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Are you a picky, slow eater, or do you tend to gulp food down?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you a picky, slow eater, or do you gulp your food down?

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Top Answers
Unfortunately i gulp food down.

It is apparently not good for the digestion system and you eat more if you gulp as you eat so quickly you do not have time to get full, and stop!

I have tried several times to slow down but in the end I always forget and gulp....I LOVE food but wish I could stop eating sweet things..
by Finy
I am not a picky eater,but I do eat slowly enough to enjoy each mouthful .I would get told off if I gulped my food down as a child,and my parents would tell me that I would get shocking tummy pains if I did this!! I think that they were just trying to encourage a more 'ladylike' way to eat my meals!! However,as the years have passed,I have heard that those who do gulp their food tend to suffer with various digestive disorders.I am actually rather pleased that I eat slowly and enjoy everything I eat.I even have dogs who do not gulp THEIR food either!!!
I gulp my food. I often get asked if I even tasted the meal I just inhaled, but I always enjoy what I eat.
My husband has a tendency of inhaling his food, lol. He says it's the way he's been conditioned because at work he has a limited time in which to eat his lunch.
by Vee
I am definitely a slow eater
by AJ
I do eat very quickly I know so...'gulp it down' I guess. Mum used to say 'did you win the race dear'
by Fran
I'm a slower eater, not a gulper. I like to enjoy food, take the time to taste it.
I'm a painfully slow eater, being the last person to always finish in whatever company I'm with i.e. family, friends or strangers! I'm often still eating 15-20 minutes after everyone else has finished. All too often, I don't finish everything on my plate as I fill up pretty quickly.

I do however, enjoy the whole experience of eating - savouring the taste and flavours, drinking matched wines and talking and overall just enjoying the moment.

Even when eating junk food, I'm slow. For example a small packet of chips will last me an hour as I take each crisp, suck the flavouring and making the crisp soft and then eat the crisp. A magnum ice-cream will take a good 30-45 minutes, as I peel the chocolate off first and allow it to sit in my mouth as it melts into oblivion and then I lick the creamy ice-cream until I reach the stick.

On the opposite side of the scale my brother doesn't just gulp, he gallops through his food, much to the chagrin of the person who follows him to the toilet. I'm not sure how two family members can be so completely from the opposite side of the scales when it comes to food and eating.
I have always been EXTREMELY slow eater.

So much that people have to wait for me a long time.
I can not help it.....I just gag on food, if I don't take it very slow.
I'm a very slow eater, picky too. i could survive on toasted sandwiches and
Gippsland dairy yoghurt.
So many people now eat in the street. I can never remember this happening
when I was young. I don't think its a good look at all....Apparently everyone is time poor, but I can see future health problems from this habit.
by sandw
I agree :)
by jonaja
Am neither 'picky' or 'gulper'; just eat 'normally' & chew food properly prior swallowing!

C. Bean, Aussie WWI Columnist, used to chew EACH mouthful of food 34 times! Glad I wasn't in the Mess at meal time with him! Would drive you nuts!
I wouldn't say I'm pick. I can be slow or quick depending on what the circumstances call for. I like to enjoy my food, so eat a little slower than some.
by Vee
if in a hurry will eat quickly, mostly eat slowly so as to enjoy the full flavor of the food,
I am very much a picky slow eater - always the last to finish my meal

I eat at a steady pace but like to finish off the meal with little bit of each thing for a last mouthful. I don't seem to even do it on purpose these days...it just happens! (practice I suppose)
i used to gulp it down as a kid, & our father would tell us siblings: “Each mouthful should take 30 chews” Like, how cold would your dinner be, after 30 chews of 1 mouthful?!
Just found this question again, February,'17. At home I tend to eat quicker than when I'm out somewhere as I seem to eat very slowly in a cafe/restaurant. That maybe because I'm too busy talking, instead of eating!
by Miro
Just found this question again, February,'17. At home I tend to eat quicker than when I'm out somewhere as I seem to eat very slowly in a cafe/restaurant. That maybe because I'm too busy talking, instead of eating!
by Miro
When we visit our youngest daughter & her partner in Melbourne; he's has already finished the washing up, while I'm still eating my meal! My husband is just about as slow as I am! (We have asked them not to give us so much dinner, as I only serve us small meals at home.)
by Miro
I'm a slow eater. Always the last at the table. Can't understand why you'd want to guzzle your food down with no time to actually enjoy it. And I hate to think what it's doing to your digestive system! (P.S. that's a really horrible photo at the top!)
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