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Are you a morning person or a night owl?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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owl, spotted owl
Spotted Eagle-Owl. Photo by GalliusM, from the Wikipedia

Are you an early riser, or are you happiest sleeping later and staying up late at night?

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Top Answers
Definitely a night owl. All my creative thoughts happen at night and I do my best work during that time!
I probably used to be a night owl, but I've started getting up much earlier due to work reasons lately and have realised just how much you can get done in those hours I used to lie in bed. I now get up earlier every day and save the evening for unwinding and relaxing (and going to bed earlier!)
I am a morning person. I like to wake up early and get a head start on the day.
I always get up early. I tend to get up at 5am, sometimes earlier if I have a busy day ahead. I used to go to bed early too, but it is gradually becoming later. Half 10 to 11pm is still considered pretty early to most people though.
I used to think I was a night owl, but I'm actually more productive when I've had an early night and woke up early - it certainly makes getting out of bed for work easier.
A bit of both. It depends on what is happening in my life at the time. I must admit that, as age takes its toll, I find it very difficult to stay up late for social occasions, but if it's a case of tapping out a few articles for Weekend Notes or communicating through Facebook, I'm up late with the best of them.
I have always been a night owl who dreams of the morning. Unfortunately mornings have never agreed with me. I love the morning sun, and sunlight for that matter but it never seems to make a difference. I find it hard to sleep at night and even harder to stay awake during the day. Oh well, it's the night owl life for me.
Given the choice I prefer to stay up later and get up later. I have small children so that's not really possible now. That being said, my kids probably go to bed later than some other kids their age since we don't have a strict bedtime, just put them to bed when they're tired, and some days they will sleep in until around 8am if we don't have somewhere we need to be.
As the children get close to school age....they may need to be in a routine. My grandchildren find it hard to get up and ready for school.It seems little ones need a fair amount of sleep once they go to school, it makes them very tired.
by jonaja
I would say I am a morning person as I spring out of bed, looking forward to another lovely day :) On the other hand, I am also a night owl. I mean, it is 10:30pm as I am writing this (despite being on a writers retreat and away with loved ones) I am far from tired. That batteries aren't flat yet, despite going at it since 7am this morning.
If I had a choice I would be a night owl but with two young kids I'm up early every day. Until recently my youngest was waking in the night so I felt like a night owl too.
I used to be able to stay up late, but now it is physically becoming more and more impossible to keep myself awake in the night, even if I want to. I like to wake up early (around 7am), drop the kids off at school and carry on with the day's chores. By 7pm, I feel pooped.
I have been a night owl since I was a baby. In fact my dad moved out of the bedroom (where I used to sleep in my cot), because I would be awake for most of the night playing and talking to myself. My mum still hasn't forgiven me!
Both. All depends on what the next day holds or what I have been up to during the day.
Definitely a night owl. Was never a morning person. As a student I would go on studying till late night, even now all my writing is done only during the night.
I used to be a night owl but more of a morning person now. I can't stay past 12 anymore!
morning the best part of the day
I am neither I am more of an afternoon person.. I guess I can't really say I am night person as I don't like to stay up all night. I can stay up latest till 3am but I need my rest and function best during afternoon not really at night. I don't like mornings though I find it hard to get up early..
Definitely a night owl! I rarely get to bed before 11 or 12. I have to be REALLY tired or sick to go to bed before then. I'm a TV addict and am always catching up on TV shows I've missed out on because of stations triple booking shows I like watching on the same night at the same time! I LOVE my TiVo's (I have 2 which are always full of stuff to watch). If I go to bed too early I just toss and turn thinking about what I could be doing instead (like watching TV). I'm definitely NOT a morning person who bounds out of bed ready to face the world, let alone go for a run at 6 am! Ugghh! Mandy E.
I am both, which doesn't work out very well for me. I think I enjoy the serenity each has to offer. I really should get to bed earlier most nights though. I think waking up fresh and early is way more rewarding than staying up late.
I am a little bit of both. I work better at night time on say academics, writing and reading. However, in the mornings I'm more likely to get things done around the house, organise a few things, get my errands done. If I'm not at work, I'll spend the afternoon relaxing a bit or taking a nap.
On the rare occasion I rise early, I can see why people love it. Everything is fresh and quiet and lovely. But I prefer to roll over and sleep till 10:00 am.
I am an early riser.
I am an early riser.
Absolutely a morning person! Once it hits 10pm I'm out like a light!
I used to be a night owl and definitely not a morning person but after moving to a warm humid climate I became a morning person and conked out at night. now back to the colder climate in Australia I'm back again to being a night owl. But working plus study makes you a night owl just trying to squeeze it all in to the day....
I get most work done at night. When I have to be alert in the morning I have to drink coffee.
by Gia
I am definitely a night owl. I am more creative at night. I need to pack and prepare the night before because in the morning I think more slowly and am more forgetful.
I like staying up late.
A night owl. Love peace and space when all quiet. Can't bear mornings..
I was definitely a night owl before I had children. Now I am a morning person by their choice!
When working, a lark. Now a definite Owl!
Oh, to be able to sleep-in, if wanted, is bliss after 45 years' of working full-time!
Go to bed very, very late now, after having watched some of my taped tv shows & 'working' on ITablet, as in doing so now!
I agree donjo. The absolute luxury, the self indulgence of staying up "working" on my computer…knowing that I can get up in the morning at any old hour I choose. After 50 years of working and having to rise early, I now roll over (particularly in winter) and just snuggle down with a smile on my face. Luverly !
by fran.
definitely a night owl - mornings just aren't for me
Night Owl !! All my life. I would read by flashlight under the covers so Mom or Dad would not know!
I still read late at nite and am nearing my 80's! No one to worry about catching me as I live alone!
When younger a morning person, now retired I have become a night owl.
As a child I was a morning person, then as a teenager I became a totally night owl.
Now I'm almost 30 I'm becoming a morning person again. I get too tired by about 9pm!
Night owl. Hoo hoo.
by Rice
a night owl 4 sure
its 5.42 a.m.
Mostly a morning riser. I like waking up at a reasonable hour.
Night owl . Its probably the quietness and the calmness that makes me more productive.
I am definitely a morning person. I enjoy waking up early to start a brand new, fresh day!
In the morning I feel sluggish, and it takes me time to wake up, even tho I start work in the morning, there are customers that I would rather not deal with first thing.
Morning because that is my most productive time. I like to get up and get the "have to do's" done that way I don't have them hanging over my head for the whole day.
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