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Are you a clumsy person?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you a clumsy person?

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Top Answers
Oddly enough I used to be quite clumsy and had a customer up North of WA who used to think I was "cute" as I stumbled sometimes! Hence came my nick name of "petal" which he always called me for some reason.

I have got far better, probably since I did a bit of Tai Chi and balancing exercises and was told I had "thin bones -osteoporosis.

I now seem to be more sure footed which is odd as I get older.
by Finy
I'm a go-getter and put 150% into everything I do, hence the number of injuries, broken bone and stitches I've endured over the years. As a consequence clumsiness runs parallel with my antics. I recall one uni lecturer actually calling me a motor moron.
'Motor moron', lol!
by Vee
If you call the woman who dropped a magnificent fairy castle birthday cake decorated by herself, Grandad and the birthday girl "clumsy", well that's me. Put it back together very quickly and it was still much admired by all. Although it was very similar to the Munster's house.
I am not too bad....have had a couple of silly falls and do knock into the edge of doors at times! I am a hundred mile an hour person though and need to remind myself to slow down at bit.
by Fran
I have always been Accident prone,but I was only ever CLUMSY through my early childhood through to my pre-teenage years. There is such a huge difference between clumsy and accident prone. I have had some horrific things happen to me which were in no way my own fault.Just awful accidental occurrences!!
I am always very careful with how I move about the house and yard ,so as not to have any accidents as I get older,yet some things do just happen.......
No, not normally. If I start dropping things or tripping over my feet, I know that it means I'm very stressed. One of my body's warning signs that I need to slow down and relax!
I wouldn't say that I'm clumsy but I have tripped over quite a bit
by AJ
I have a fear of falling, and the like so I take extra care.

We did live in a house that had 6 steps going up into the house, I fell from the top to the bottom one night....Now live with extensive nerve damage.

That house was Dangerous!, my next door neighbour fell one day outside on the flat footpath .I fell the same area, and there was nothing to cause it....I lay face down, had to call for help.

Never had any accidents before moving there.
Never had any accidents after moving!!!

I believe 'something' was very wrong with that house.
Yes I'm a clumsy person. I am tripped when I don't balance my moves. Last week, I broke an expensive mug that mom had newly bought and I started to hate myself for being clumsy.
I am very clumsy. I trip over quite often (usually because there's a slope in the road or path). I also tend to spill drink and food.
I am clumsy when I am tired or flustered.
by Vee
Have tripped going up steps with both hands full of grocery parcels! Poor knee copped it all the time!

Had a really nasty fall about 20 months' ago. Was walking down carpeted Hallway, carrying, in front of me a pile of freshly pressed clothes. Foot got caught on carpet, & I literally fell flat on my face!

Got carpet burn on nose, left side of face, left arm & shoulder!
Went to Physio, & he was amazed I hadn't broken any bones! Did muscular damage to left arm, shoulder, shoulder blade & Trapezius muscle.
It took TWELVE months' to get me sorted by constant Physio work, but got there eventually.

Had a Bone Density Test about two years' before this. Apparently I've very strong bones. So, fall actually proved that!
Yes due to back injury that inhibits my walking and reflexes.

I've oftn had problems with tripping and falling. I now know part of my problem was from my balance issues. I have multiple sclerosis (MS) and these balance problems are a common problem for people with MS.
I can be

Luckily no, my wife says she's the clumsy one of us, but I never see her stumble and she rarely tips things over.
Let me count the ways. My middle name is Klutz.
by Rice
Not from tripping over, but from dropping things. I managed to also brake a piece out of an expensive coffee mug with tulips over it, (They are my favourite flower!) In the few days after I'd tuned 70, earlier this year, I broke a special wine glass that was from a set of 4. Then a small coffee mug I caught drips with, under the coffee machine, & a mother coffee cup which was from a set of 4. (Luckily, my husband hasn't noticed that any of these items are missing!)
by Miro
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