of their business!
Please read my comment, above.
by donjo
Generally tidy. Although I occasionally things get messy and then after a day or so I HAVE to tidy up. I like to know where things are. (Truth be known, I sometimes don't know where things are even if tidy!!!)
Sadly I am a bit of a clutter person, as I always have too much stuff (according to my wife). Personally I think it is a man thing to hoard or collect.

I guess I am messy as I am a bit of a hoarder and have regular clear outs.
farley, I'm messy, & a hoarder & I don't throw things out, well not as much as I should! Any (other) husband would have left me, years ago. I don't think it's ALL my stuff though. My husband keeps buying our granddaughters books & toys every time we go out!. The girls live in Melbourne, so we have to keep taking our heavy suitcases down there when we visit!
by Miro
Tidy . . . . before and after the hoarder! I could write a book . . ."Ten Years With a Hoarder and How I Saved My Sanity" . . . . Step one . . . SELL large home, Step two . . . buy TINY one . . . Step three . . . make sure it is nearly 200K away. Oh, and step four . . . . do not hand over any keys!! ^_^
by Rice
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