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Are women still discriminated against?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you believe that women in Australia are still discriminated against, despite the laws?

Why or why not?

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Top Answers
Yes, in many areas. For example, look at how little attention and money women's sport receives compared with mens' sport. Mens' sport isn't even called "mens' sport" it's just called "sport". Male is the default. Look at the sexist abuse faced by cricketer Ellyse Perry.


Would a man playing at that level have his achievements ignored in favour of talking about how "bangable" he is, what he is doing out of the kitchen or whether he might consider playing in lingerie?

And then there is still the gender pay gap in the workforce which most definitely still exists. This document is from 2012.


"In November 2012, the gender pay gap stood at 17.6%. The average weekly ordinary time earnings of women working full-time were $1,227.50 per week, or $261.60 per week less than men, who earned an average weekly wage of $1,489.10 per week. "

Here's something a bit more recent, which mentions Equal Pay Day, which symbolically marks the day each year at which women have earned as much as men did in the previous financial year ending in July. This year it's September 3rd.


That some individual women succeed against the odds doesn't mean the odds aren't still stacked against us as a group.
Couldn't agree more!
Right on Jennifer. On the subject of women's sports, it often receives quite a lot of attention when the women are only in their underwear!
by Vee
You have my vote....so true and very well said, thanks Jennifer for that input :)
by jonaja
Absolutely they are. In Australia and globally. There is still a gender pay gap and women regularly get passed up for roles in preference to men. There are still a real shortage of women in top leadership positions in many companies and sexism prevails in many workplaces. I am a HR Manager and have previously conducted a number of Equal Pay audits....the results have never failed to show the discrimination that takes place.
In 2014 you would think it would be a level-playing ground, but not so.
It's a man's world, to be very Blunt.
It always has been.
Will we ever see a female President even in the White House?
We have only 'just' seen a female Prime Minister.
So the world has a long lway to go.

Even though there are more women on this Planet,then men.
Men seem to have that major vote.

I don't think we are discriminated against anywhere near as much as we used to be.
There are a lot of women in very high jobs and CEO's of large companies.

I am not in the work force anymore so I do not really know if there IS still discrimination there.

My daughter in law has a top job with top money and if I look at the success she has had in the work force, she is certainly not discriminated against.
by Finy
Yes - I agree. Yes we are.
In the workplace we certainly are - otherwise we would be earning the same amount as men, not just the minority of us.
Yes.That is a sad truth.They have been, they are still being and I wish and hope that they wont be in future.And I think only young mothers can make that happen by teaching their children to respect women and any human being for that matter.
You don't think fathers can teach their kids that too? It's vitally important to lead by example.
Sadly again mothers spend more time in a family situation with the kids .And tht is a another completely different question .also from a mothers perspective the importance and respect a women deserves can be explained with empathy.

End of the day,mother or father doesn't matter . The main point is the teaching that needs to be done .
by Sasha
It's not an either/or thing. It needs to be both. A man who treats his childrens' mother with respect is teaching his children to respect women. If he doesn't their mother is going to have an uphill battle to cancel out his bad example.
I said either / or cos not all children are in a situation where they have their parents together .
by Sasha
Some very valid points above, particularly about women in sport.

Interestingly, in my last place of employment, the discrimination and victimisation came from women, higher up, towards other female staff members. And it was vicious.
I can believe that, for sure.
by jonaja
Jealousy, slang, just plain jealousy. I've had more instances of discrimination from women, than men, in my career.
by donjo
Discrimination occurs less now in the majority of examples, but it still happens, including to women, and white heterosexual men are discriminated against more than THEY used to be because it is sometimes masked under the guise of "afirmative action". Two wrongs don't make a right.

Discrimination is not completely quantitatively measurable and therefore there will always be a degree of subjectivity surrounding this question. There will therefore also always be arguments that discrimination is occurring to this person/group or that person/group, because it depends on each person's perceptions and values/philosophies. But we can do our best to limit it according the majority/collective view/standard, which will inevitably vary from time to time.
by kimp
Yes, in many ways! And it will be a long time before it's rectified.
I think it's hilarious in the fact that it's the WOMEN who bring forth the next generation. If it wasn't for women, these prats of men wouldn't even be here!
Discrimination against women (in Australia) is not as bad as it used to be, say 15 years ago. Sadly equality for women has still a long way to go - both in Australia and around the world..
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