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Are you a cat person or a dog person?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma ~ Eartha Kitt.
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Photo: Alvesgaspar

Which kind of furry companion animal do you prefer?

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Top Answers
I prefer dogs myself. I enjoy their open affection and the fact that they're always pleased to be around you and up for walks and games.
As a child I was always a dog person, and insisted that the family own a dog by the time I was 14. That didn't happen, but a year or so later we had to look after a friend's dog while he was away. The Golden Retriever was very friendly, but also far too overpowering to handle. He wanted to be around you all the time and always needed taking for walks or your constant attention. I felt trapped in my own house, and really put me off. I am by no means a cat person either, as they come into our garden and stalk my guinea pigs. I am getting more of a soft spot for them, however.
I've never owned a cat. I'm not anti-cat, I just haven't had one. I do love dogs though. They're so loving and energetic and I think it's lovely for kids to have one to chase around. I'd love to own one again once we have a fully fenced yard.
They're both fantastic domestic pets. Cats are more independent. Great for busy people. Also love it when a cat sits on your lap.
I love both, however cats just seem to be a little more independent. While they don't always greet you when you come home, they do give affection when you need it the most. They also "disguise" their "business" outside, so you don't have to go around picking up poop. And they don't eat as much as dogs. Needless to say, they don't really enjoy walks which is probably one of the best aspects of having a dog!
Cats don't like me and the feeling is mutual. When not kept under control at night they are our worst predators in the suburbs. Our Willy Wagtails completely disappeared once every second house had a cat. On the other hand, I keep my dog locked up at night as its favourite game is hunt the possum. Whatever you choose, please be a responsible pet owner.
I prefer dogs. I now have 2. They are great companions. We took them walking this morning and it started to rain half way. We were all on board and ran back home. They sat patiently whilst I dried them now they're at my feet while I'm on the computer. They love their baths and know after they're sun-dried it's play time. They're great company.
Cats' snootiness interferes with my paranoia. On a day when you are feeling unloved, the cat's contemptuous sneer at you from the doorway before it turns its back is enough to make me say that yes, yes, yes, I am most certainly a dog person.

(Although that independence, on another day when life is beautiful and you are loved, is a wondrous thing to behold. But a dog's boundless love is pretty much welcome any day of the week).
Very succinct.
I am not really a pets person, but keeping my children's interests in view, I think we will have to get a kitten sooner rather than later because of my daughter's keen interest in one.
I love all animals. With cats & dogs, I love looking at their beautiful faces & eyes and wondering what they're thinking. I am more of a cat person & we have always owned cats as they are more independent & I don't worry about leaving them at home all by themselves all day while we're at work. I actually find their aloofness quite endearing - it's almost a game between them & us. Most dogs are so affectionate which is wonderful but they do need much more attention & company which is difficult when you're working.
Can you be both? I've owned both cats and dogs throughout my life and can see the good and bad in both. I love cats because they pretty well take care of themselves from an early age. You don't have to walk them, wash them, pick up their poops etc., but they don't have the endearing qualities of a dog, which only want to please their owners. I have two Golden Retrievers, and besides food, only ever want two things from us - our love and attention. Their neediness can drive us to distraction at times, but we know when we come back home, even if we've been away for a matter of minutes, they're ecstatic to see us again. Cats can take or leave us. But there's nothing better than having a cat curled up in your lap, their purring of contentment is their way of saying they love you too - sort of! Mandy E.
I prefer dogs, they're always full of energy and happy to see you.

I am both. And at first I was afraid that my dog wouldn't get along with the kitten I had been given as a gift a year ago, but after a little work on our end they are now the best of friends. They sleep together, groom each other, play hide and go seek in the back yard and even eat together!
Dogs all the way. So much more personality.
I am definitely a dog person, as most cats seem to only come to you when they want feeding, whereas dogs are always "loving".
Also without dogs, I would do no exercise, and having to walk them daily is also excellent for me.
by Finy
I love dogs.
I have cared for both dogs and cats always the result of kids leaving them behind for silly old dad to care for. I currently have 1 cat.
My ex did not like like cats so he was not allowed inside resulting in me never really getting to know him.
It has been said by experts that people with an extreme hatred for cats are revealing a tendency toward violent mental illness all the way to the potential for murder.
Now that I am living alone I have observed him work his way inside the house and gradually take control of some my behaviors especially around feeding issues. I read an article about how to communicate with cats and decided to give it a try.
The first time that I made the sound suggested in the article to him he jumped up looking at me intently as if to say wow the guy has suddenly learned how to talk. He now invests a lot more time with me developing the relationship and although he is demanding it is very interesting watching how he communicates.
Cats are very intelligent and worth the effort.
I have 3 cats and 1 dog. I love them all equally. They are individuals. Cats are independent, although I think we can underestimate how affectionate they are. All my 3 cats love attention, and love space.
Dog's are harder work, but it evens out in their playfulness.

I like all animals.If I could I would like to live in my own Zoo. I've now cats,dogs,birds,mice. & they all live happily together.They don't fight but of course I got to watch them when once a day I let them run free in our living room.

They both have their positives and negatives. Dogs are more friendly and forgiving. Cats seem more intelligent and complicated.

Personally I'd prefer a chicken so that I can eat its eggs!
dogs definitely. grew up with people who didnt like cats. I dont like how they climb on everything and their fur is so fine, although I'm not allergic to it it gets everywhere including up your nose. dogs are far more social, intuitive and active
I like cats there easy to maintain and personally my cats very affectionate
I love both but I think I have a slight preference for dogs. I have been converted to having a preference for small dogs as far as owning one goes. I still love other people's big dogs but for myself I like a small dog. That gives you some of the advantages of a cat. A small dog doesn't eat much and is happy to lie on your lap when it gets a chance.
At the moment, have a rescued SP Siamese cat. He's just gorgeous, with his beautiful Blue eyes!
Have had numerous cats in my life, Sismese, British Blue & moggies', the latter being rescued cats. Have loved, & miss them all.

Had Welsh Pembroke Corgi's for years'. They're THE most beautifully natured dogs! Could 'talk' the leg of an iron pot! Fabulous watch dogs' & children's' guardians. No wonder HM the Queen, has always had them!

As have had 'furry friends' ALL my life, cannot imagine life without at least one of either, or both!
More of a 'cat person', but dogs are pretty fabulous
I'm an animal person, I love them all. Not too fond on cats that are allowed out to hunt and roam.
It's the cat OWNERS' who let the cats roam at night, & that's where your opposition should be directed to.......
by donjo
Definitely a dog person. Never been able to stand cats.
Why not? Do they 'intimidate' you?
Just curious............as have had cats' all my life!
by donjo
Odd question - no, they don't intimidate me. Just can't stand them.
by norma
Love dogs/cats. No preference. Precious ''fur babies.''
No question - CATS! We have always had Siamese/Orientals, so there's no problem with the 'snootiness' that some have mentioned here. They greet us and want to be with us when we're home. They talk to us and we talk back - they want to know how our day was! We also don't have to worry about having to exercise them every day like you do with dogs. And the thought of having to follow it around with a plastic bag to pick up something 'fresh' and warm grosses me out something chronic! That's why I don't have children either!! :)
Dog person for sure.
I've grown up loving canines throughout my life,and have allways had them,but I always love lions to, the male one always looks so strong with his mane of hair, I just love them to.
Definitely a dog person. There's nothing like having someone who's always sooo happy to see you come home, to share walks with, and curl up in front of the TV with.
I guess cats might watch telly with you but that's about it!
A dog person.
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